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Friday, 5 August 2011

Love LockDown

(I found my scrap writing books when i was back in National Service and Highschool so I thought i might post some of my stuff up)

If love is a wonderful thing then why I have doubts? In the blue waves of the crowd she stands. Blend as one but yet strangely apart. The blue veil that wraps around her delicate face bold her unique displays of attraction. She stands there steady and strong but yet vulnerable. Her focus are on the commands but she couldnt help but to give a little peak every now and then. After each stolen moments of her peaks is followed by twitches in her cute button nose and the exhalation of air from her sweet strawberry pink lips which eager and begs in mercy for an act of affection or at least that is what i wished for.
When she stares away from her concentration her big watery eyes crossed mine which deflects in embarrassment, hoping she didnt notice my stalking habits. My heart bounces against my ribcage with every second i look at her.  

This is a story of an awkard boy who is going through a tough phase in an uncomforatble situation. This is a story about a boy who couldnt control his imagination and his feelings. This is a story about him getting it all wrong but yet alright still. This is a story of a boy named Adam. Adam is a unique boy who often misunderstood by his surroundings. Adam is now in a hall where a miney-minded banker brainwashing the newly high school released students with the propaganda of how money is everything in the world and how government is the greatest thing and this irritates Adam. Adam is not concern or remotely interested in the nonsensical lecture about money, he is more interested in the girl a few row behind him to the right. This maybe a story about Adam falling in love with a girl but it is not a love story of Adam and the girl. This is the story of how Adam pours his heart and soul even his words to a girl. This is also a story how the girl breaks his heart and soul. This is a story of how she brought Adam down to his knees and how Adam became a different man. This is a story of transformation of Adam from the poet and the lover to the devil and the heartbreaker he is today. This is not a love story, This is a tragedy.

*Underline sentences are newly added. Now.

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