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Friday, 5 August 2011

How doth Mi Lady be?

How fair should my lady be?
Must she be fairer than snow?
Or as tanned as a mexican maiden in the sun?
Must she have the boastful bosom of a salsa dancer?
Or the bosom of a petite french waitress?
Can she have the sweet pink lips and an ocean blue diamond eyes,
Will she have the buttocks that exceed my pleasuring craze?
And will she satisfy my soul with her everlasting love?
Will she have the thighs that shall be a highway to her untouched virginity?
She might have a long wavy brown hair that flows like a chocolate river
Or a short golden toupee with the indications of black hardship.
However my lady is all I can tell u is that,
Her beauty shall have hands that need my warming.

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