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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Death of Kings : The Role of Leader in Human Society

Now it is not in my nature to dream of power over the mass or even a country, it is a big responsibility to care the burden of a countless souls and consciousness. These are human beings and not just sheep, the leaders of a nation is not a job to take lightly and definite not a position that any logical man would want. Douglas Adams were right when he said ‘It is a well-known fact that anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. It is true who in the right mind wants to the president or any other chair of authority, does that do wish for it or found their way to it, so often are not fit to be in such a position. 

  Now we are may dream of ruling such a city or to be a king of a nation but thank god to scientific progress we are able to play our way in the countless strategic games available on the market and release that it is a mad responsibility to waste away every moment of your existence to the task of a leader. Hell a real good leader of a nation would sacrifice his life for the country that he rules. It is his responsibility to love his countrymen and to serve them the best a mortal man could. No we humans have forgot the real purpose of politicians back in the ancient jungles of our mother earth, where men first gathers in a tribal community the leaders of the pack often viewed as god himself. He is the one who is the brain and the heart. He cannot forget the people for they are his body. A leader is not supposed to feed the greedy hearts with their desire but rather to ensure the survival and progress of the species. 

In this world made unfit for human beings, a leader is meant to be used as a revolutionary tool in the battlefield of evolution. It was our very first weapon to survive the hardship of dissipating universe. If we look out into the wild and see the life of other beings, we would too find a hierarchy with a singular leader of the pack. The lion protects his young to ensure that he would survive into the future. If the lion fails then his genes would discontinued and a species might be lost forever. A Leader is a man who was elected to ensure that our species continue to evolve into higher stages of our biological ladder and advancement of our human civilization. A leader should be the reflection of the species. Unfortunately something when wrong.

The greed of human hearts to fill each of his desire has burn the sacred seats with corruption.

The young once happy with food from their tribe chief is now hungry by the streets and sold off as a slave.

The leaders have become distant with nature and mother earth that he forgotten what it’s like living on the streets.

Then came men of faith with the emergence of Buddha and Abraham giving the words of self-governance. Control your own thoughts and let not these greedy men steal our minds. But then too these religions took hold of greed madness. With both religion and politics filled with money-minded folks who careless about the people but more on the personal motive we see the world dying bit by bit. Now of course not all politicians are crooks, and not all clergymen are pedophile rapist but the number of those who are holds a higher power over the masses and creates a world of negativity. Anger and violence to feed the mind of the feared. We have lost the leader in man once again. Of course we could all just self-govern ourselves without the need of a king. But there is still something unique and special of a god given authority. Provided that person don’t abuse his sword that was given by the lady of the lake to go chopping down doors searching for a holy cup of course. If such a man would focus his attention to the well being of the people and do anything to help to end suffering of inadequate elements of existence, then such a state of power is useful and beneficial for the humankind.

Now in our modern times where phones are getting smarter than their human counterparts, we have reached a climax of our human story. We are at the tipping point of greatest failure or the luckiest escape for the fate of our species. In the next 100 years, the world would be turned upside down. We would other self destruct our species from the existence with our hunger for power while raping the beauty of mother earth OR we would learn our mistake and fix our way into progress, where we would learn to harvest energies without any harm to the planet, where food are in every mouth of the species without pushing our planet-mates animals to extinction, where we would travel and conquer other planets with intention of bring life to the cold harsh universe. The choice is yours.

You might not think it’s very important and perhaps the future generation would deal with it but you forgot that we are the future. We have to ensure that our future will be something completely different because our planet cannot handle us anymore. We are so used to being told that this planet was made for us from outlandish ideas of religious text. No my dear, we are made for this planet not the planet for us. It’s very simple logic, our human body is filled with bacteria and viruses with countless other living being; now what if the virus thought that your body was made for him to consume? It is exactly the same for our relationship to our planet. We can harvest the goods from mother earth but in appropriate amount and all return something back to it. Or else the bacteria have no use to the body. We eat her skin and we shit to the ground manures to fertilize the earth for the plant to grow food. Simple. But we as a human been shitting more than what are being reproduced. The planet cannot take with our bullshit any longer. 

If a virus in your left toe was spreading and eating up your body then it is obvious for you to cut into isolation so that the rest of the body would survive. Oh if our planet had arms and legs, she would have cut us away a long time ago. Bob Marley may have sacrificed the suffering of the viral infection in his toe to preach to us all that we cannot let our mother earth, Gaia to do the same. Don’t let Bobby wait in vain.

When I was working at the hotel as a front desk, I encounter many various walks of life. Different from the ones I met before. No these guys aren’t the type of people that I wish to associate with, no they aren’t the Rastafarians and hippies that I would love to find. They are the complete opposite, worse than anything I have ever seen before. Unlike my generation of greed whom at least has a sense of integrity in their evil deeds, I mean my generation could easily fuck you up but we have standards. These bastards that I meet everyday are just selling off their souls to the devils for money and power. My hotel is located in an isolated area filled with government associations of businesses and only these oblivious people found their way here. With hatred and despair in their eyes, looking for a comfort of the night in the sexual adventures of their pathetic little life.

 Now of course, I don’t want to look down on my guests for only a few are that bad. Others are quite tolerable and every now and then you find a normal human being with a soul. I don’t know, maybe because of the area here makes every damn thing so evil. Construction everywhere, a previous life of a landfill, a place where men kill the planet for his own gain. I feel a bad vibe from this place every day. I have to keep looking over my shadow to be safe. No not for the thousands of immigrants that are invading the land to do the dirty biddings of greedy corporations, no they are quite pleasant actually only a few rotten eggs in their bunch. 

They real rotten eggs are these people with dirty agendas in the hotel rooms, from cheating spouses, people who are just slave of greedy corporations without wondering their real motive in life to fear-mongering pastors from the cult-like church next door. No don’t think I am a hater, I careless for such emotions. I am annoyed by their presence when the look down at me thinking I am too an immigrant or a second class citizen. No I am not angry at them; I pity their poor old sorry lives. Their story about to end soon and mine is just beginning. So I didn’t care much about all of this, I feel the same way every day when I walk down the streets or enter any shopping complex with their materialistic artificial lights. No these people don’t stick to my mind; the one that I truly wish to talk about here is the intelligent talks I had with someone completely older than me. 

There are a few guests who are highly recognized in their fields with high qualifications of papers, their ideas of society and world view is very intriguingly deep with heavy words of lawyer talks. Yes only these are the people who actually have their ways into their own systems. They know how to twist the laws in their own ways and they feel as if they know how to control the world. These are the leaders that we so often elect for in such a humble setting they speak so genuinely and passionately to change for the better. Of course they would often criticize the system with ideas of replacements to the justice but those ideas are still inadequate to change the world. These ideas are the same sort of ideas you would hear by a politician when running for office but how many would be able to keep their promise to the duty they have oath for?

Look at Barrack Obama, a man who was meant to be the symbol of change.  Before he took office, he was everything we thought we needed. The new Haile Sellaise I, he was supposed to be but fail he did. With great words of promises and dreams he found his way but once there he faced a challenge he wasn’t ready for. He saw the true puppet masters of any nations. The Greed. The Money Making Machine of Corporations. They have control over everything. They are the banks, they are the oil gas, and they are the rapist of the earth. They would consume the world to feed the black hole in their hearts. They are the ones who start the wars, they are the one supplying the violence and they are the one who reaps the benefits of the chaos. The world is in debt to them. 

They would watch the world burn to fill their pockets with cash. From big time pharmaceutical companies to power companies have their lobbyist waiting to feed the puppet with cash so he could become the leader of their country, thus it is no surprise that our man, Obama, failed to keep these corporate thugs away from his true identity. He couldn’t be the man he promised because he can’t. These greedy pigs own the land now. They will forever do so with their banking schemes of debts, credit cards and loans. You will forever trap in their cobwebs till they bleed you dry. It is no surprise that not more than a few weeks ago, Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act, allowing these evil little old men to be in charge of our food supply, now they could feed us anything they want and we won’t even know how to detect it.  It’s not enough, they tell you want to eat and buy with subliminal advertisings or that they have programmed your brain to their mind-numbness Medias, now they want to control our food as well. I say fuck them; I want my Nutella to be filled with Hazelnuts and chocolate not nuts in powdered chocolate-flavoring paste. We have to speak up to save NUTELLA!!

No, what we really need is a real change. A real huge change in the political system. Now more than ever we need the Kings again. We need the real leaders of the tribe, the chief of the Indians, the Kings of the Celtic, The Ice Vikings of Nordics, the Sultans of the Sands, The Emperor of the Orients. We need a true leader.  You want to know why I say we need a king instead of a president. I mean if we had Abraham Lincoln or Andrew Jackson, then our problems would be solved too but the fate of these paths of political success often paved with debts to the lobbyist that has their own agenda. Our system is too corrupted that no one can come up like Mahatma Gandhi because my dear brother we are in slavery too the crude interest of a bank’s loan. We are nowhere near the peaceful earth that these great men had imagined.

We need a king because we need a man who will fight for the people instead of the corporate slave masters. Marx was right; every single prophecies of the fate of Capitalisms have come true. After countless of evaluations of the monetary system, a man tried to give humanity a replacement for these madness but his works were unfinished and too confusing to the point of misinterpretation.  The clandestine empire of Corporatocracy, they control our media through their corporations, they control our politicians through sponsorships, they control our drugs and medicines with their big pharmaceuticals and chemical companies, they control our food without constrictions and they do it all with the big banks and reserve systems. They have only one agenda, maximize profit regardless of the social and environmental cost. They don’t get elected and they don’t report to anyone. Through the scheme of debt, inflation and interest they took on the world with globalizations. They were the conquerors and now they are the corruptors. Their empire is wide and the new slavery system is invisible. They exploit the resources of the native lands to put the farmers out of work; they reap the benefits of our harvest and sell us their overpriced scraps. The poor get even poorer while the rich get richer and the middle class is the battlefield.

 We are forever in debt with the banks and because of that we would sacrifice ourselves to jobs without caring too much on the effects of the employers company whom destroying our mother lands. They caused the deforestation and the death of our rainforests. They plant oils on our land to feed the engine of pollutions. Greed and hunger for their investments. The world is no longer separated through kingdoms and countries but rather through groups of corporations. They are the mafias of the financial power that corrupts the political systems which impacts the social structures of our lives. The world is a business my friend.

The Owners of United States of America 

They start wars with their economic hitmans and create myths of terrorisms to put the nation under surveillances. They ban a tree to protect its company from competitions of beneficial cannabis hemps.
The slaves the people in sweatshops while the children running wild in the street of polluted earth.
Oh, how mother earth will die feeding the black holes of our ignorant human desires.

We are mad with greed that we have been blinded with faith in controlled and filter influences of consciousness. The system has left us paranoid in the society gates.

We need a single man of truth, a man of science and technological advancements in order to free his fellow human beings from occupational slavery of the monetary system and supports the individual’s right to exploration of knowledge. We need a man who will be the real superman of our time, who would end the cannabis prohibition allowing mankind to reconnect to mother earth. With this we could understand again our position in this universe. As the known consciousness of this earth our interconnectivity with the stars above and the atoms inside. We would understand the voice of mother Gaia whispering the purpose of our human existence is to ensure evolutionary progress of life in this vast ocean of the universes.

Our main goal in life is to ensure that our children have a better life. Now it’s time to stop being selfish and help to ensure that every child is born into a better world. You have been discourage and put down by the negativity of the medias that you have forgotten that you are powerful to change the world. You’re voice is as strong as others. So what kind of human do we need?

We need warriors of words.

We need imagineers of creativity.

We need artists of inventions.

We need saints of farmers.

We need a the reincarnation of Jah, Rastafari, King Haile Selaisse 2.0.

We would need to restructure the economical system that feeds on scarcity and implement the resources based economic. Where the resources are abundance. Then there would be no gap between classes and unity will be achieved where everyone focus on discovering new understandings of intellectual and artistic philosophy.

But above all, we need a superhero. 

We need the Lion Of Judah.


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