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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Inspiring Your Creativity

Bored of reading newspaper and getting lazy blog-walking to find something good to read... Need a little motivation and inspiration to spice up your life and creativity...Here my top favorite magazine published in Malaysia... Using the old fashion paper printing and online website for your pleasure...

I.M. magazine Malaysia's only Reader-Powered Magazine

This is one of the newest magazine I found which captures my eyes right out of the rack and perhaps the cheapest magazine i can found which is worth the time reading and your RM3.50... So whats is it about?? Well pretty much rando
m stuff from Indulgence, Learning to Live, Food and much more according to the topic of the issue... More regular topics that come with every issue will be :

1)Bits&Bobs (random cool things)
2)checklist ( Updating with upcoming performances in Malaysia)
3)Featured Blogshop (featuring cool blogshop to check out)
4) Movies (Reviewing and Updating Upcoming Movies)
5) Music (Reviewing and Updating newly released Albums)
6) Books (Reviewing and Updating new Novels)
7) Out&About
(Checking out all the coolest parties in town)
8)Making Sense of Nonsense
(A guide to monthly topic)

* Its fun, entertaining and interesting articles to read till the end
* Filled with cool and amazing graphics and pictures

*Too much advertisement (but cant blame them)
*slightly messy every now and then

Opinion: READ IT....It is cheap.....


This is one of the coolest magazine I ever manage to get my hands on and crazy thing is that its not for sale in any retail outlets and only can be bought straight from the publishers or just steal a copy from any cafe that have it...that's what i did....haha.. So why do i love it so much...Well mostly because with every issue its an artwork masterpiece copy with amazing illustration and information articles on the monthly topics. And Its is so unique you just love to have it.. Even if you have to steal it from somewhere..

*Amazing Artwork and Illustration
*Unique and unlike many magazine its rectangle shaped
*Cool Articles

*Hard to find in retail shops
*Wish it was thicker

Read it even if you have to steal it..


This is the two magazine which I will read if wanting to know more deeply in music and underground scene and mainstream musics....Both of these magazine are pretty much similar in every way...Amazing articles on music...Wicked pictures of artistes and fashion.. Everything you want in a magazine is pretty much are in these two magazine..I would love to say pick your choice but honestly JUNK magazine sadly have stop publishing Issues due to some internal affairs and unknown cause to the readers...So for all the JUNKies out there I suppose we got to get our JUICE on from now..
* Wicked Articles
*Cool Pictures
*Make me look cool when i read it in the bus
*Satisfyingly good for JUICE
*Amazingly Satisfied for JUNK.


*Discontinuing production of JUNK :-(
*A bit messy for both
*JUNK slightly expensive but worth it
*JUICE is cheap but for a JUNKie i feel as if it not good enough to replace JUNK

OPINION: Go read Any Last Copy of JUNK
And If you're a JUNKIE like me, just enjoy any last drop of Juice

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