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Friday, 5 August 2011

Assigments Aids


1.      What is the rate of AIDS in Malaysia?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) represents the final stages of a disease on the human immune system caused by the incurable virus known as HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus). According to the United Nations there are no less than 4.7 million people in Asia that are recorded to be HIV positive and around 480,000 deaths of AIDS yearly. Since 1986, Malaysia had been reporting with a 84,630 confirmation of HIV infections and 11,384 deaths caused by AIDS by the Ministry of Health. The rate of the HIV infections cases and AIDS death had been gradually increasing from it first report and reaches its peak in 2002 and since then it was declining progressively with a 8.14% decrease yearly.

In order to evaluate the ranking of Malaysia’s AIDS/HIV cases rating in the continent of Asia, we must first understand the factors that influence the rate of these cases on the country. The main factors that influence the rate are closely connected to the modes of HIV/AIDS transmission within the citizens, the main methods of spreading the diseases:
- The unsanitary sharing syringe needles for recreational usage of drugs
This method of disseminate is perhaps one of the most important methods for the diseases to spread and for many countries in Asia, there are rules and laws against the usage of drugs as recreational purposes and a proper  guidelines to operate an injection administrating agent that delivers drugs into the bloodstream. Nevertheless many drug addicts will tend to have very little concern to the laws. In Malaysia, these rules are strict and the penalties of recreational drugs usage are very heavy. With this said, the chances of HIV/AIDS being transmitted in this method are slimmer than other countries which has looser regulations.

-Unprotected sexual intercourses
 It is very clear that AIDS are also transmitted through sexual intercourses and no further explanations needed to be said on this method. It is human behavior to have sexual intercourses but the chances of infecting or getting infected by the diseases are drastically changed provided the activity is done in a safe and protected manner by using condoms. In many countries in Asia, it is consider taboo to speak on sexual intercourse within public and rather let religion answer this problem rather than teaching safe sex and Malaysia is no different. In Malaysia where religious teaching tends to frown on sexual intercourses before marriage and this may have help in a little way on the rating of AIDS cases in the country. Nevertheless, people don’t think of god when they are lust all heated up. 
Other than the mode of transmission of the disease the status of the country also plays a high important role on the influence of the rate of AIDS.  Compared to other countries Malaysia is a moderately educated and actively campaigning in such a cause. This campaigns to allow awareness of the epidemic and the education of the people also had been a major influence in the rating. So in conclusion, Malaysia may not be the country with the least cases of AIDS in Asia but it is also not the country with the worst cases of this disease.

2.      What has been done to reduce the number of AIDS in Malaysia?

There had been many campaigns and adverts had been made to bring awareness on the subject of HIV/AIDS especially ever since with the new millennia where the internet connection is allowing a capable of reaching and listening to others worldwide. There had been supports form the governments, examples of the efforts that had been carried out were the launch of a 5 year strategic plan to tackle HIV in 2006 which includes drug substitution therapy and needle exchange programmes for drug users but these are mostly to handle the HIV from the transmission of needle and drug abuse. Nevertheless these efforts that had been carried out by the governments are focusing on the one side of the transmission while leaving the sexual transmission untouched mostly fear of the subject and the naïve point of view which see talking about sex is taboo. There are some efforts that had been made to bring awareness about AIDS from the side of sex but most of them are mainly private or independent campaigns such as the internet campaign AIDSAware (HIV/AIDS Prevention and Non-Discrimination).

3.      If it is a campaign that is making a reduction in the number of AIDS patients, describe the campaign and whether it is good to be done in another country?

Most of the campaigns that had been making an effort to bring awareness and prevent them are making some reductions in the rates if AIDS.  The Malaysian’s governments strategic planning of the programmes on the control of drugs and needles in the country had been a great effort to reducing the numbers of AIDS patients but it is not the best campaign for its not a campaign but a law in the country itself. The campaign proposed by the government is merely well enough to do much impact on the reduction. Its Malaysia’s strict rules and laws against drugs are the main factors of reduction from the needles transmission of AIDS. From the Sexual transmission of AIDS Malaysia are still behind. Campaign wise Malaysia sets no example to be followed by any country but the strictly laws on drugs wise are a great example which many other country should take into consideration.

4.      If you think there is still a certain lack in the campaign what would you propose to make it more ethical campaign.

The governmental programmes on HIV from the point of needle transmissions are making a big chances as there are less drug junkies that are able to spread the HIV around and it’s cutting the chances of infections by a big advantage. Nevertheless the government also now needs to focus their attention more on the sexual transmission of the virus that will lead to AIDS. The amount of campaign to bring awareness on AIDS from the sexual transmissions side is weak and lacking many factors. One lack of information on how it transmits and prevention on it. The campaign to create awareness on AIDS in Malaysia are lacking support from the community especially the young adults. The main lack in their campaign is the focus of their audience target and the way of approach. It is very critical to understand the facts to prevent and effects of AIDS and most Malaysians need to know them but the one audience the campaigns have to really targets are the teenagers and young adults. For it is these certain group of citizens that are highly active in both sexual intercourse and misusage of drugs. Though there is campaign to stop drugs usage towards these groups  but there is an immensely huge gap where a sexual educations should be. Plus these campaigns should be more attractive and worth the attentions of the teenagers and young adults instead of the old dreadful plain campaigns that seems to be in process now.  A perfect campaign for Malaysia right now is a campaign to teach safe sex and sexual educations towards  these group of citizen and the public in a much more interactive and fun methods.

5.      Is it appropriate to have a concert such as Live 8 to create awareness for AIDS?  

Yes definitely one of the best methods are to get the celebrities involve in the movements to show that it’s a serious case but yet a case that should be out in the open and have people freely expressing their concern and asking inquires on the subject. These concerts are useful and very much needed to bring awareness on the subject of AIDS provided they give an informative but yet entertaining performance and strictly prevent any usage of drugs. In addition it should also have a free condom booths. Either than these little things that have to be mandatory, concerts such as Live 8 can and should be very useful to create awareness. 

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