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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Introduction to the Words of A Fool

Once there was a man who i highly respect who told me to get a journal and write again those words that were out from my lips of inconvenient timing which has become the source of my demise and the cause of my current predicaments. And so i did. I had once a journal for i was once a writer before. A writer who knows not how to speak with his mouth but filled with endless words that beckons to be heard and dying to dance their scribbling rhythms on the platform of papers. But that writer is gone. He died alongside his careless thought that echoed through his voice without any filtration. Now these hands are oblivious to the symphony of literature and the man i was is no longer. Nevertheless i try. I will try to resurrect the dead and hope to give birth to a flaming phoenix of unwritten lines of my mind., With all my efforts i shall fill these pages of an insignificant journal with the random rantings of this trouble mind and in no consequences shall these words  be in any context or forms of a communication device to be heard for its not at all very interesting or entertaining. Its just a tiny spot of acrylic paint on a canvas but see the canvas far enough those spots can easily form a landscape of magnificence or a portrait of a mentally unstable artist. The question is not what i shall write but what outcome of a painting shall it create? Will it be a renaissance elegance or an impressionistic existentialism or a Picasso bad dream. I don't know the answer but I am sure excited to find out. If you somehow find this words reaching your eyes please understand that it doesn't matter of what you think or if you're not entertained, this is my words..They are all i have left and they are my legacy. So if you care to waste your time with me all i can say is... 'Lets begin'.

 Lets begin a journey.
An adventure to absolute no where.
A directionless quest.
 An investigation of a crime-less suspects.
A thrilling cold suicidal conversations of romance behind bars.
A tale of a fool.
Enjoy the words of this fool.
Enjoy these choice notes.

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