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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spiritually In Love

Are you comfortable?

Come and take a journey with me, as I unfold to you the story of the flaming fire in my heart.

Tame the wild beast in you and take a sip from the elixir of mother nature.

It is time to clear your mind from all thoughts and let your souls guide your imagination.

Time to listen to the symphony of existence and dance in celebration for your breathe.

Listen to this :

Or this,

The Choice is in your Hand..

Come as you are, my love
 into my arms, and into my soul.


Strecth your arms and embrace the warmth of Gaia, Our Mother Earth.

Listen the the symphony of the universe and our father of Mathematical Probabilities.

Let the bottom of my boots will forever kiss your green earth.

To understand the universe or the inner working of oneself, One has to understand the beautiful and purpose of a growing flower. 

The Beauty of the Universe lies in the Mathematical Realms are ever present in the colours of our Present Reality using the prisms of light frequencies.

No matter how far we have succeed into upgrading our civilization, we should never forget our roots as a evolutionary child from the jungles of Mother Africa.

Distant Lands have the Human Beings explored. 

Mystical Ruins marks the footsteps of this journey of Mankind in the sea of History and Time.

She was a beautiful nymph which words would never suffice to express her true nature. Her presences is ever enlightening with happiness. She is love, She is Gaia.

She is the Child of the Gypsy. 

The Bohemian Lover, 

the Flower Girl, 

the Natural Girl. 

The Nymph of the Forest of Love.

Her Blessing and Love Guide my Eyes onwards to the Future of My Child.

She is my best friend. 

She is my partner in this journey of life throught the sea of time.

She will forever be my comfort in this concrete jungle.

                                                 Her Kiss is always the Sweetest Medicine.

                                                She is my lover and I am hers.

She is the Mother of my future Child.

My hand is always there for her to hold on to in this world.

Oh how beautiful it will be for our future. My child you shall be born into a better world.

Unfortunately I am just a Lion in the Jungle. I am in the wrong terrain of time. This isnt the Savannah of Present Time, this is the Jungle of the Future. The Tiger of Humanity is still denied his royalty.

                           I am just an audience in a time I do not belong to just yet. 
                           I am a man looking at a future that I wished to be.

Oh she is beautiful.

She is Spiritual Awaken.

She is the Euphoric Wanderer.

She is at

Though she maybe just a figment of my dreams now but soon reality will present itself far more creative than my mortal little brain.

Like the Internet
                                                                      or a

                                                                Web of Life

Every tiny little actions has its consequences which are unknown to our present state of mind. The future of the salmon fish might have been decided on your dinner plate last night and you wouldn't even know it.

She will forever be the light of my dark mind.

                      She is Maria Anna. 
                                            She is Mary Jane.

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