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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Garathoa : A short tale of undefined Dream

This is a tale of a simple story, too simple perhaps for any proper introduction or a quick history on any particular subject of the fiction that is about to be unfold. I shall not promise you readers that it will be a quick read neither can I promise a long luxurious adventure, all that i can promise is that if you would bear to read it, then I can assure you that all the details of the story is real. Or at least as real as you want it to be. The start of this story is very unusual start for any kind of story, it starts with a blank white of blank nothingness.

The Blank White of Nothingness was very content with it's state of none existence and absence of pretty much everything. It was very satisfied with not having any continuance of entity. It enjoyed not existing, until one single morning, (well technically there is no morning or night for time doesn't exist here but for the sake of formality we shall state that it is a morning, even though its not.) One morning a drop of snowflake drifted into existence and disturbed the quite peace of the blank nothingness. The Blank White Nothingness said nothing for it didn't know what it was, so it let the snowflake exist. Unfortunately this snowflake found the Blank White Nothingness as a cool new place to exist and decided to call up his friends to check out the scenery of none-existence. Soon a frenzy of community of snowflakes starts buying up the spacious scenery of the none-existence like a hot new property, and where there is snow-money there is Wind-Mafia boss who wants to monopolize the emptiness, and thus the none-existence is now occupied with strong winds pushing around the helpless snowflakes around.

 Now the Blank White of Nothingness was irritated with the presence of the snow and the wind but it somehow manages to compromise with the idea of them hanging around its scene, but as soon as it see a young lady dressed in a red satin pyjamas trotting through the snow towards a man who laid unconscious beneath a tree covered in snow, the Blank White of Nothingness got really annoyed and burst into a whole universe of everything and anything.

The young lady crouched next to the unconscious man and begin to wake him up.  She was a beautiful female youth with a perfectly shape structure of a body that is covered only by the thin layer of her satin clothing. Now to question her presence in the snow with her current state of fashion would be useless task for up till the last paragraph nothing existed. She stare down at the unconscious man who was dressed in a torn out baggy jeans and a shaggy shirt that hides beneath his black Hoodie jacket. Laid next to him was a big brown bag. After a few trials of trying to wake the poor bloke up verbally, the young lady decided to use a less lady-like method and begin to use the psychical method of hitting his head hard with her fist. 

That woke him up unsurprisingly in a surprised manner.  

'What? Who? Huh? Dude.....?' shouted the man stupidly as he began to recover his sight behind his thick long unwashed hair.

'Calm down, its only me,' said the shivering lady in red.

'Who are you? Where am I?'

'My name is Anna and I have no idea where we are. I was hoping you could answer that question,' said the lady who we now know as Anna.

'What do you mean you don't know where we are? You are the one who wake me up in this reality. Wait where is my bag?' said the curiously frighted bloke.

'Your bag is just there. I know I woke you up but just like you I woke up here without any explanation. You were the first thing I saw here and I was hoping you might help me out in understanding my current predicament,' explain Anna.

'I'm afraid I cant help you out. I am as lost as you are. The last thing I remember was....' paused the man in a soap-opera dramatic manner as he stares into the distant. (Not the overly emotional acting type but the we are about to go for a commercial break kind of acting.) 

'Well what was the last thing you remembered?'

'Its none of your concern.'

'It is so my concern. If you somehow have any information on why we are here then I would like to know. I mean did you see any UFO recently or !@#$%^&* like that? Because the last thing I remembered was going to my sweet warm bed and falling asleep. Next thing I know I am here in this bloody cold weather.'

'This must be a dream then.'

'What do you sleep in your clothes and bag? Why were you so reluctant to tell me that?' asked Anna. 'Wait are you a homeless man?'

'This is a dream. You are not real.'

'I'm afraid I am very real indeed and I am freezing my butts off. Do you have any spare clothes in that bag of yours?'

'Yeah here,' said the homeless dude as he gave her a velvet scarf and a black sweater from his bag.

'Thank you. What is your name?' question Anna to the homeless dude who currently investigating his new reality.

'My name is Neil but you already knew that didnt you? You know exactly who i am since this is my dream and you're in it.This is all in my head and you're just a figment of my imagination,' stated the paranoid Neil.

'I'm real Neil, I am not part of your imagination. Beside why would you dream of me?'

'Well, that is obvious isnt it?' said Neil as he stare into Anna hazel brown eyes.

'Smooth move Casanova but if this is a dream then it would be me who is doing the dreaming for it was me who found you. I definitely would dream of someone better than a homeless man in a snow. so this isn't a dream its real.'

'Thats the problem, this aint your dream. It is mine.'

'Look Neil, i dont know how to prove to you that I am real and this isnt a dream. I am very real, see here,' insisted Anna as she punched Neil arms. 'Very real indeed, if it was a dream you wont feel the pain.'

'Unfortunately love, my arms are still numb from this weather and those words are exactly what I expected you to say' said Neil as he debates his believes'Tell me if Anna, if you are not just a dream of mine, then how do I know everything about you?.'

'What do you mean?' 
asked Anna.

'Your name is Anna Isabella. You're 21 years old artist living and studying in Paris. You were born Athens, had a lovely childhood in Austria before your parents died in a car accident in Beirut when you were 14 years old which forced you to be under the care of your crazy but rich uncle in a small Portuguese village and once you reach the legal age, you runaway to Venice in search for love  But you instead ended up with the wrong crowd in Rome which was the cause of that one year struggling in Czechian streets before your uncle saved your ass back to college. ' said Neil as he lights up a cigarette to keep him warm.

'You're an insane homeless stalker...!' shouted Anna. 

'Okay fine, tell me then, how would I know that every time you serve to an elderly couple in the cafe where you work, you would feel a little lonely and think of depressing future where you most likely would die alone in your loft apartment. Or how bout the fact that I know you get very excited and wet just seeing ordinary man painting your bedroom wall?' 
whispered Neil as he inspects Anna physique.

'Okay, now that is very creepy. How did you knew about that?' 
asked the frighted girl who just met a man who knew her deepest thoughts.

'Like I said. This is my dream. I created you, you were nothing but just a figment of my imagination.' 
said the man as the smokes slithers out of his lips.

' can I be just a imagination of yours? All that memory and experiences were real. How can I be sure that you're not just part of my dream that is why you know so much about me, ' said the frighted girl trying to justify her existence. 

'Fine then. If I am your imagination, tell me. Who am I ?'

'Urmm.... You're Neil. A homeless man. A.......A.....a......,' the shocked Anna finds her next words to be filled with silences.

'You dont know who I am because I have never let you gave you such informations.'

'But my life....! It seems so real. And I feel real. How can a dream feel so real?' 

'Because I wrote you in such a way. One man's dream in another's reality.'

'You're a Writer? You wrote my life story? You killed my parents and make my life a living hell?' questioned the furious Anna'Why cant you write something more pleasant and happy for me?' 

'Sorry. You were supposed to be a Romantic Tragedy.' said the writer as he pick up his bag and began to walk away.

'Great my whole life is a lie and it is miserable little story because some guy taught it would be a great idea for a novel. Perfect.' said Anna in disdained'You're a very talented writer you know. My whole life have been a torture and filled with pain and despair. Hey wait where are you going?'

'To walk around.'

'Walk around? You're the writer of this dream world, right? The Great Dreamer. Cant you just create stuff with your thoughts or at least get us to a warmer location?' 




'What? Why? This is your dream inst it?' asked Anna. 

'Well, yes but I cant just go changing things as I like. This place already has its set of laws and rules in which I too have to obey.' said the man as he blew a puff of smoke and turns it into a mist'Come here, let me show you.'

 Neil wipe away the mist as he guides Anna towards a newly existed cliff and showed her a magnificent view of a wide magical kingdom, buzzing cyberpunk cities, great seas of pirate and mythical adventures in the horizon and a whole new reality of the nonsensical existence. Anna stares in awe.

'This is Garathoa,' said Neil as he walks up to the tree in middle of nowhere. 'We are currently standing at the highest peak of Mount Menachmi where the seed of my creativity first began with this tree. There is a whole story just on this tree alone but no point explaining it for I have it all here in my notebook in this bagpack.'

'Wait what? I still dont understand,' asked the bewildered dream girl, Anna.

 'Yes, I know you ahve plenty of questions to ask and I am ready to answer all of them but first shall we go somewhere a bit more cozy? I am getting tired of this snow.' 

'Urm. Okay.'

 'Oh look a Door!'said Neil pointing to a door which had been called into existence and had no prior warning to the cold weather. The door was utterly surprised to be called there on top of a mountain in a blizzard, one minute it was being the best door of the 16th century Stratford-Upon-Avon village the next it was there being even more puzzled to know that it was not attached to any building nor does it need any walls or other structure to keep it standing. The Door was proud for its short life know that it was special. It feels very excited as Neil turns its knob and opened it to lead Anna in through the door, of course when they didnt turp up the other side like how the Door or Logic have predicted, both were mystified, dumbstruck and very annoyed.  The Door had very little chance of complaining for as soon as Neil closes the door it has disappear from the mountain top and back to where it came from where it would try to explain its little sudden adventure to the House who was jealous in disbelief. 

Meanwhile for Logic whom has taken a closer look at Garathoa's reality and saw many things he didnt like, talking animals, magical activities, scientifically too advanced technologies for ancient civilizations and many more. Logic was trying to make sense of it all as it saw Gods and Goddesses sitting in the Immortal's Cafe at Divine Downtown ordering Omnipotence Juice and playing 'All-Knowing' on the latest gaming console device. But as soon as Logic saw a group of British men who do not at all enjoy a cup of Tea, it decides to take a shotgun and shoot itself in the head, leaving Garathoa a Logic Free Zone.


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