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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Babylon, Langkawi

The sounds of the crashing waves echoed through the fallopian tubes of my ear to the vast and now relaxed complex connections of my brain's synapses and neutrons. Its unreal and out of my deepest dreams, desire to be here. Here at a recycled and reggae themed lounge that i would call my home for the next few days or more. The sunlight pierce through the bamboo leaves which has become the roof of my table. The tiny particles of sand sneaks its way between my toes as if to remind me of my current location which has no sense of reality. Its actually happening. I'm at a beach and not just for vacation of a short period but a new life and a new home.

I live in a tree house by the beach. It is wooden made that is compact and only five feet tall. To get it here, there is an obstacle of climbing up the ladder that has hardly any space for your body to move into a suitable positions and the steps are nailed into the two strong long log that is often filled with sands. Then there is a small bridge towards the door but it doesn't lead straight to the opening but rather to the sides of it. The small opening of a door will force you to bend to enter and test your acrobatics abilities if entering under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Once entered, you will find your head scraping the bamboo and leaves roofing that often leaks during a rain and a incandescent light bulb hanging in the middle of the room right next to the middle pillar. The floor is carpeted with a cheap plastic rubber like mat. There is also tiny frame less bed or better yet just a mattress laying on the corner of the floor with a small cupboard and a miniature table that filled with possessions of the occupant, my roommate. In fact half of the room is filled with his belonging while I sleeps on the floor and place my stuff neatly on the other corner of the room. There is plentiful of mosquito that swarms and keeps me company though the smokes from the coil that fills the air do help to keep them at bay. You will also find lizards and other creepy crawly climbing the bamboo wall. At least i have the window with the view of the sea and stars. With the crashing waves as my lullabies and stars as my night lights.

My job here at Babylon Mat Lounge is simple. Help out. Help out with anything that needs to be done also every morning it is my duty to clean up the place from the after party trash of every night. Also it is my job to recycle their cans, glass, plastic and others. I also need to water the plants. There is a lot of things to do. And i didn't write as much as i wished i did. That is the main reason why i had to go. The pay wasnt that good but i didnt care about pay after all, free booze, free food, easy girls that pretty much compensate the low salary. It is just i wanted to get away to have time to write but i didnt write as much. In fact i wrote less and spoke less english among the locals and the tourist. Plus my father do not like the idea of me working for low salary and my mom doesnt want my sister to be alone in Kuala Lumpur. I am sorry Babylon. I truly love you and will always miss you. I hate myself right now to not be able to write anything good enough about this place. Its too awesome but also too private to tell.

Will try to write about Babylon again....

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