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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What is Love?? (part 2) Traces of Happiness

The question still remains in my mind after all the wondrous journey I been through. But out of the darkness I seem to find light to my question and reveal to me an answer in a form of a soul.

Love is happiness

But if happiness is when what you think. what you say and what you do are in Harmony. Then What I think is always about You. What I say is never short of the story we had together. And what i do is always to be there by your side.

  Love is to give your heart and soul to the one you love
If love is to give your heart and soul to that one special person. Then my dear you know for a liar like me its hard for me to tell the truth of my life to anyone. So when i told you the truth its is my heart and my soul. Thats is my its will hurt me if you ever leave. But even if i had given you my heart and soul I can feel for a fact that you had return the favor and filled the empty vacuum of my life with sunshine and warmth of your laughter, smile and sweet voice.

Love aimlessly guided

The journey we are taking is a wild twisted rollercoaster and neither of us have the power or strength to control it. It may seems scary and daunting but if i hold your hands close to mine. I know for a certain fact that it will be alright.

love is the final stage to rediscovering yourself
Before I meet you I felt lost and confused. And my true self was buried in the weight of influential literature and medias which are so keen to focus on the darkness of life. The sudden presence of your beauty changes my atmosphere and my life which allows me to think clearer and deeper into myself than i ever manages to do. Though it was not always been sunny and warm but i know you would be there to hold me in the cold dark night and even if you ever leave i would never be the same again.
In that sense love is like a mirror that reflects who we really are.

LOVE is to only see the special someone
I admit and you had agree that you are not the most beautiful girl i had ever seen on the outer layer but if God ever exist then your soul and personality is his greatest masterpiece because i had never seen a person like you. Your very style and ways of life and dreams are so unique its hard for me to keep my eyes away and it very understandable if other stare at you too.
Because it seems that every step and movements that you take brings a swarm of happiness and crazy delusions starts to grows in the minds of your victims. I am your greatest victim. Your beauty is so obvious you dont need a sign to show that.

Love is to hold that person hands and never let go
I had found you and it seems hard to think of a life without your hands holding mine.
We walking in a path yet unclear to us but if your holding mine we can definately make it through.

Love is when you cant think of anyone else lips but hers

And all you want do is MAKE OUT with her.

Even when you're sleeping you think about it....

And all you want to do is hold her in your arms.....

And be by her side all the time.....

And you feel as if you want to spend all your life with her....
But yet she makes you feel young

Love is when all you see is love

And you realize that what ever you do you wont be able to forget her....

But you know for a certain fact that you need her in your life

And you adore everything about her bad and good

(Thinking too much of her lips cant write...will try again..... !@#$%^&* i miss her.....)

Still all these cant yet answer the question.......WHAT IS LOVE???

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  1. Wow! Thumbs Up! Your actually a good writer, your very effective in explaining your thoughts. I agree with you, even thought I haven't experience that kind of feeling. Deep inside of me believes that someday I'll be able to felt love just like how you have written it.