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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Dream Zone

By: Nazreen Abraham                     

(Secret Dossiers. Never to be publicized)
Let me tell you a secret. It is the biggest secret in the universe and only a few individuals are aware of it. Once you hear it, you want to try it but it is not that simple. In fact only a couple of individuals are able to do it. Me, I’m not one of them but I am trying and I’m half way there. For a starter I know this secret. In fact you cannot begin if you do not posses this secret and it is best when, no it is only if you learn the secret by yourself then you would manage to do what they can do. You might somehow able to do it after reading this but it won’t be easy. I’m going to tell you this secret to keep you away from this world and to keep you aware of those to tend to use it for their own benefits. So, what is this frightening secret you ask? Let me explain, you might not get it at first or might even be sceptical about it but it doesn’t matter. I’m writing it anyway for my own sake. Now…
This universe has two zones of the mind:                                   +Conscious                                                              +Sub-Conscious (including Un-conscious)

The Conscious Zone consists of your thoughts, the current state you’re in right now. Meanwhile, your Sub-Conscious (Sub-C) Zone consists of your sub-c thoughts, memory and the final destination when you sleep, your Dream.
When you lie down on your bed, trying to fall asleep, there would be a momentary moment where you’re Conscious thoughts slips away and all you could hear is your Sub-C thoughts. When you’re dozing away to sleep is that moment when it happens, where it switches lane. Then from there your mind will trace the strongest sub-c thoughts and any connection from your past (memory) to create your dream. This would include the most repeated or strongest music you hear all day, the person that make the biggest impact to you sub-conscious self throughout the day and a little spicing up from memories of stuff from your past. This would create the average dreams that every living souls in the universe. That moment from your conscious thoughts through your sub-c thoughts and memory to your dream is called the ‘klick’. It would take merely a second for the ‘klick’ to happen. The individual then would linger with the ‘klick’ for a few minutes depending how fast he/she could lose deep into his/her Dream. If the person was to be woken up the entire process of the ‘klick’ would retake it course with a different or slightly similar sub-c substances when the individual goes back to sleep. 
There is a hiccup in this ‘klick’ it tends to attract one another.

If two or more individuals have the same sub-c substance (strongest thoughts, connection to memory), the klicks would converge into one and create one dreamland for these individuals. This convergetion is called Inception. But the chances of this happening would be really low for the individuals have to doze off at the same second and the ‘klick’ has to be at the same rate with one another. This inception rarely happen to people with no control and when it does happen they might not even know it. But I did and I got curious. Too curious.
There is a way however to control your destination, you’ll have to control your sub-c substance. For amateurs it would be to listen to your Sub-C thoughts so you can control or at least expect your strongest memory for your dream. But only your dream not anyone else. But there are those who manage to control other people’s sub-c substances. They somehow manage to divert their ‘klick’s into someone else ‘klick’. Once you hack into other individuals dreamland, you could control their sub-c substance, hence their dream. 

(02.43 am, Thursday 5/August/2010)

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