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Friday, 27 May 2011

Begging the Universe

My bestfriend who is also my girlfriend who is also a my loyal reader reminded me how my blog evolves from being a place to write my fantasy to a magazine like blog.. So i'm returning to my basic blogs with this post.....

A vague memory lost in time plays in my busy mind as i watch the sun slowly hiding away behind the walls of modern architecture in the horizons. I watch as it leaves traces of its glowing beauty in the fresh blue sky through the rain washed windows of a crowded bus. Each and everyone of the souls in the bus have a story to tell. Each have the pain and happiness hiding behind their tired eyes. Some chooses to ignore reality and fall asleep, wishing it would all be nothing more than a dream or a nightmare. My eyes too are feeling lazy and I also wishes to wake from my own nightmare. But if my current predicament is a nightmare. Then I hereby stand to claim that you are my favourite worst nightmare.

Love. They lied to us. Blinded us with the illusion that all you need is love and the fact that you cant buy me love. But honestly dont give me that good goody-good bullshit. Money. Its a hit. I do believe that this planet has a problem, which is this most of the people living on it are unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem but most of these were largely concern the movements of small green pieces of paper which we all money, which is odd because on the whole it wasnt the small green pieces of paper which were unhappy. No matter what you say or believe you still cannot live without money. And love cant survive with it too.
As I walk down from the bus and slowly making my way through the sea of souls, one man caught my attention. It was a beggar. An old dirty beggar. The usual worn-out dirty clothes and long scruffy hair with a hanging beard covers. He was skinny from lack of nutrition and painted by the sun skin. His dirty little fingers was synchronizing his old violin to the rhythm of his soul. From the hundreds pairs of eyes that was on displayed that day, his eyes was the only one that seems to be unique. His eyes were free. Free from pain, misery and burden of the daily routines. Free from the system and corruption of the civilization that revolves around money. Free from all that traps the rest. His eyes and the symphony of his violin tells a story which few stayed to listen. A story of his past. His journey and struggle to freedom. A sacrifice and mistakes which had to be made. But regret there was none. Beneath the dirt of the city which we the community throws to his face, lies a smile of a sincerely happy man.

But why would he be happy? I wondered. He sleeps in cardboard boxes in parks and alleyways. He drinks and eat whatever he can scavenge for. He owns only what he can carry on his back. But as I questioned his answers seems to reveal to me through the sounds of his songs. The soundtrack of his life which replied this :

I sleep with nature and my natural surroundings. I harvest my source of energy from the waste of others, it is not a waste but merely because those greedy mouths unable to finish it. So i consume to not let those to waste and I consume only what i need nothing more. I have no property of luxury items or even ordinary materials for I was born in this world naked and with nothing so i shall leave the world naked and with nothing. I have no shelter for the universe is my home. I travel from places to places and in my journey i have seen the wonders and beauty of this universe in my precious time i have left which you people seems to forgot. Blinded by your world which you yourselves had created and trap your own souls in. I choose to live my life this way for I rather use my puny existence not to get caught up with the activity of your mundane world but rather to use it to appreciate and understand the true beauty and magnificence of this gift whether from god or by a staggering number of random probabilities. So when I leave, I will leave the way it is and I will leave satisfied with my time.

As my eyes closes to listen to his reply the music of his life swims through my vein giving me a sudden comfort from my troubled mind. Within an instance all of my problems seems to faded away and my mind was clear. I have woken up from the veil of the illusional reality of this world with the help of his call and i realize my deeepest desire. To live curious and to appreciate the grantness of this puzzling universe. As I open my eyes the beggar was gone, vanish with a puff of reality but his story and his songs shall still remain conveyed through the strings of my violin as my dirty black nails tickles it. As my audience begin to recede, i pack my earnings from my hat and my bag filled with my precious items such as my towel and books, I moved on to find my sleeping ground. The sun had fallen and the night has return its darkness but tomorrow the sun shall rise once more and I shall continue my journey, my quest to filled every corner with the symphony of the universe to these deaf ears. I am the beggar to you but to me all I'm begging for is for you to wake up and see the beauty of this universe.

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