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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cold Infatuation

Her presence next to me is like a shot of morphine and I’m her number one junkie. Her face is mediocre beautiful at first glance but if you stare hard enough into the sun you’ll be blinded by it too. Her eyes that twinkles in their fixed position is watered by tears of pain, sorrow, misery and often joy. Her pink and flush lips are dried with lack of kisses and ooooo....I would murder a man to just rub my lips against hers. Her ever changing hair that flows down to her shoulder framing her simple but yet deadly beauty of her face. She is not the prettiest girl I have ever met but yet she got a hook this fish.
Her sweet but yet deceiving smile is her greatest arsenal just shy of her great laughter that somehow makes you feel like the greatest comedian of all time. Yes I am a comedian but the comedian at the Oscar is the saddest man of all. I may make her laugh and smile but I will never win that trophy of her heart. But yet, she lingered in my thoughts like the shadow on brightest endless summer but she is no good for me....

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