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Friday, 5 August 2011

Assigments : Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer:
(ironically I’m smoking a cigarette while doing this)

1.      What is the rate of Lung Cancer in Malaysia?
 Lung cancer is a diseases that is consists of incurable and rapidly uncontrollable cell growth in the tissues of the lungs.  There are two main types of Lung cancer : small cell lung cancer and non-small-cell lung cancer. The non-small-cell lung cancer are sometime treatable with surgery while the small-cell lung cancer are better respond to chemotherapy an radiations. Lungs cancer are commonly caused by long term exposure to tobacco smoke. It don’t make a different if you smoke or not. If you’re around smokers you still have a chance of catching lungs cancer for 15 percent of lung cancer cases are accounted by nonsmokers.

Cigarette smoking has become one of the most iconic but yet deadly in history of mankind’s habits. It is parade in films and novels which is a great influence in getting people believing that smoking is a cool and social lubricant. It is a very tough thing that the world has to handle with and to get rid of. In Malaysia where we are very influence especially by Hollywood it is no surprise that Malaysian are great fans of cigarettes and big tobacco smokers. 

More than 10,000 Malaysians die from smoking-related illnesses every year, said Health Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng. He said that 30% of those above the age of 30 suffer from up to 40 kinds of illnesses which include heart problems and 57 types of cancer. These are the rates of lung cancer in Malaysia caused by inhalation of tobacco.  It is not the highest is either Asean countries or Asia, but worldwide Malaysia is ranked number 28 on cigarette addicts. The reasons why we are not the highest or anywhere that high on the ranking of Lung Cancer is perhaps a surprisingly lucky chances or maybe a quick changes in habits and activities of those who do smokes.

2.      What has been done to reduce the number of Lung Cancer in Malaysia?

There had been many campaigns and efforts to reduce the numbers of Lung Cancer in Malaysia. The biggest and perhaps famous government campaign for this subject is the ‘Tak Nak’ campaign where they show and educate the public on smoking and the effects of lung cancers. Either than that the Malaysian governments has also provided cheaper and better treatments for the patients of lung cancers in local hospitals it may not help much to reduce but it is helping the lung cancer patients. Moreover, the governments has also been raising up the tax on cigarettes in order to put the prices on each box higher than before and from what rumors had been circling they might be rising it higher. The words from the smoking community had been an angry and displeasing tone but there are some of them that had given up and wishing to quit smoking. Overall the Malaysia governments had been very smart and good with their campaigns against cigarettes in which will help to reduce the numbers of lung cancer patients in the future.

3.      If it is a campaign that is making a reduction in the number of Lung Cancer patients, describe the campaign and whether it is good to be done in another country?

From the statistic and data that I had gather there are not much reduction of Lung Cancer yet to be seen from the campaign but there are a big differences in the amount of smokers since the campaign started. It doesn’t really make much an impact yet in the numbers of Lung Cancer but it has been preventing more upcoming smokers and reducing the numbers of smokers in which will reduce the number of lung cancer patients in the future.
It is a great campaign and I sincerely believe it should be done in other countries as well.

4.      If you think there is still a certain lack in the campaign what would you propose to make it more ethical campaign.

The campaigns done by the government are good in preventing other new cases of lung cancers but it lack a bit of support from the youth. Most of the  campaign that is introduce by the governments tends to get a bad reputation with the teenagers for just having the title government would completely destroy the chances of most teenagers to continue and reading further on. The government should spend their time in getting the higher influences. Malaysian governments should ask and encourages more new private campaigns that should focus on re-influence from the media. Other than that the Malaysian’s campaign are also lack of a proper guideline and short courses to helps people to handle their addiction to cigarettes.

5.      Is it appropriate to have a concert such as Live 8 to create awareness for AIDS? 

In my own opinion and from basic experiences it is more likely that a show and concerts are a place where the habits of smoking tend to be at an uncontrollable and a contagious rate. It is only possible to do such a concert to bring awareness on lung cancer if that concert was completely supervise and watched for by an authority but the public wont enjoy the concert much in this scenario. A full length concert just for anti-smoking and lung awareness would not only be a waste of time it would also be a was a big failure in the budget.

(Shit i should stop smoking now......damn......yeah its another assignment,.....) 


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