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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mr. Nobody is such a Mr. Nowhere Man like A Rolling Stone with Mr. Tambourine

Today is the day I look back at the life i had been given to live in. A life that was not meant to be. I was an accident. A mistaken sequences of life which was not planned or destine to the fate of life like others do. I stray in this world like a shadow on a dark wall. I am Incognito. A vignette of your eyes in the crowded city's streets. I'm just a man on the road which you will not bother to give a second glance to understand. Because, once upon a time, you dress so fine in your laughing matters of your materialize world. Maybe one day you will learn to be like me, to be without a home, to be a complete unknown. To be a rolling stone. With no direction at all and you will make a deal with the frowns of the clownds who juggles siames cat to entertain those riding diplomats. To be a compete unknown. To be a Nowhere Man. To be me. To be Mr. Nobody. When you steps to the level i'm in, you will have no secrets to conceal and when Napolean calls for you, you will run to him. While i shall dance with the sounds of jingling parade by the great magic swirling ships of Mr. Tambourine. I'm ready to fade into your victory of realisation of reality. Though you might hear me laughing or the vague spaces of a ragged clown chasing his own shadows, i wont pay him any mind for he is just composing a ballad for the thim man of his reflection from the clouded lake mirror in his hand while one hand waving free to sillohuetting the sun. Mr. Nobody knows not where he is going to, he is such a Mr. Nowhere Man. He is as blind as he wants to be, he is in no hurry, with no point of view, isnt he a bit like you and me? He has the world at his command, he is sitting in his nowhere land, making his nowhere palns and demands for nobody.

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