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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Imagine The Universe

A world within a world. There is thriving ecosystem in this tiny lake that survive in this god forsaken jungle that is boxed in by the concrete building of the large face pace urban civilisation that is barely an outskirt of this modern city which in tow is just a minuscule capital of a country in the large southern east pacific of a bigger continent that merely surface a tiny fraction of the vast vacuum of an average size planet which orbits around a mediocre sun of an expanding community of star system that revolves itself to an axis on the western spiral arm of a galaxy that centralised it position on a fragile pin-point of the spaciously enlarging universe which by the knowledge of any intellectual organism would suggest is just another tiny pond in a large picture of another forest.

These intellectual thinkers would also reveal a much more startling revelation that in this tiny lake of the thriving jungle mentioned in the beginning has their own special sets of surprises. The lake has a unit of chained organisms that bond among each other in an equilibrium of responsibilities and in each of the living things in that relationship has also a bodily functioning system that does their duties to enable the progress of the creature that it serves and in each of the organs in this body system has their own sets of cellular bricks which compromise of tiny molecular structures of atomic spherical elements of subatomic workers of string individuals which by all amazing coincidences is the very foundation of  god particles of everything else out in the world above, from the waters in the lake to the rocks in the space to the tiny debris of the chaotic explosion of the big banging birth of the universe as it released from its singularity state and if with any luck this string element could also be the very DNA of other multiverse systems.

Though most intellectuals are quite content with the String being the most minuscule element in the known world but sooner of later one or two curious little minds will question the world of the String's existence and others might even be crazy enough to talk and suggest that our universe is just a tiny string on a larger subatomic picture of another world.

So dazzle me that question of Infinity or perhaps Insanity. Maybe I'm just a string on an atomic world and maybe there is a variety of buzzing universe inside of me. This are the questions of science. This are the mind boggling adventures for those curious creatures to tackle with their equations. How then can anyone assume and state that there is a lack of creativity and too much laws and rules in science for us to play in. These are the fact of science and the theories of philosophical greatness that open and enlightening our minds. Those who are unable to grasp with the beautiful truth often hides their eyes and live their lives in their man-made lies and pray that a deity would save them from this madness of Reality.

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