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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mr. Nobody's What is Love 2.0 : Lost Inner

The salty waters washes the feet of a mysterious man as he walks in the edge of the tourist filled beach that is busily burning the cold out of their skin and trying to catch some colours into their pale complexion. The continuous wind sweeps through every inch of the man's expose skins that is beginning to heat up by the endless sunshine of the firey spotlight that is clear free from any blanket clouds. The man's path leaves footprints in the tracing sands that slowly fades away with his memories of past which constantly haunts him. That is all to change. He is an empty blank piece of white sheet and like the morning sand of the beach there barely any traces of the previous life the night before. His heart is empty and careless. He have no more personality or words to speak of. He has nothing and he is nothing. He has finally becomes a true nobody inside. He is incognito to the world. He has finally become himself. A no one. A man in the crowd with limited connections and minimal conversations. He is Mr. Nobody. The journey here he learns to become nobody on the outside. Now he finally learned to become nobody on the inside.

No possession. No love or hatred. No goals to achieve or regrets to redeem. Nothing at all. If you leave him here and take a close look at the world he view from his eyes, you would understand his reasons of achieving this state of mental and metaphysical purity. You wont be too quick to judge his purpose. And again, no one interacts with him with any interest anyways. They will overlook him as easily as a broken shell in the vast ocean. Silence and shadows are his closes companion. Its hard to understand how a man living in such a positive vibe and soul soothing soundtrack of a place can still be as dark and complex as him. The further he escape confusion the more intricate the electrifying synapses  of his clear mind.

A juxtaposition that is well balanced. Still there is something missing. His heart and his mind cant decide what it is but the sensation of finding and the quest of this hidden ingredient of his life is stronger that ever. He is still searching for something. Not at all that you would expect but all that is missing. The lost jigsaw to this puzzle of his life. The meaning of it would be as adequate and important to him as the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

The ships of a more modern craftsmanship floats in the blue horizon and the aeroplanes make its routine flights over the skies. He walks alone in the sea of soul. Those who share the familiar race and gender often ogles onto the bare skins and topless female tourist and make remarks of sexual desire. He understands this source and goal but have no proper motivations to chase it, though he fakes it in order to not be insulted or consider as a homosexual male. Not that it is wrong to be gay but merely he wished not to be titled as one. His acting abilities in pretending to have a sexual desire of immense proportions but yet a lack of interest in it gave the perfect catch to a couple of helpless woman who somehow attracted to him. Young and old. Local and Foreign. He had them if he wanted but something is not right.

In his mind there was something disturbing. There was someone missing. There was a red car upon a hill. There was a nameless female counterpart who on the same quest as him. To disappear. He is gone physically and mentally. She is gone physically and mentally. But now the time has come to disappear together.

but how do you find someone who dont exist? How do you show that someone who dont exist that you exist when you dont?

How do Mr Nobody find the Missing Girl ?

part 1:

 Part 3:

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  1. Cool shit dude. Anti-materialism and to be completely lost! Now that's the way to live!