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The Madman with The Pen

In a world of grave uncertainty, A man of words remain speechless in a cage made by his own fears. A man who lives in a dream is often afraid of the harsh reality of the unforgiving truth. Unfortunately, his walls of imagination has turned vicariously veneer and fragile by the vicissitudes actions of the virulently venal experiences of fate. And as the crumbling walls burns with the shadow of day, the multiplying villains of nature do swarm upon him. On the tip of his pen lies his sanity.

Mr. Nobody, aka Psychedelic Monk, NukeAbe, Nazreen Abraham Stein, Nazz, Neil Adams and more. A man with many aliases for each name shows a different character in his multiple personality disorder but his visages, no mere veneer of vanity is a vestige of vox populi. He is just a man in the crowd trying to speak for each voice in his writings and careless on the rules of society or laws of literature. Mr. Nobody is a mask that this writer wishes to portray the perspectives of a controversial nature without persecution on his privacy.

He believes that language and literature cannot be studied in a classroom but rather by listening to the voices of the people and their subconscious alterations or corruptions of the English syllables. ‘Words are nothing more than standardizes sounds, each culture has their own symphony and fusions of languages. We shouldn’t see it as a corruption but rather celebrate its discombobulating progress. ’ Influenced by countless wordsmiths such as Hunter S. Thompson, Douglas Adams, Edgar Allen Poe, Aldous Huxley, Terrence Mckenna, Jim Morrison, Tupac, Mos Def, Poetic Death a.k.a Von Poe VII, Jason Silva, and the list goes on.
Basic Information
Gender           :           Male
Interested in   :           Mind Stimulating Partners                                              (pansexual)
Relationship Status  :   Misogamist

Religious views : Quantum Pscyedelics

Quantum:       Quan·tum    ˈkwäntəm/

A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

Psychedelic:    Psy·che·Del·IC    ˌsīkəˈdelik/

Relating to or denoting drugs (esp. LSD) that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness. The term "psychedelic" is derived from the Ancient Greek words psuchē (ψυχή - psyche, "mind") and dēlōsē (δήλωση - "manifest"), translating to "mind-manifesting"

The Quantum Psychedelic Ideology is something I created as a label for my own understanding. Perhaps in the future I can fully discuss this idea. - Mr. Nobody

"The holy man is beyond time, he does not depend on any view nor subscribe to any sect; all current theories he understands, but he remains unattached to any of them." -Buddha

Political Views :  One Love

End the philosophy of Monetary System and Discrimination of any Creed. Free speech and Free Love.

 "At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols." - Aldous Huxley

I have been asked why is my writings are weird and even abnormal in grammar structure and usage of words. The only explanation that I could extract from this juicy sponge of electrical neurones that we called brain is that none of the writings that I have published in this blog are either true or false. They are pure figments of a mind who is constantly under the influence of heavy emotional vibrations either by the method of mind altering stimulants or by purely natural state of existance as a human being on this planet earth. It is a raw unedited imagination of a man in a cyberpunk world of the future who is a sorry romantist of the golden age of the past. With words and grammar structure of the future language slangs that looks at our linguist as how we view the speech of the medievel times. It may seems strange for you to imagine this but that exactly how our past evolution of audio communication has shown. We are ever creating ways of delievering our comprehension in methods that are strange from our ancestors. Informations are transferred to you right now are underneath dosage of insanity and tranquility in the dimension of creativity.

*some errors of spellings are bound to occurred for I am always not here in this present reality.

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