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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pondering Around Kuala Lumpur

The Vibrant city filled with movements and vibrations, each steps and each rotation of the tyres, side by side like building bricks of a buzzing construction site, these souls gather in masses moving in a direction of choices, oblivious to the vast aura of connections bonding them together. This is the grand central station and its modern splendor that we boastfully pride in our shiny parades. If we perhaps stop and ask a question in the very subconscious part of our mind this station might stand still and look around for a change and ask the bigger question of  'Where are We going?'

City Center. Filled with age old historical architecture of forgotten times that decays with the harsh unforgiving weather while life anxiously creeps among the crack of the promised bond of concrete. The steps are fast paced upon the washed out pavements that often falls prey to the puddle of rain and moss in its imperfect dents and thrashed by the garbage of the civilization that walks upon it. Each turn of the head gives a headful of sights that worth a sepia-tone silver prints of film photography perfected by a crafty master.

Homeless. Beggars. Blind. Handicaps. Roam these streets.
But I wonder aren't we all homeless, begging, blind and handicap? Where is the humanity that we so proudly claim to help these scumbags of the streets. I stand here and watches your amazing blindness as these poor hapless creature dirtily your grand design of wealth digging for survival needs in the waste that you had neglected. I sit with them for that is all i am capable of doing.

All pictures copyrights are reversed to the original photographer....on flickr...sorry i steal it and show to the world...Just love it too much to ask permissions....

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