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Friday, 5 August 2011

Assigments : Julia Gillard

The Mother Down Under : Julia Gillard

To criticize or comment Julia Gillard at such an early stage of her terms in power is not an appropriate way to judge a leader. In this early term this Wales born Australian woman is still just getting acquainted with the responsibilities that were thrust upon her on 24 June 2010 at the age 39. Julia Gillard was highly interested in the politics ever since her days in the University of Adelaide and after graduating from University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees in 1986 and working for 9 years in a law firm as a partner she made her way to a political career as Chief of Staff to John Brumby, at that time the Victorian opposition leader. And from that onwards she slowly and carefully made her way up with a little help from Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia.

So far in her first year in the office she had made her point of view on subjects and topics clear and decisive but I can’t help feeling she is not the right person in charge when it comes to certain policies such as international or foreign affairs.
“Foreign policy is not my passion. It's not what I've spent my life doing. You know, I came into politics predominantly to make a difference to opportunity questions, particularly make a difference in education. So, yes, if I had a choice I'd probably more be in a school watching kids learn to read in Australia than here in Brussels at international meetings.” – Julia Gillard

When a Prime Minister states such a remarks, I couldn’t help noticing her lack of understanding of her responsibilities and public relation skills. Each and every leaders in this world should and have to know that their responsibilities always lies and filled with foreign policies in order to achieve a greater standards of their countries and Julia Gillard should have known this and even if she had no passion for foreign policies she should had not made such a statement for it would only worries her citizens and jeopardize her reliability to do her work. I can only imagine how the Australians must had felt after this statement.

Julia Gillard standing on the other topics and policies are quite moderate and beneficial for Australia in some ways from her Health, Education, Climate Change and even Immigrations policies are fairly average and her actions on them are yet to be judge in further future when its effect are manifest. But there is one policy which I have to criticize and stand against her on the policies of Internet Control. When Julia Gillard took on the power of the Prime Minister she put herself on record as being in favour of a mandatory internet filter for Australia and justified her stance by saying images of child abuse and child pornography should not be legally available on the internet. But this reason was soon to put into questions when an Australian citizen by the name of Julian Assange was condemned by the United States of America for his whistle-blowing website, WIKILEAK that release of secret United States diplomatic cables and many more secret documents of many other countries. Julian Assange was condemned to be killed and asked Gillard for help all she had to state was:
“I absolutely condemn the placement of this information on the WikiLeaks website. It's a grossly irresponsible thing to do and an illegal thing to do" – Julia Gillard

Even after an Australian Federal Police investigation failed to find WikiLeaks had broken any Australian laws by publishing the US diplomatic documents, Gillard maintained her stance that the release of the documents was "grossly irresponsible". Many letters signed by lawyers and prominent individual asking Gillard to ensure Julian Assange legal rights are protected and condemn any physical harms on him.

This statement from Julia Gillard put her Internet Filtering policies and her methods of dealing with foreign policies into questions. Is she really trying to control the internet for the reasons she had said or is she trying to hide something. Even if she is not hiding something her foreign policies is still in question. Is she capable of making the right decisions for her country and fellow citizens or will she be mindless puppets to the Americans.  And can she make a tough but right decision. And have firm standings on things without being influence. 
 Julia Gillard in my point of view has a long way to prove her effectiveness and decisive control over her newly appointed responsibilities as a Prime Minister. So far in her regime she had very little assuring stance and statement to prove she is a worthy leader. If she wishes to be reviewed as a well known and respectable leader she have to make some changes in the way she approaches and handles the matters in the office. For now she is still a young leader who need a little guidance.

(Another assignment which i wrote for a fren and finally able to publish...)

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