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Friday, 6 April 2012

Mr. Nobody's What is Love 2.0 : The Unexpected Journey Home

I sat outside the moderate size modern building of a transactional transportation stations of flights. After week plus of heavy hard work of construction and restructuring the lounge under the hot sun of the blazing beach with only winds as my cooling system. In addition  of the a week long of constant consumption of alcohols and inhalations of dizzying smoke of intoxication which had little time for a flush out or relaxation from the rush of it all. I sat there drinking my final bottle of cheapest beer i could ever find in my life while waiting for my flight with the cheapest cigarettes in my hand talking to a hyper active lesbian beauty who is chattering on about her sexual adventures and conquest on both sides of the seas, if you know what i mean. Furthermore, exaggerating her passion and sheer desire of inhaling the great marijuana again which she wasn't given the access to in that recent time while her disappointment of not getting any sort of action in the island of the eagle.

She smiles and moves her position in the luring seduction and i am the bait who willingly will jump off the cliff for another taste of another angel before i leave. Though she may not intentionally trying to seduce me but the effects of the booze do influence my judgement poorly. To me all i see is a lesbian nymph and that is enough to lure this poor creature into the abyss of lust. We exchange laughter and moment of physical contacts as well as communications connections of hopeful continuation of our interactions after departure. I am not making the same mistake twice in one trip and gave her my name card. She places my thin piece of paper in the small slot of her blossoming breast and gave me a final hug goodbye that indicates our short moment together was a great blessing of meeting someone similar or just a respect of a fellow warrior of marijuana. I'm not quite sure. She left giving a smile of hope as she disappear through the departure gates.

I waited for my time to leave as i think of her. Her red hair of firey passion that dances with the wind as her tattooed arm position them back into place. Her lust for other women is equivalent to mine. Her addictions of substances is adequate in my dictionary. Vodka and Marijuana. She is my twin. A fine hot lesbian twin, who is as fucked up as i am. Then a sudden thought jumped back into my mind, all the girls i meet on this island. The savory, the drunken, and the horny. The Russian beauty of cold snow nymph, who share a great debate in politics of Vladimir Putin and ended up solving out arguments in the most passionate physical ways of satisfaction in between the sheets of cheap motel rooms. The Swedish drunken angel of innocence and blonde intelligence, she dances in the sea of sweating souls and somehow found her way to this man as we both dances into the night of sensual feelings with a regretful feeling of contentment in the morning at each others side. And of course the experienced lover of an antique beauty but classy and eye soothing nevertheless, oh how she took me out into the waterfalls in the middle of the forest and swimming in the sea alone together in the nude which no doubt ended with a breathless night. I wonder would they ever remember me at all.

The Russian
The Russian

The Russian : I hold her fragile structure tightly in my grips as i nibble down her neck and unto those petite breast of joy. I bite the tip of her breast as my arms wrap around her delicate hips. She sigh in utter satisfaction. I carried her hips and place it neatly above mine. With just a glance in her eyes, i force her down onto my engorging muscles as it penetrates into her cold territorial secretive base of flesh and fluid. Like a spy in a Russian military base, my penis was surrounded with trap in an endless fight for survival while we continuously engage in a hot and warm debate that remove any doubt of coldness in each others skins. 

The Swedish Blonde

The Swedish Blonde:  The taste of alcohol and cigarette lingers in her mouth as I took a deep dive into her tongue while my hand caress into her short jeans and up into her wet pelvis. With the dizzying twist of a hand i removed her shorts like a hungry lion on a gazelle. The glass of gin and tonic flew from her hand as she wraps it around my neck. My hand combed her golden hair back behind her ears allowing a proper vision of her drunken eyes before pulling it hard backward in the exact moment my erected penis slides through her wet wonderland. She screams in satisfactory manner as we dance the night away. The sweats pours as we shared a cigarette of ecstasy. 

The Experience

The Experienced Lover

  The Experienced Lover :   We float adrift off the coast of the shore into the morning sea as the sunrises and lighting the blue waters. We float in synchronized movement as we kiss and dances with the fishes in the nude. I pull her closer to me like an octopus catching a prey as my hands slithers across her worn down by the years skins as my lips bites her pointy breast like a hungry shark attacking a helpless seal. Like a dolphin jumping up for joy, my young and horny penis enters the cave of a thousand treasure. We float upwards for a catch of breath but our lungs are disappointed for our lips are too busy twisting each others tonsils out. We move with the crushing waves, each pelvis thrust, each back curving moments and each sigh was aligned with the ocean. 

I waited for my flight as i think of her. Her, Her, Her and of course Her. My friend told me to quite day dreaming or else i miss the flight, which of course would complete the cycle. I missed the bus (land), i missed the ferry (water) and it would only be complete with me missing the flight (air). Unfortunately it didn't happen as i was pulled by my friends towards the custom security checkpoint, which by no surprise my bags beeping of dangerous content, apparently so did my body. A quick body search for terrorist activities by the custom man prove worthless for there is nothing more than a pocket knife and a scissor in my bags which my friend suggested that i'm a nutcase to bring such things into an airport.

I walk pass fellow travelers to the ticketing lady as she tears my paper for approval and allowed me to walk out into the plain fields of the airport. It was raining and it was midnight. The particles of the rain catches the lights and reflects in a firefly dance as i walk towards the ladder of the plane. I walk towards the ladder in excitement. Not excited to leave such a beautiful island but to chase the beautiful nymph that i met early on the journey to the island. I know, the girls i had on the island are special and so is the lesbian twin of mine which is an hour earlier in the air right now but something about that girl. The Missing Girl that touches my mind further than the rest.

I place my bags in the appropriate department and sat on my seat next to the window. The plane gushes on with speed making the runway lights a line of fire.. With a kick in the guts that pulls down by gravity we were airborne. A quick maneuver of the wings towards the destine directions gave me a final quick look at the land of dazzling dreams. The view from my window is directly on the wings of the plane which is blessed with a spotlights that shines the heavy rains as we pierce through the wet dark night's cloud. The thunder roars to compete with the twisting propellers and the lightnings strikes in a reddish blue that scars the skies far in the distant horizon and then as near as a hand grab away from my window. The plane continuously enter through the clouds and with each submergence the plane drops inexplicably on schedule of turbulence's foreplay. The passengers scream with each sudden g-force impact and laugh once it remain calm. It continue this way for nearly half an hour with a view of horror film about sky crashes. Weirdly enough i didn't worry about my plane for i was too busy thinking about her. The missing girl.

I look onto my fresh new tattooed arm and gave it  a quick rub and lay a peck of kiss while my mind is on the missing girl. Thanks to her, i finally know how to become who i am. Mr. Nobody as my tattoo would say. The plane jumps out of the clouds and onto a clear space in between the wet giants. I could see the roaring busy clouds below us and the starry skies that accompany the crescent moon with joy. A beauty in the midst of chaos. The juxtaposition of life and death, of good and evil, of light and dark, of chaos and beauty. A true image of Chaotic Beauty. That moment was it. And so was she. The Missing Girl. How amazing it would have been to have her there with me holding her hand in mine while we watch the world burn. My mind was on her. My mind was dozing off. My mind was asleep.

The sudden announcement from the pilot narrating the scripted dialogue of casual precise planed landing woke me up from my quick nap. I view the city below and see lights. Intricate patterns of lights in various style. Its beautiful but i hated the city. Still that didn't bother me for i know it will be easier to find her with modern technology. The plane touches the ground with a hard thud. The kind of impact that if you were constipating in the toilet, a thousand years of feces would just flow right out of your anus like a flowing water. Once landed, i took my bag and walked out of the airport to find the nearest public transportation that will return me to a house i used to call home. Though it aint home anymore. Nothing is home anymore to me. Not to someone who dont exist. No the only thing that really matter for a Mr Nobody right now is to find the Missing Girl.

What is love? Love isn't sex. Love is to have everything you ever wanted and yet become completely nothing just to be complete whole as a person to find a missing piece that is only filled with one face. A face of an unknown. Or at least that how i see it so far. She makes the other girls plain boring. She make me think and become myself. But again...she could never existed at all and i could be dreaming of her........ 

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Part 2:

WANTED: The Missing Girl

A New Update on the story of Anna Maria :


  1. You are a very lucky man to have all those girls! Thank you for sharing it even though its a bit inappropriate but nevertheless your brief description show a wild and beautiful approach towards sex.

  2. Blonde, Red Hair, Brunette and Black Hair? You had got lucky with the Power-puff Girls?