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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Theory of Everything : The Basics

A few days ago, I published a lone video post on this blog as well as my Facebook profile. Amazingly unlike other videos of such content posted by me which would normally be ignored but for this video : Athene's Theory of Everything there was actually feedbacks from both my readers and Dali. They are mainly inquiring my perspective on the video and the immense amount of detailed knowledge being portrayed in the documentary. I wish I could summarize the entire video into a brief paragraph but unfortunately this is the Theory of Everything, thus must be given the respect and detailed understanding.

For those who do know me personally, this entire year would have been a big change in my social interactions and pretty much everything else in my life. This is mainly because from the beginning of 2012, I have been obsessed with an idea for a novel which revolves around reality and I had been researching materials to used for the manuscript. Thus my journey for knowledge began to understand everything in the universe and reality itself. But rarely is there a book or a proper explanation for everything and after watching the video : Athene's Theory of Everything, I have come to a conclusion and end of my research. The informations I had gathered this whole year since the obsession have been immense and detailed so it was easier for me to understand the video, though it took some second reviews. It is almost impossible for me to summarize simply without giving you a proper basic understanding of what I had learn this whole year. Which I will attempt with this article, though my conclusion is incline to the understanding of reality from the perspective of philosophy and artistic values but it will contain basic informations of scientific facts which could be traceable in depths which I rather not bore you with. So, before I can begin to explain this Theory of Everything, I would like you to follow into my journey.

I also recently found a group of videos from the YouTube channel MelodySheep which edits videos of scientist and auto-tune their voices into great songs that can make this journey easier for me to convey. For this article, i shall be using less images for visual pleasure but rather converse you through videos of songs. Which is best played and watched before continuing to read. Maximize it for better viewing experiences and dont worry I have placed the videos subsequently in order of the articles for better story-telling purposes. These videos and songs are often psychedelic in their journeys and editing, so if you wish to consume or inhale any intoxicants is purely your own choice. All I ask is for you to be patient and rid yourself from the prejudice thinkings. Dont skew your mind in a narrow mindset and laugh not at the singing scientist for they definitely didn't expect to be singers. Even Stephen Hawking would be singing, so dont laugh. Even thought it is funny.  Instead listen to the words their are saying and clear your mind from any discrimination or negative thoughts. Let me just take you on this journey and though some of the facts you may not accept but for once in your life, be like the water and flow in this journey. You can make up your own conclusion afterwards. I would love some feedbacks too. So before we begins, lets clear our mind and listen to Bruce Lee meditating us to be clear like water. Empty your mind and flow like water. Be water my Friend.

As I live in the modern era, I often felt that we as a human race have lost touch of a deeper understanding of life. We are no longer intrigue by the world surrounding us but rather chase this goal in our man-made jungle and success is only measured by wealth. This is to my understanding is because of our lack of curiosity into a world of unknown premises which we instinctively fear. We rather hide behind the comforts of our own delusions. Which in turns have turned us selfish and individualistic in nature. We no longer moves as a species but rather as a person who is constantly paranoid of everyone else. There is nothing wrong about being individually unique, but we cannot survive by isolating ourself into tribes of different belief systems especially if that system often sparks friction with nature and other tribes. We have to find an equilibrium among ourself as a species and among our corresponding nature. In the rainforest, we see a diverse colours of species uniquely individual but yet maintain harmony among themselves. Maybe its time we stop thinking we are superior to these animals and take a lesson from them on how to keep our individual aspect even as a tribe of uniquely different belief system and learn to keep a balance of symmetrical harmony. Maybe its just time we return to awe.

As said by Jason Silva, we are too comfortable living in our own perspective even with all these immense truth given to us but we have became accustomed to the ideas and losing interest in them. It has become like the sunlight in day time that blinds us from the other stars out in the system. We only see the sun and accept without thinking further into it. When we return to that awe moment of the sun and its light, we would inquire further details into understanding the it and thus exploring other stars. This is the state of mind we are currently living in. We are no longer curious into understanding anything anything any more. We were fed these informations of our world in our school and left no feeling of curiosity about our nature. Our human society in present time have been crushed the curiosity out of them and replaced with the hunger for materialistic achievements. In addition to this delusion, we are so often egoistically thinking we are far more advanced civilization than those who lives in the tribal jungles. We perceive ourself far greater than those native american tribes because we could sail across the sea and shape the land in our own image but we forgot that these natives have lived peacefully with the nature for thousand of years but here we are today, a land so rich in its materials is now one of the most corrupted and broken down economy. No longer able to even feed its own mouth. How did such a great civilization come to this. Mother nature, Gaia, would have been ashamed of us.She feeds us all in flood and drought but yet our selfish ways aren't willing to share it out without a return of this green piece of paper that holds no value. I think it is time for us to think again. Rationalize everything again. Be curious again. Remember we are born curious and their system have crushed us. The schools have not taught us to think but rather tells us what to think. We were made Educated Fools by this system. I guess Pink Floyd was right. Here is Michio Kaku talking about our school system.

Though he keeps referring to scientist and science, perhaps you may not like the sound of that but remember that Science is just a label we put onto our nature of curiosity. Back in Newton's time he wasn't known as a scientist or physicist but rather as a philosopher. Because in every way possibly science is philosophy. Philosophy is mainly define as Questioning Reality and that is what Science is all about understanding Reality. And the more we question reality the more we can fully evaluate life and ourself. So please don't stop questioning, it is our primary nature to question. It is the catalyst of our human evolution and should be forever be. If early cavemen weren't curious to hit two rocks to make fire then we would be in a very different world. It is safe to also state that the very first spark of neurones in our primitive human mind was a question. It was the very first thought that man's brain ever fully process. It was not a statement but rather a question. Maybe it was in the first ape to ever thought what if I walk down this tree to get that food. What if I throw a rock at this coconut. What if I put a man on the moon. The very first ever thought a brain would think is to question. It was questioning that got the brain moving, it was questioning that got us out of the tree and out of the jungle. We could even trace it back all the way to the very first animal that decides to walk out of the ocean and on land. It was curiosity that drives evolutions and if that curiosity survive it is passed on and continues its evolution.  If curiosity and eager to know our universe is diminished so would be the progress of human civilization. Schools are basically killing us. Unless you have the right mindset for it with the right teachers. Thus, it is safe to say that we desperately need a big wave of change in our mindset. We need a wave of Reason.

We have already firmly cemented that science is nothing more than a way of thinking and inquiring reality and  it is our basic evolutionary force in nature. But here in this video is where things goes a bit weird in my perspective. Not only in the video but in human history this separation has bugged me all my life. There is seem to be a differentiation of Religion and Science. As stated in the song, the same spiritual bliss can be found in discovering a new knowledge in science that is equivalent with those of a religious affair. nevertheless in our times, Religion and Science couldn't be more apart that ever. But yet we know even now in those isolated tribes that are lost in time without the interference of human history, that their most respectable members of the tribe are often the smartest and spiritually blessed. It seems at a time in early human settlements. The brain that holds a higher percentage of intuitive nature are so often questioning and finding answers. These answers are then shared in the tribe and the followers perspective of the knowledge is seemed mystical. And that individual who found the new knowledge would be praised as a Shaman or such for he has a better understanding and connectivity with the natural surrounding than those who are less curious in the tribe. For those answers which he is yet to uncover would be filled with this natural force which soon seen as a deity of some form. Thus this system of tribe survive even flourished in Egyptian culture where the Priest often perform magical illusion using the knowledge acquired from inquiring the reactions of elements in their nature. In another word ancient Magicians were Scientists.

Buddha is perhaps the highest level of thinking in the history of human mind. Here is a man who does not see the forces of nature as an entity that is separated from us but rather apart of us. He showed man that energy of the universe is in the most basic building blocks are made of the same particles that is seen in every living thing or even anything in existence. Of course he has not discovered the quantum world of physic of the atomic particles of the universe but the idea was astoundingly similar and very much advanced in the period of human evolution. Thus these understanding of his teachings are seen spiritual and perhaps it could be touch in that aspect but overall it was the highest and most powerful thought any recorded human brain had ever processed. Of course the majority of humans are unable to grasp that knowledge and the removal of a deity from the forces of nature. Buddha himself never prayed to any god. He believed none just like any other scientist would do today. Similarly he was curious with his world is to the scientist after his time. But like all great minds he was ahead of his time. In fact he was way too ahead of his time, thus his lack in believe of a deity and his immense understanding of the nature of forces shapes his image into a supreme being that was meant to be used as a mentor for living life has now changed into the very thing that he tried to get rid off. He would cry to see what have his words done.

But soon, this entwined system of both science and spiritual understanding would separate in such a drastic and opposite values by the hand one man. This man was Abraham. ( Not Nazreen Abraham, I'm trying to do the opposite actually.. :D )  Abraham or Ibrahim from the bible is the man responsible of everything you   see around you right now. His little idea that sparked in his brain creates an enormous changes in the human civilization. Like Buddha, he was curious about everything around him to a point that would have actually made him into an amazing scientist if given the right tools. He was a craftsman of idol statue carvings according the the Quranic verse, a true artist and a natural scientist. His understanding leads his separation from the beliefs of perhaps the whole world. He too at a time disproved every known gods to mankind. Even famously vandalized idols as he makes his transition into Street Art, perhaps even the first street art known to mankind as well (just joking...or am i ? ) . Abraham like Buddha moved out of the city that they are living in and travel on a journey of discovery, trying to answer the questions of their hearts. Sadly unlike Buddha, Abraham didnt leave his wife and took her along the journey, thus preventing himself in full indulgence of the inquiry. I say such a statement for the fact that his mind would not be able to be completely free like Buddha who nearly starve himself to death, Abraham's mind would be constantly worried about his lovely wife. And just like Buddha, he found a revelation of truth, though it is different in most aspect but they did reach an understanding of some sort. The next few lines would be sceptical for there are very limited ways of uncovering the real truth. In what I can concluded from understanding both Buddha and Abraham is that they never speak much about a god. Where Buddha turns into God, is where Abraham turns into a prophet and subsequently giving birth to a One God.

In my understanding, Abraham's words and message were nearly the same as Buddha except that Abraham view all this energy as a single force while Buddha sees it as a body of united forces. But then why didn't we worship Abraham as a God? Well it simple basic psychological conclusion from the frustration of not knowing. It is good to be curious but in moderation or at least if you feed your curiosity with facts that could built a base of sanity. if the brain creates too much questions which are being answered in the most minimal and those answers tend to add more questions, one mind could be overheating with frustration and thus enter the realm of delusional and insanity. Not saying that Abraham was a nut job but rather a scientist with great views that have overpowered by his mental imbalance. This mental illness is the primary cause for his murderous action towards his own son. And this action requires explanation to the public. Thus a whole new single god entity was created to hide this messy little secret. It is more easy to accept that a great mind committed murder to prove his faith and believe to a powerful deity than to accept that the most enlightened man among our human species was a mental ill individual. (This is the reason why my name is Abraham, I relate to this story more than anything else). Thus from the creation of One God that feeds on faith and believe rather than curiosity was made and ever since had separated religious belief from scientific understanding. I am not here to disprove god or the natural forces of universe but rather to let you know that Jah, Yahweh, Allah, the One God is the universe and it is us. We are the product of that force of nature. Forces of Nature which only science can fully explore with curiosity as its primary motivator in order for us to understand Jah and ourself.  Both are the same subjects in the minds of the Abraham and Buddha. That is why we have to understand ourselves and our history. That is why we need a wave of reason. We need to question. We need to wake up.

Now, you would start to wonder where am i going with this. We went back in time to re-evaluate Buddha and Abraham just to show that we need curiosity and need to return to awe. But we also need to understand something else about our human civilization. We are currently at the very tip of an evolutionary change. As stated by Michio Kaku, there is 4 types of civilization.

Type 0 = Tribal Civilization that is separated in all aspect.
Type 1= A globally united Planetary Civilization that is interconnected in every aspect
Type 2 = A Inter-Planetary Civilization that is interconnected like Star Trek.
Type 3 = A united Galaxy of Civilization

We are only at Type 0 transiting into Type 1. Why I brought Abraham and Buddha up is because it is quite possible because their thoughts were the first evolutionary step to a global transition to a Type 1 civilization. Their ideas were to unite the globe in a harmony.Which we are still only trying to make it work. Thus is also the reason why the last religion was Islam. Though many may not highlight this from the western media but in Islam the very first priority set by Muhammad to all his followers and imposed to the children was 'To go and read a Book'. To always be learning and gathering all the knowledge you can seek. It is this that is hold most importance in the Islamic Empire of the Ottomans during the dark ages of rational thinking. The Islamic empire may have done damages but thanks to them the long efforts of the great mind on previous life time was still preserve even though plenty was lost. We as a human race in the perspective of Critical Thinking, reached a great heights of knowledge which was lost through the wars of religions. We were set back with the burnings of the Library of Alexandria which holds pretty much most of the knowledge  known to man at that time. Thankfully through the teachings of Muhammad and its importance of knowledge, a few remanding knowledge of the past had survived. Thus in my point of view Muhammad was the man who saw the fate of human knowledge and set a mission to save it from being lost in the abyss. Though one could argue about all the other bad things he has done but that one single preach was perhaps the greatest thing to come out of any religion.

Afterall, the very first word in the Quran and the very first word that the archangel Gabriel commanded to Muhammad was : Read.

All this action by these great minds of the past so often reflects in favour of a balance equilibrium of mankind and nature has been turned dark and corrupted by the skewed minds of man. Unable to understand their words we twist and rape the truth out of it. Thus the battle of peace is on going all in motion of our evolutionary steps towards a Type 1 civilization. Thus, it is time we should reconsidered everything we have know and think with a curious mind. It is either we self-destruct or we move onward to the edge.

So far in our human history or at least the point of view that I have given are quite pessimistic on the our evolution. That is only because that whole thing you read above is only the introduction for this article. Yes its a long article and trust me you will be here for awhile. So get comfortable for the next episode continues, get some more intoxicants of any kind and relax. Relax and don't fear too much because even thought curiosity is slowly decaying outside, thanks to human ignorant of the real truth preached in religion, those that did understand or were natural curious are battling and sparking their brain neurons to ensure the advancement of our human species. We gain acknowledgement as a curious mind during the Renaissance where Art and Science were united as seen with famous names such as Leonardo Da Vinci, why Art and Science separated is also a mystery but we will dwell in that later. Our Curiosity in human society flourished during the days of Tesla and though Wars have do impacted the progress but nevertheless our mind persist.Giving atomic power to wrong hands and creating a new understanding of the universe that is nearly biblical in all accounts from a weird little fellow named Einstein. We progress further to the moon and into virtual realm of cyber communication. We are geared up to fully equipping our Type 1 Civilization. All is nearly there. Though there those that try to use for their own personal gains or those who try to condemn such evolution by severely attacking it using the negative force of violence. Nevertheless there is still hope in human species. We will find a way to survive and change. But in order to do that in the short amount of time we have left is to shift the paradigm views of our universe and create a whole new perspective of philosophy. Even though one can debate in a respectable manner that Science doesn't have all the answers to life, the universe and everything. ( The answer to life, the universe and everything is 42 - Douglas Adams ) It is safe to say that science is the best means of trying to answer those questions. And maybe it will take another million years before we could come close to answering it all but for now we have to be content and wonder at the question being put forward.

Maybe before we could even bother asking what cant science teach us in understanding the universe, reality, life perhaps we should look onto what science have taught us so far and see how much it had done in only a few decades. The knowledge of the universe we have right now is immensely depth  but yet in retrospective is quite small. Lets begin like how the bible begins with the story of creation. In the beginning, there was darkness and then God say let there be ROCK!!! I mean light.... (Rock on Hawking !!)

Ahhh...the great Stephen Hawking rocking that monotone voice. Radical Hawk! Anyway...I guess it is one of the most famous and favourable theory on the origin of the universe. Whether you belief in god or not the big bang is a pretty logical origin. I mean even bible said it, 'let there be light and there was light'. In beginning there was a non-existence which we so often image as a black nothingness for our perspective of the reality which so often rely upon the sight sensory, let there be light pretty much means let there be existence. By definition existence is measurable by space and time. And as far as my literacy knowledge the verse in the bible sounds a lot like a non-emphasize anti-Michael Bay description for an explosion. Though it is known that there are debates on the origin of the universe. Some completely objects the notion of a big bang and yes much more further studies is need to prove or disprove anything but one thing that neither theory or even religious text cant deny is that we are all made up of the same particles and element which is found everywhere in existing universe. Which of course all originated from a single source, you can say it was God, i can say it was Morgan Freeman. We both could be right. Morgan Freeman is God is the origin source of the universe. I wouldn't be surprised if it did. But one thing is for certain the only answer to my Morgan Freeman obsession is to look into the very depths of the elements which everything in the universe are made of. We could perhaps find the answer in the Quantum World. Let God take you on a journey. I mean Morgan 'GOD' Freeman.

I bet you have no clue on what so ever about the quantum world. Even if God whispered in your ears you will never believe or fully understand it. It is like diving into a pool of synchronised madness of factual and mathematical forces. Even those scientist of quantum physicist would have a hard time explaining what they do for a living. Its madness and its not my place to further comment on it. But as far as I can say its the tiniest element of existence and its in everything in the existence pretty much. Maybe one day we will find the triumph of science over this madness but its far beyond our time. Perhaps Type 3 Civilization. This crazy world of probabilities is perhaps best to ask the advice of the man who dedicated his life to the madness of probability and its infinite drive, Mr. Douglas Adams. The answer to life, the universe and everything is 42 - Douglas Adams Thank you, Mr Adams. Maybe he is right after all we can never really know for now. But knowing the quantum world only concrete the fact that we are all made of stars. We are Star Dust.

I hope that song would somehow boost your confidence as a living organism in this universe now knowing that you are a star. But you wonder how are we star dust?  Simple. As the big bang or any other initial throw out of all these elements, there have been a chaotic reality of the universe as these elements and forces are gathering momentum and creating a whole new chemical compositions of materials which then attracts into a vortex of force which we now call gravity. These elements are crushed and mixed and cooked to give birth to stars, solar system and much more. These enriched guts of the stars are then found on floating in orbits of its gravitational pull and finding its own balance creating a huge pile of star debris into something we named planets. It is of course not surprising that the same elements that cook the materials for life is originated from the stars. So I guess the Egyptians were right in worshipping our sun. And yeah George Carlin too. One of the last Sun Worshipper who keeps changing Gods to Joe Pesci. Whats up with that? Any how, we know now that our planet come from our sun, thus the elements for us and life comes from stars. Yay, we learn something. But where exactly are we in the vast expanding universe? Let Carl Sagan bring the groove back to you.

As the sexy voice of Sagan sings the blues of our little lonely planet which travels dangerously on the sea of space and time. Now we understood that the universe is big but its actually pretty small in comparison to the amount non-existence of logical thinking in the minds of those who thinks Pink Floyd's Live In Pompeii (1972) is nothing more than noise. It is music at it best and the greatest audio orgasm one could find. Beautiful.. Just like the universe. We understand that life is unique but in the grand scale of the universe it is actually definite that we are not alone as a living organism. Here is the equation to prove such a statement :

N = R* x fP x ne x f(L) x fi x fc x L

 N   : Number of Advanced Intelligent who we can make contact 
R*   : Number of Stars being born
 fP   : Number of Stars that holds planets
ne    :  Average number of habitable planets in the star system 
f(L)  : Number of planets with life
fi      : Number of life with intelligence 
fc     : Number of intelligent life with technology
L     :  Longevity of civilization with technology

So once you are done calculating that, i will return to you. Dont bother trying to solve it right now, you cant. Not all of the components in the equation is fully determined and I doubt we will be able to do it any time soon. But it shows there is a certainty that there would at least be one more planet which holds life if you're being sceptical. So imagine the loneliness of our planet feeling to connect itself with another galactic distant brothers. Earth is currently can be seen as a little lost boy in the vast universe searching for a brother to hold hands and journey the vast space and time. This desire is only natural in our evolutionary codes. We are after all social animals and as a planet we wish for a companion to converse ideas with. That is the reason for our desire for space exploration. It is the reason why even as cavemen we ponder upon the night skies and wonder. We wonder on life. And what is life. It was our desire that drives our curiosity. We as stardust reflecting on the stars and curiosity sparks which leads to intelligence which leads to understanding. It its an undying force of nature. But then why are we so blind? Why cant we see and invest in understanding the wonders of reality? Maybe because we are blinded by the life we been living. I think there is only one way as a human species to mature from this mindset. We have to understand the precious sacred sanctity of LIFE.

We are so often blinded by our own affairs we cant see the beauty and precious of our presence. Perhaps this is why we forgot our main purpose as a human species. Before i get into that lets first distinguish the meaning of Life. Lets understand how it all begin. How the dead chemicals of melted rocks from the stars are boiling lavas on the surface of our planet. How the lightnings and deadly fumes of the most radioactive elements mixed into this pool of chemistry to give the building blocks of DNA and micro-organism and more in this spectacular show.

Whether you like it or not, Darwin was right. Evolution is the only logical explanation for how the diversity of animals and plants came about. Even if you firmly believe that God created man out of his image and removing human being from participating in this greatest show on earth, we cannot deny that this compilation of cell mutations are responsible for all the other living things. The flora and fauna on this earth is the basic principles of random probabilities and survival of the most beneficial components. Curiousness is after all holds an important role in evolution of human beings and ironically enough the theory of Evolution came from the very same element. It is as if the earth is creating itself a concious mind which is us. But it wasn't always this easy for mother earth, Gaia. She rolled the dice on life once and in return all she had was bunch of gigantic lizards who gave Steven Spielberg another awards like as if he needs another one. I am of course talking about our dear little purple friend, Barney the Dinosaur.

I know some out there who would deny these majestic creatures and perhaps I could talk about evolution and just skip the dinosaurs but who in the right mind would miss the chance to talk about this amazing animals. After all Homer Simpson once said 'There is one thing Money cant buy, that is a Dinosaur', I might also add and all the wonders that comes from imagining such a state of time on our young earth. It is important to understand and accept these creatures to fully understand evolution of life on earth. We have to acknowledge the fact that the geographical evidence for earth age is more than 5 billion years and we have only been here for no more than 60 million years. In order to appreciate life we must pay our respect to these dinosaurs and pay our respect to last dominant organism on earth. But one wonders if curiosity was the evolution push for life on land then is there any sign of curious thinking in these periods. After all human species took less the time to evolve than these animals then perhaps there could be some sort of sparking conciousness in the organism. Or even perhaps religion was right and we never evolve from them for maybe we are just alien from outer space in need of a home and saw this blue little planet being occupied with bunch of moronic lizards and that could be the reason why it went extinct. Though i doubt such stories but Douglas Adams wouldn't, he would even go as far as saying that the dinosaurs were all depressed because some Paranoid Android told them about the meaning of life and thus creating a mass suicide of a species.

Just a playful thought, Dont be too serious. What ever the reason for their extinct we can only be thankful to Marvin for letting the primates roam the planet to evolve. But how did we survive? Lets look into the secret of evolution and the survival of life.

I am in no authority to tell you anything about the evolutionary process for that read Richard Dawkin's book as I did and understand for yourself. For the sake of the story, we are put into this fast forward montage of Life on earth from birth to death across the vast ocean of time. From mammals at the feet of the Dinosaurs we dug underground and once the surface is habitable again we rose, as there is less predators we thrive into diverse trees of mammals and we replace the reptiles age. A group of small mammals then begin to climb tree, evolving better body to grip on the branches of life. Then in time that mammals slowly evolves into primates which with a little force of curiosity set foot on the ground again and we slowly escape our ape era and into our Homo-Erectus body before settling into our Homo Sapien body and finally into a Homosexual man name Sapien who always having an Erection. This profound knowledge that inter-connects all of the living organism back to the very root of earth materials which is nothing more than a rock from the stars which in turn just a accumulation of the basic component of our universe can be quite enlightening but yet scary.

I understand how one can feel so vulnerable to this truth and immense knowledge. We feel hopeless and powerless to the great forces of nature. Even on our planet we are bound the the spirit of the Earth, Gaia. Without her, we are nothing but yet we deny our mother earth as we rape her clean from her skins. It is then important to state that all of these knowledge we have gather on the reality of this universe should not be seen in a negative perspective which would debase your self confidence but rather use that understanding to give us a sense of purpose for our intellectual thinking. After all the possibilities and chances we have gone through, we are lucky to be alive and reflecting upon that probability. Knowing that we are all stars, I guess it is easy for me to suggest that we are the conciousness of the stars. I know the debate is on going on what is conciousness but nevertheless we definitely cant deny that we are concious to even ponder upon the question.

As we begin to understand more and more about the universe and the stars, and our self so does the planet and the stars. What I am trying to conclude is that imagine the universe is this vast and huge brain and the stars are neurons of the universe brain. And the planets are the component of the stars neurons. And life is like that spark of energy that lives in this brain of the universe. In fact we can also put the planet itself as a brain and life is the neurons and conciousness and intellectual thinking is that spark of energy. And we as the spark of the energy in the neuron of the earth are programmed to travel to other parts of the neurons trying to connect two energies to create pathway which in the brain would be considered a vital after all that is what the brain has evolve to function. Our intellectual evolution is crucial as a species that could finally reach Type 1 Civilization and lead on to Type 3 which would create a connection between the other sparks of life from different parts of the galaxy such as the neurons in your brain. I earlier stated our planet often feels lonely and needs a brother to walk along the space and time, maybe not the earth itself but us. We are the planet. Of course if one to considered the universe as a brain then we would fall into the trap of functions which as a human we so desirably put onto everything we know.  What is the function of the universe if its operate like a brain. That is why I am clearly stating that the universe is a metaphorical Brain to show the connections of everything rather than an actual brain. This is my theory. Which in the next article that is purely based on Athene's Theory of Everything, this is just the basic of that philosophy. Just a reminder. Now before we can advance to a Type 3 civilization and connecting these neurons of the universe, we must first understand our own origin as a species. We must go back to AFRICA...

As understood in our evolutionary steps out of the trees were due to our force of curiosity, we soon found ourself in a land of promise. The bible states that God created man in his image. We cant deny that the very first human beings were originated from Africa no matter how the creation fables are told. Thus then proving that God is an African and he is black, Morgan Freeman is once again, God ! Lets travel back in time to the early men of Africa. We have already learned to create tools and harvest the power of fire to cook our meats. It is the very first sign of human culture ever recorded in our history. We could also deduce that the individuals that most curious and spiritually connected to the earth were...well stoned. There is fact that all of our priest of tribal society consume and inhale intoxicants that expands the imagination of the human mind. It is as if mother earth are giving the substance needed for further development in human brain. Language is made to express our feelings and at last an abstract notions that is nothing more than sparks in that persons mind could be delivered as an information or knowledge. Thus substances such as magic mushrooms and yes marijuana was also a primary force in the evolution of mankind. Even Carl Sagan smokes weed, dude. But how does this effect man?

Well we can see that due to the shortage and the drying nutritions of Africa reach its tow for the early humans, it was only with the consent of a Spiritual Leader that the forces of curiosity to venture lands beyond are able to set in motion. In fact maybe that Spiritual Leader who was stoned on marijuana came up with the idea of travelling out of Africa. One could only wonder. As man migrates from the heart of our mother land Africa, we move upwards to the middle east where a separation was made. One tribe split into three, one moves up north to Europe and the northern Hemisphere, one travels down to India and the Himalayas. There another separation is made one moving central Asia and the other down to the south east Asia and down the peninsula of my land Malaya. Those moving central Asia soon reach to the tip of the Siberia wasteland. This is during the melting of the Ice Age, which is the reason for the drought in Africa. During this period, the gap between Russia and modern day Alaska was bridge with vast mass of Icebergs, which human civilization had used advantage of to venture into the America continent and spread it seed down south. Meanwhile back in prehistoric Malaya, the seas that separate main land from Indonesia and Australia was less than it is now. During this time, the very first human being had the curiosity to thread upon this never before venture ocean.  Proud to say my ancestors were the first pirates who ran amok in Borneo and hide in the island of Australia. After the first settlers of Australia, there was a fear of the ocean. We wont return to the sea for at least another century or so. This is how human species are spread through out the land,and this is why all the races on earth is nothing more that our evolutionary biology doing its work to adapt better in our environment. That is why our human race in the modern time is getting a whole new boost without the constraint of geographical barriers thanks to our innovations in transportations. Everyone of us is just one race. Humans. If you are quick and comprehend everything told so far, then you might point out what happen to the other tribe from that three that separated in middle east?

They evolved and became the earliest known human civilization, Sumerian. And then the whole process of our human history began.All that thanks to a spiritual leader who was hallucinating. All that thanks to a simple spark of curiosity in a human mind. With this possession of information and knowledge on our roots and origin, it burdens and depressed me to know that we as a human society in our highest civilization have lost its connectivity back to our motherland. And now we think to greatly of ourself, thinking that we are superior to the Africans. We should know better by now. Its like watching a young boy who grew up and disobey his mother and put her in a home for care. I guess we have to open our eyes and wake up to the truth. I will let Damien Marley speak the next few words for me.

We cant have this racial separation any longer. For a human species that have gone through immense possibilities of survival just to be the very own device that destroys itself, is the worst kind of outcome that our mother earth would want. She didn't go through all that to ensure our brain to be able to reach that critical thinking just to watch it kill itself. We have to understand our inner most important purpose as a curious animal that manages to go the moon have to learn to live together in harmony and feed each other with the bountiful fruits of mother earth. And also learn to live in an equilibrium state with our nature and other flora and fauna on our mother earth. To do all these task without which we would definitely commit a species planetary suicide, we have to first accept that we are all children of Africa and we have to stop this hate among ourself. Funny isn't it? This is what it is taught by Buddha, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Haile Selassie and all the other known religious prophets. It a spiritual point of view, you can say that mother earth have always been guiding us. Sadly we took the words of these great minds in the wrong context and used it on our own ignorance of our selfish ways. Everyone on the list except Haile Selassie or better known as Ras Tafari. Which his followers only want peace and smoke marijuana.

(Video only viewable with a YouTube account that is 18+)

The very plant that drive our evolution and the very plant that is trying to save our evolution. Its like mother nature words whispering through the THC found in the plant that fits perfectly with our brain receptors. And Jah, is the everlasting forces of the universe that which we embodies it into an entity. Cannabis and Curiosity is our only hope for a change in human society. We would be able to find a better harmony using them but of course you could say otherwise. No matter how or what is the solution needed for a paradigm shift, we need it now more than ever to transits into Type 1 Civilization. But why would we need to transits into Type 1 Civilization? Well that is where my theory of Universe being a Brain comes in. We need to survive to a global harmony to pursuit our purpose in the scheme of brain functions that is programmed into the planet that acts like neurons.

Now we have come to the main focus of this article. The Brain. To refresh your memory, this article is about my point of view on the universe and my theory of everything. It is a philosophical understanding using the facts known to man, you could conclude anything from my theory. What I am covering and have covered is my theory that everything in existence revolves around the same basic principles of a brain. That is the basic. In next article we will dwell deeper but for now lets first understand the brain. What is it anyway? Why is it so special? Here some ode to the brain.

The brain is nothing more than an organ of an animals body. It isn't what its made of but rather on the function of it. How this sponge are able to holds so much data which is nothing more that sparks of energy. This spark of energy was that distinguish a multicellular organism from an unicellular organism. It is what make us a living fauna. Another spark of curiosity and we evolved. From the first fish to walk on land to the masterpiece of Edgar Allen Poe. It is all in the mind. Everything we perceive is nothing more than a reflection of the sensory that lights your neurones to create an image of reality. It takes the light fraction of a second to enter our eyes and thus everything we see in a nano-second in the past. In fact the brain and the neuroscience of understanding is is too vast for me to give a proper conclusion here that is why we are moving this topic to the next article.  All I can say here is that everything we know is nothing more that an abstract understanding of the reality. It is all just sparks in our brain. From philosophy to science to arts are all the same thing. An abstract illusion of reality. Thus it is best to use the brain function to understand that the universe is really just in our brain. Because we can never be sure of anything.

This is why I see no difference in anything. Not in race or religion. Not in science or art. They are all just abstract ideas in our mind. It is our human tendency to label and categorize everything and separating the knowledges into group, when in truth its speak only of one thing. Our perspective of the reality. Our inquiry of everything from the tiniest molecules to the vast universe to the feeling and ideas are nothing more that our illusion of the images in our neurones. This is the reality because its the only reality we know. Its an illusion of the reflection of true reality that has become our reality. This is why science is philosophy and the natural way of brain process. Science is not to study a subject with close minded ways but rather to explore in a quest of understanding our illusion. And if i know any better that is exactly what Art is all about. Creativity is the Curiosity medicine from frustrating unanswered questions. Creativity was the origins of labelling the natures as Gods. Creativity is also an enhancement of any theories from the Curiosity. And Curiosity is the drive of Creativity. One cant exist without the other. Art is the exploration and methods to understand the subject of the universe from the illusion of our minds onto a creative medium of an illusion content. Thus we too have to understand that Science is Art and Art is spiritual and Religious. Its all the same source of illusion in our mind.   All of human knowledge is just a Poetry of Reality.

Now, equip with the understanding that science is the poetry of our illusion of reality. But remember its only an illusion on how we perceive it but doesn't mean its not true. Just because that illusion of reality is nothing more than a spark in your brain doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. After all aren't we just a spark in the big brain of the universe? So dont feel small. Dont feel insignificant. Our illusion of reality is nothing more than reflection of a reality that is merely sparks of a gigantic universe brain. It is as real as our imagination which i would further pursuit in the next article on the relation between imagination or dreams with parallel realities. For now lets focus on our main purpose as a thinking civilization to ensure our steps of interconnecting the sparks of life in this universe. Our role as a synapses of a brain.

Attempts are being made and thought up as we speak. Lets journey with Neil Armstrong to the Moon.

Now we all know the history of the space craze was due to political differences in mankind during the Cold War period. Nevertheless it was this same period that mankind have made discoveries and enlightenments of  an epic scale in history of human brain. The landing on the moon is our greatest Trademark and Icon of such great achievements in our knowledge of this universe. Back on earth during this time there was almost epidemic outbreaks of young minds escaping the prejudice ways of thinking in the 60s movement which once again is the work of hallucinogens. I'm talking about the Hippies of course. A new way of living and a whole new philosophy on life which doesn't seem to be that alien from the teaching of Buddha which is also notable that the amount of curiosity for the Eastern philosophy sky rocket during this era. We also see advancement in our artistic works from music of Hendrix and so on. Even understanding of conciousness and the illusion of our reality in our minds are being made with much help from Aldous Huxley, which we will continue with the second article. The moon landing was the symbol of a new age of thinking. Ever since ancient times we have gazed and wished to put our feet onto these orbiting rocks in the outer space. It is no wonder why the politics were fighting for such an achievement. And as said by Neil Armstrong himself, it is a great leap in mankind.

The moon landing sparks millions of young curious mind to question and venture further into understanding the reality. From science and art we were flourishing. It was a sign of our next evolutionary stage. Human being born and programmed by nature to be inquisitive and adventurers. We left the trees and left Africa. We left the land and explore the sea. We left the ground and explore the sky. Now we are exploring planets just as planned by mother earth. It was our purpose. Still is. After the moon, we had dreams and visions of outer space exploration but what happened? Didn't we amazingly believed that we could be travelling to Mars and back by now? Shouldn't we be a Type 1 Civilization by now, isn't that what the moon landing symbolizes?

Like everything in the universe, there is balance. Where there is Matter, there is Anti-Matter. Its the foundation of our universe. Thus is it no surprise with advancement of knowledge there would be a resistance of ignorance. Astoundingly the origin of the resistance towards advancement of knowledge is the misinterpretation of the words of minds that have been touch by the enlightenment of the universe. The very words of Buddha and Abraham, mainly Abraham, that supposedly bring balance in our mind so we could thread the outer space and advance as a human species was used as the very tool against it all. Words of Abraham changed and understood in the perspective of the none curious minds. It is no longer about inquiring and understanding the universe but rather to obey and believe blindly to any indoctrination written by men with a selfish agenda. Muhammad tried to save us but he too was interpreted wrongly by the narrow minds. It isnt a problem is these narrow minds are the minority or even balance with the curious minds but unfortunately these narrow minds are the one holding the power of authority which effects the curious minds. With the indoctrination of obedience to a reality made by an unquestionable deity whom have who authority in the whole universe, it is hard to see curiosity and creativity and bloom from such a pressure of ignorance. Fortunately the words of Abraham do brings out some reminisce of the original truth and thus there is still hope.

Best metaphor I can think of for this phenomena is by using the FORCE from the great Star Wars saga. Both the side of the Force are equivalent to the others. Exact same principle of knowledge of the nature of the Force which flows in all of existence. The only separation is that the Light Side fights for a higher cause and purpose to bring balance and keep the harmony to further advance while the Dark Side focuses on the negative energy of selfish and corrupted values which unites underneath a cause for Destructive nature. Both are the nature of the universe but both need to be in balance so it will forever be in a battle for life in the universe. This concept is true for everything in our own universe. Even in the thinking process of mankind. You can imagine the moon landing as a sign of a union of the world which drives on the help of the Jedi Warrior of Scientist. But evil Emperor Palpatine do sits close to the power of the throne. Using his followers of Sith Lords (anyone who discourage thinking and rationalization) which unlike Star Wars are larger in number compared to the Jedis. Thus imaginary conflicts are created to distract our attention from the main agenda of the Darkside. Conflicts that only stagnant the progress of human advancement of thinking. The clone wars could be seen as the wars between religions. And here we are at the crossroad. Science and Reason needs the triumph that unites everything under a single theory that could overpower the religious aspect of blind faith.  That triumph is the Chosen One. As we see in history even Abraham could be misread. Thus this Chosen One too would be a triumph for the ignorances of mankind. It is how the Chosen One choose to favour his Theory of Everything on. This is why I truly believe that Anakin Skywalker is among us. He or she has to be.

Now before you go thinking I am a crazy fanatic of Lucas's Star Wars, which i am but I am merely using this pop culture as a metaphor for the things in the universe right now. Anakin Skywalker could easily be changed to the second coming of Jesus Christ, or the rebirth of Krishna or Horus. It is pretty much a symbol of the next great mind who would unite us under a peaceful union or destroys our very foundation. Though its often seen as a male gender of the species but it could be easily female as well. Why do i believe such a person exist right now? What evidence can I back for such a claim? I Dont really know. I guess after understanding the informations i have gathered about the Mayan calendar on the topic of 2012 and countless other predictions, I concluded that it isn't the end of the world but rather a transition of the worlds. Native Americans knew something instinctively through spiritual connection which we could call the Force and have a profound feeling that a change would come around these years. And yet again one could argue here that almost in every century the population of the earth and all its belief have always stated the impending doom of transition from one world to the other and the coming of the Chosen One. Even Matrix have Neo. And in Neo, I believe that this mindset of hopeful thinking have always been in human culture and will continue to exist further into the future. Just like the Matrix that states Neo as the 6th generation of the Chosen One, it is safe to say that on our reality there have been plenty of Chosen One who have led our human society to transits from one world to the other even if just in a small manner. Thus I conclude this whole ordeal and see that the next Chosen One, whether its Neo or Anakin Skywalker, will ensure our transition into a Type 1 Civilization of Planetary Equilibrium or self destruct into a planetary suicide.

As this year passes by the events are getting even more and more crucial as we move even further into the climax of our current civilization. Mars the next steps of Space Exploration and our natural purpose as a spark in the Brain of the Universe. At the same time, in the Quantum world which I rarely mention, the next logical steps for to serve the purpose of a self-reflecting Star's Concious is to truly explore the Quantum World. And this year, the year 2012 we are advancing with landing of Mars rover's Curiousity and the acknowledgement of the Higgs Boson particles which though anyone really cares enable scientist to further discover many more facts in the Quantum aspect.

We as a human being have the power to use the Force for great things or the worst sins. Even nature could respect the recent lost of Neil Armstrong with the coincidental Blue Moon sighted on the night of his funeral. It is as if mother nature paying tribute to a man who should have been the birth of Type 1 Civilization. But now with his death, we are in desperate need for a new hero.

So perhaps we dont need the Chosen One after all, maybe all we need is an enlightenment. A simplified understanding of everything. We only need to believe in ourself not only as an individual or a human race but as apart of the planet and the stars.To truly reflect upon one's existence and finding a logical and balance diet of every knowledge known to man with the addition of imagination. We cannot discard any informations or understanding but rather accept and make our own minds and ideology. From the birth of the cosmos, to the accumulation of the basic building particles to give birth to stars that debris create planets which with the right circumstances of chemical reactions will results in the tiniest bricks of DNA. From there it builds into an organisms which accumulated to create a multi-cellular organism and some plays the role of the flora and some the fauna. As animals begin to emerge in a more complex body system so does the sparks of the brains. After years of programmed sparks, a stray sparks of neurons emerge to give curiosity to the animals and brought unto the next phase of the evolutionary show. From there it was a beautiful show of Life and Death. From the same spark of curiosity drives the primates forward in evolution and took them down from the trees. From there the sparks and interconnections of thoughts are build and strengthened through time. With a little help from Mother Nature's hallucinogenic chemicals of plants, the brain of the species is further expand. With curiosity rooted in its brain system, these apes covered the entire planet and thus evolving further into civilizations. From there the history took place as the brain neurons are better informed with new understanding thus creating a stronger urge to fully comprehend nature. With advancement in thinking and knowledge so does the advancement of tools and technology.  All this instructed by the hands of probabilities and desire of the universe and mother nature to inter-connect its planetary lifeforms into civilizations on a galactic scale while follows the same basic principle as the first spark of life. Thus in theory, the universe and reality is nothing more than a gigantic brain that is constantly battling to keep balance on the forces of positive and negative.

But wait there is many more we dont know about the brain and neuroscience, which in turn could change everything we know about reality. This is something i wish to venture in the next article. All this information that have been presented on this article is a simplified and summarized to a style that would be easier to understand and comprehend. If you do wish to further inquire on one of the aspect then I do suggest a personal research on the topics to be done. Contact me for assistance of referencing links or recommendation of books to read but the journey must be taken by yourself. After all that is the main objective of this article, to make you think again. Everything here is nothing more than my perspective and my theory of everything that summarize all the basic knowledge that i have gather this whole year. Believe it or not doesnt matter much to me. For even if it is only true in my mind it is still a reality. It is only my philosophy and nothing more. I offer no truth but rather questions. READ and understand. Balance the negative and positive of the universe. Remember we are stardust everything in the universe is in us. The FORCE will always be with you.

So best to leave you with this video of Yoda. Who will tell you to calm yourself down from the doubts and all your understanding and just meditate for a second to feel the force of the universe around us and let our hearts decide the troubles of the mind.

Twilight is upon me once again. It took me nearly 12 hours to summarize this whole informations and type it out. Doing the diets of coffee and cigarettes, i knew that this aint enough but for now it will be satisfactory. Further updates and amendments would be made, after all I am still just a growing mind in the universe. Till we meet again my fellow Imagineers.

Part 2 :

Theory of Everything : Symphony of Existence - 

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