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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Theory of Everything : Symphony of Existence

Best to read this first -

Theory of Everything : The Basics :

Hi there, calm your mind to this music before reading. Watch the video or just listen to it as a background sound, its fine by me. Its just to spark your creativity brain waves...

(PS : She is a ballerina who loved Russian Literature then studied Neuroscience in university before dropping out to pursuit her musical career. Since she would definitely have some understanding of Neuroscience and this article do speak mostly in the brain, I thought it was appropriate to use a creatively curious mind's interpretation of the Symphony of Reality as our relaxation music. )

 When I last left you. You were contemplating the immense of information that is tangled with spiritual rationalization and facts that gives more questions than answers. I did too left you with the responsibility of the human race's purpose as a species of mother earth but yet stated that you are nothing more than stardust thus the need of having a purpose is only a illusion of our perspective of reality. I left you wondering aimlessly in the neurons of the brains and the probability of the quantum world. Then I relate all this backed to the balance of forces in the universe by using The Force as analogy. But you were definitely confused if you weren't exposed to this knowledge before and those who understood what is being told clearly would be frustrated with my point of view that often pessimistic of the human race. Nevertheless, I left you feeling that even if you are just a spark in the brain of the universe, you're little actions can still count. Finally I concluded that there is some sort of battles between two opposing energy to find balance in the universe in which we are connected even to the style of thinking. I left you wondering.

Now is the time, i will explain as much as possible on everything said in the previous article with a deeper insight and detailed theoretical ideas of my perspective on the knowledge presented in the video, Athene's Theory Of Everything. Now imagine everything you learn in high school was nothing more that the primary level of knowledge on the universe, the last article in some sense is the middle school trying to inter-connects those knowledge in a wider scope of understanding which was barely scratching the surface. In this article, it would be like the High School of these understanding. A more detailed informations and more philosophical vision of the universe but without bringing out every aspect of the subjects of knowledge. Thus after this article there would another that can be seen as my conclusion which hopefully can inspire others to dwell deeper to the knowledge of man further than I did. Hopefully, what I will present can give you an idea or strive to understand the Theory of Everything in your perspective. I will try to ensure to cover as much aspect of the important knowledge that is highlighted by Michio Kaku.

The documentary below us will continue our journey and unlike the article before this where there was plenty of videos to transits from one point to another here we only have one video. Thus, you can first watch the whole 49 minutes 31 seconds long video first and then read and recap the information or you could just read my words and watch the video as requested in each segment of the article. Meaning, dude you can watch it and read or You read and where I say watch video from 1.00 - 3.00, Thats where you watch and stop as requested. I will too try to make it brief and simplified to easier understand but without losing vital understandings.

Fell free to watch the first 0.00 till 1.15.

Chapter 1 : God is in the Neuron

 Duration : 1.27 -  2.53

The Brain. An organ that hold one hundredth billions neurones that functions as a network of sparks of energy interconnecting and carrying information of our human life. From the sensory organs of sight, touch, taste, sound and smell that sends an electric waves of informational energy that unites in our brain to give an awareness and reflection of the world surrounding us. Thus, every different experience of our actions creates a pathway of these informational energy through different neural connections that enables different emotions. Therefore, depending on which particular neurons in our brain that we stimulate regularly will result in a better and more efficient  neural connections of these informational energies. Subsequently, those neurons that are lest stimulated would be weaker in time. This actions of strengthening and ignoring certain neurons and the neural connection is known as Neuroplasticity or Cortical Remapping. This remapping of the pathways of synapses and neural connections is due to the surrounding environments and also the actions and choicest we make. With this understanding, we are able to understand how skills and knowledge are transferred and interpreted in the brain. Thus, enabling the wide world of possibilities of boundless skills that we could learn through training and repetition of that stimulant. This is also the very same principle on how our emotions resilience and rationality works. So if one is emotionally depressed it is his own doing because of the stimulants of choice that triggers the depressants energy of the mind. He chose that particular pathways of neural connection and thus strengthening it. Same is found in the principle of Creativity and Curiosity.

This is the fundamental mechanism of the Brain. Thus being self concious of our brain is needed to fully understand our experiences in this reality of the universe.

Part 1 : Social Neuroscience

 Duration : 2.50 -  6.20

Neuron - A specific cell that acts as a transferring body for the nerve impulses of informational spark of energy

Synapse - The tiny space of separation between two nerve fibres.

Neurotransmitter - A chemical substance that interacts with a specific nerve impulse from the neuron that is released in the synapses of the brain. Depending on the informations of the nerve impulse, the neurotransmitter would in some sense guide the energy by diffusing the proper chemical at the right path of synapse connection.

Neuroplasticity is to constraint to the balance of chemicals substances in the brain. The more frequent the sparks of nerve impulses transmitting their informational energy to the synapses the greater the release chemicals in the mind. Thus in some sense we are all addicted to repetition of releasing these chemicals. Thus, when an individual with a strong Neuroplasticity of an idea or some sort of knowledge that the individual have grown a sense of believe and dependant on, when this idea is felt threatened from influence of others, the neurotransmitter would release chemicals to trigger a defensive state of mind. Thus, when debates of ideology and knowledge occurs and the individual feels confronted and triggers chemicals that tries to argue and ensure the validity of that knowledge. These same exact chemicals were also responsible for our survival in a dangerous situation.

Therefore, in this situation once individual reached a state where his ideas are vulnerable, his neurotransmitter would have reached the maximum tolerance of the chemicals and falls into the defensive state of mind. During this defences of his ideology, the primitive segment of the brain would interfere with rational thinking and the limbic system which would knock out most of the working memories of the brain. Thus in this state of defence, that individual is literally and physically narrow-minded. We see this happening everyday especially in the candidates as we moves nearer to political voting seasons. Using the tactics of fear trying to tarnish the competitors good names and ideology so you would vote for them. Even if your knowledge and ideology is the truth, the brain would have a hard time processing it during this defensive state of mind. This is all due the neurons at their neural level reaction to harmless opinion as a threat even if that opinion could be beneficial or rationally agree.

But when our perspective and ideas are accepted, acknowledge or even appreciated, the defensive chemical is reduced and the neurotransmitter would then reward  the neurons by increasing the chemical substances of Dopamine which add self-confidence and empowering our self-esteem. Whether the knowledge is based on truth or not, such an acceptance of a belief would profoundly impact our body chemistry. This is why placebo works. This is why religion is nothing more that the placebo of belief system that science can now replace. This feeling of acceptance belief that increase Dopamine's self esteem is closely linked to the neurotransmitter of Serotonin. Which with the lack of this would result in Depression of isolation that have the tendency of Destructive behaviour of Suicide. Thus, this is why social interactions is highly valued and this is the hard wiring of our evolution to create us as a Social species. Validations and the acceptance of others would increase the Dopamine and Serotonin (the happy chemical and the factory), and thus removing emotional fixations or better know as Shyness and boost the self-awareness of our concious mind.

This is the reason, why we as a human species is dying to find another self concious and intellectual organism in this universe in order to converse and add greater validations of all our knowledge of the universe. It is the driving force for the space exploration. And where I once said, it our purpose given from the earth is now seen as a purpose given by ourself. Which we will see how it conclude to my theory that we are the conciousness of Mother Earth, Gaia.

Before we venture further, I would like to explain a bit further on why I keep referring this planet earth as Mother Gaia.  She is the thin spherical shell of land and water between the incandescent interior of the Earth and the upper atmosphere surrounding it. The interacting tissue of living organisms which over four billion years has come to inhabit it, which is including us humans. Thus, everything living on earth is part of the earth. Gaia is the entity we have used to embodies the sanctity of life on planet earth. But we Dont worship Gaia as a deity. Gaia is a metaphor for the living earth and the notions of the earth being alive has a long history. Gods and Goddess of the ancient world were seen to embody specific elements of the earth as well as the forces of the universe, (sounds like Buddha) but ever since the dawn of one god religions, (thank you, Abraham) this idea had been seen as a blasphemy and a work of the devil. Giordano Bruno was burnt at stake just over 400 years ago for mentioning and maintaining that the Earth was alive and that the other planets could be so too.

With the proper amount of curiosity and creativity such as Leonardo Da Vinci, we could view it with a different understand. Da Vinci saw the human body as a microcosm of the earth and the earth as the macrocosm of the human body. Just like how we humans are the macrocosm of the tiny elements of life such as bacteria, parasites, viruses and many more which often at war with each other and together they made up more than our body cells. If these micro organisms continue fighting among each other and using our body as a battlefield without any limitations our body would be seriously ill, so will the Earth. James Lovelock brought together the idea of earth as a self-regulating system which the geologist James Hutton wrote in 1785 and the idea of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky which states the functioning of the biosphere as a geological force which creates a dynamic disequilibrium which turn to promote the diversity of life. He combined the two ideas into one hypothesis which is known as Gaia in 1972. He states that the earth system behaves as a single, self-regulating system comprised of physical, chemical, biological, and human components. The interactions and feedbacks between the component parts are complex and exhibit multi-scale temporal and spatial variability. In simpler words, our actions will affect the planet and her reactions will affect our civilisation and our reaction will affect the planet and so on.

Thus, we are seeing our connection to the chemicals of the planet which are debris of stars from the universe. We are forever bound to Gaia due to the compositions of our basic building blocks of life and even if we do venture into another planet, we would forever call Gaia our home and our mother. The neurones in your brain are the same basic chemicals of the early earth. So in a sense, our nerve impulses are also due to the energy of the planet. In the grand scheme of my Theory of Everything and how the Universe could be seen as a Brain, this understanding of how the process of Neurons and the journey of nerve impulses of Informational Energy could be used as the foundation of our relation to the universe. Our intelligence and self conciousness is nothing more than the same exact energy of the earth and our brain. And as human civilization makes contact with other Concious Civilization out in the space, we can state that the planets acts like the Neuron (protein-based cell0 and we are the Informational Energy. Thus concreting some base for my theory that our conciousness is the concious of mother Gaia. But what is Conciousness?

Part 2 : Mirror Neurons and Conciousness 

 Duration : 6.21 - 10.28

As understood, the importance of social validation in our brain is due to our evolutionary code as a social animal. Thus, social psychology would label this human desire and needs to fit into a social norm as 'Normative Social Influence'. As our young mind slowly grow and mature, our entire moral and ethical compass that we value is nearly all based on the corresponding environments. Thus every actions we take is due to the values set and accepted by the society. In fact we can see in growing kids, when the kids see such actions and behaviour is being performed by  an individual  and tolerated by society. They will duplicate these exact same actions and behaviours in order to achieve acceptance and validations which would boost our self-esteem. This is the foundation of Albert Bandura's Theory of Social and Observational Learning, which studied the duplication of actions in kids that was exposed to tolerated bad behaviours. Here is a link on further studies of this theory which I wrote awhile back ago :

To understand the psychological aspect of this human behaviour, we have to understand deeper on this phenomena from the neuroscience view. Thus neuroscience is the understanding of the psychological perspective of an individual and it changes they way we understand the meaning of Culture and Identity. Recent neurological discovery shed light to a Mirror Neuron that secretes Empathetic feelings.  This Empathetic Mirror Neurons is the pathways of witnessing actions and adding Neuroplasticity of the same basic chemicals of actually performing the actions.  This sympathetic neuron is our connection to other individuals in understanding the thoughts and emotion of others. This is true not only for actions but emotions and imaginations as well. When we read a book about a character going through emotional stages of life, we too feel the emotions being imagined in the literature. This is due to the Empathetic Mirror Neurons that triggers the exact same chemicals of the neurotransmitter of actually experiencing that emotion. This system allows us to self-reflect. It is this system that we can build an idea of our identity.

But our Empathetic self-reflecting Mirror Neurons doesn't know the difference between itself and others. Meaning that everything you read about the character in a book, the neuron wouldn't be able to tell apart from  your genuine experience and a fictional experience. Thus is why social validation plays an important role in the process of Self-Reflecting.  But the battle between how we perceive ourself and how the society   perceive us creates a confusion in terms of understanding our Identity and thus effecting the Self-esteem. Brain scan shows also how we could feel this negative emotion even before it happens. When the information that we hold about ourself is shown different in the view of others which the brain could instinctively predicts, it can change the understanding of our identity. How can our brain predicts such a point of view of other is based on our Empathetic Mirror Neurons as we try to understand our corresponding company. (7.11)

Thus, to balance this confusion in one's perspective of Identity, its essential to be self-aware of these understanding and its relation to ourself. Being aware of it can alter the misplaced emotions by controlling the thoughts that causes them.  Being self-aware and choosing the thoughts that controls the chemicals would result in labelling of neurochemicals onto these memories so it would be easier to retrieve from the storage of protein synthesis process. Thus being self-aware drastically changes the way how the brain works by the strengthening our Neuroplasticity of Rationality and Emotional Resilience. This path of the informational energy follows the Neo-Cortical Region (Neocortex) of the brain and activating a self-regulating system by jut being self-observant.

Being in the state of absent minded or lack of self-awareness leads to impulsive behaviours. Impulsive behaviours often leads to regretful results. Our absent mindedness that creates an instinctively frustrating feeling of not making concious choicest would lead to the brain creating explanations and fictional reasons to justify our behaviours. This action will physically rewriting our memories through Memory Re-consolidation, thus making us belief we were in control of our actions. This is often called as Backward Rationalization and can left negative feelings unresolved and ready to explode at any time. This adds a constant fuel of confusion in our Brain as we trying to cope with justifying our irrational behaviours.

So what does all this mean? What is Conciousness? Is it the Mirror Neuron? Is it the balance of Social Validations and Self-Reflect? No and yes. All this complex and almost schizophrenic nature of our chemical and informational energies or simply subconscious behaviour and in addition with the corresponding environment and social validations would results in a beautiful collage of experiences  There is no specific centre of Conciousness in this vast interconnecting system and the appearance of unity is in fact just all these different functions in the brain operating at the same time. Our daily experience are constantly changing our Neuroplasticity or Neural Connections that will effect in physical terms, thus altering the network of system in our brain that we call Concious. Our brain is forever in motion as so our understanding of reality.

Any direct changes to these networks in the brain would have severe changes in the perception of reality, thus changing the paradigm of an individual conciousness. Even if one is using and fully functioning with one side of the brain, that person will have a different perspective and conciousness than those who uses both half of their brain. The problem is those with only one half will never notice there is any difference because using one side of the brain is their conciousness thus their reality. Thus this can be used as a metaphor for life,   we as a human being in order to fully understand any subject have to look at both side of the brain in order to form a conclusive understanding. We cant focus mainly on the left brain, into Art and Religion, without using informations from the right brain of Science and Reality. We cant have abstract understanding without sort ground of evidence. If one only look into one side of the brain, one would be skewed and close minded of the bigger scheme of life.

Part 3 : God is in the Neurons

 Duration : 10.30 - 12.59

Each neurons in the human brain carries an energy of information which can be named as voltage. This voltage varies from the different ions in and our of the cells like a specific informations code. Once a neuron voltage reach a certain level, it repeats the process through out the entire brain. The almost simultaneous firing of these neuron voltage at the same time is as early stated as Conciousness of the Mind and can be measured in the form of Waves. The Brainwaves of the Conciousness and the Sub conciousness of the Mind, which  pretty much includes everything from memory to intelligence. The Oscillation of the Brainwaves at different Frequency can be categorized at different level, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The graph diagram below shows a the different stages of the Frequency and their corresponding to our Conciousness.

The height of the Brain's Conciousness of an optimal Neurons connections is only achieved when the activities and informations in the neural stages are synchronized. This is why when we are given two contradictory information or Ideas at the same time, we are easily frustrated due to the Cognitive Dissonance caused in our brain. Our actions and wills in everyday life is to reduce Dissonance between two ideas and between each of our neural circuit by trying to make sense of all the contradicting informations.

With this understanding, we can state that our Mother Earth, Gaia is a planet-level Brain System and the years of evolution of life (voltage of planet-level brain) adapting to the surrounding to accumulate the information to a point of self-aware organism that is able to ponder upon itself. And here is where the cognitive dissonance of the human mind comes in with the paradox of human existence and the vast universe.  Like stated in the article before, the idea of God came from the very individual who was mostly in touch with his surrounding by using Curiosity as a tool, while those he cant answer using Science are given the Creative Religion explanation of Gods. Creativity and Curiosity can cause Cognitive Dissonance if the individual view it as two opposing sides. When that individual finally realize it is the same thing, thus the conflict can be solve.  Before we move on forward, lets just take a time to listen to Douglas Adams.

Part 4 :

Duration : 13.00 - 21.00

The left cerebral hemisphere of the brain is responsible for making sense of all the information known in a coherent understanding of a belief system. This coherency of the information is the cause of the feeling of continuity of our daily experiences which adds the new information of the activities into the pre-existing informations. Any information doesn't fit into the belief system is denied. Like everything else in the universe, there would also be a yin and yang. The right cerebral hemisphere of the brain will counter-balance these belief system by constantly challenging the status quo of the preserved model of the information. If the right side of the brain do its purpose the belief system will be in a need of revision. If the left brain is too strong to deny. The balance of both hemisphere of the brain is needed in order to continue the health of the mind. The overall conclusion from the vast amount of informations that counter-balances each other with the experiences of our mirror neuron will leads to this collage that we know as conciousness.

The neural synergies of our oscillating conciousness or best known as Frequency of our Brainwaves, is more than just the result of cerebral hemisphere interacting electro-chemically. As we know before all that voltage and waves are the result of the earth, thus it is safe to say that our brain is interconnecting among species and our environment. This at the very least are connected through the mirror neuron that allows us to perceive ourself through the eyes of others. Through the evolving stages of human mind, we have strengthen our collective abilities on recalling on memories and information allowing our Neo-Cortical region to modulate our primitive instinct and hedonistic impulses. Thus our selfish genes have promoted the reciprocal  social behaviours and we evolve from survival of the fittest to the survival of the tribe. An individual is fully at his bliss moment, when the brain is fully coherent with perfect blending of the new regions of the brain with the primitive's region. Thus, the idea of selfish tendency is nothing more than our natural instinct when it is seen in the right context, and those that we think is human behaviours are nothing more than our flawed paradigm of the identity of a human being. Our Identity as a human being are nothing more than a momentary expression of an ever changing unity with no centre.

This belief system in the psychological aspect, allows the individual to fully be self-aware and self-reflect without attachment to the imagined identity or the physical body. Thus this truly allows one to be truly clear of his mental state and allows him to be in the moment. Which would make a Jedi easier to feel the Force around him. This understanding of the brain and conciousness that is connected to the earth is a far better replacement for the tradition thinking that our moral and ethical behaviours can only be established by some sort of narrative guidance. With the understanding of the fact that Imaginary Identity which we so often think its our conciousness is nothing more than accumulations of the energy that originates from the Earth would be a fresh start from the long neural modelling of the Imaginary Individualistic Nature that is obsessed with labelling. The practice of labelling is not properly monitored would constrain our own neurochemicals process and experience a deluded disconnection to the environment. We cannot allowed labelling of imaginary individualistic boundaries to separate us from each other as a species or from the one of Mother Earth children. We have to break free from this mind set in order to fully understand the Grand Scheme of Everything.

Chapter 2 : The Grand Scheme of Things

Duration :  21.30 - 25.00

As we know from Einstein theory of Relativity that space and time are interconnected. Where there is light there will be space. Quantum physic on the other hand is an abstract understanding of the universe in details mathematical formulations. The elementary particles are the basic building blocks of the universe. They are the particle that everything in existence in this universe is made of. The quantum world is the minimum unit of measurement of the particles, thus the quantum world holds a very different reality form ours. Many interpretation have been assumed by great minds but it is yet to be proven.

 Part 1 : De Broglie's Equation

Duration :  25.01 - 29.00

There are essential questions that needed to be answered in order to fully understand the nature of the universe. Here are some of them :

- Why is there more observable matter than anti-matter in the universe?
- What is the nature of the arrow of time?
- What is the origin of mass?

De Broglie's Equation is a key to answering these questions. His formula states that all matter has a wave/particle duality. Meaning there are moment that it behave as a waves and others as a particle. This formula Einstein's famous formula with the quantized world of energy. The fact that our conciousness are also  quantized particles which can be seen by its Frequency of Brainwaves solidify my statement that our conciousness is the universe's conciousness. Though unlike mystical theories, I do not believe that the relationship between the quantum mechanic of the universe and our conciousness is magical to the point of unreasonable beliefs but I do solely belief that we can somehow listen to the universe by using our knowledge of the universe. As De Broglie's Equation is applied to all matter then we can established that :

C = hf

C : Conciousness
h  : Constant of planck (physical constant reflecting the sizes of energy quanta inquantum mechanics. )
f  :  Frequency

C or our Conciousness is the experience of now, a quantized unit of an interaction. All the sums of moments up to C is our memories and shapes our concept of life and reality. Thus all the ideas and knowledge of our human civilization is nothing more than abstract construction of C. The equation also shows that the rate at which matter or energy fluctuates into waves or a particle is relative to the Frequency of the frame of reference. Space and Time are properties of the Quanta. Easy way to explain this is by thinking that the rate of fluctuation of matter or energy as Frequency and the frame of reference would be our ear. We can only hear a few range of Frequency, those with the a more consistent beat will moves faster while those that are have long pause beat will moves slower.

 Part 2 : Anti-Matter & Unperturbed Time

Duration :  29.01 - 32.45

We know now that Matter and Anti-Matter are simultaneously created at the same time. And when they both merge there would be an immense explosion of energy would be release proportional to their mass. They would annihilate each other. Meson is something that can switch from one side to the other.  Thus, in the quantum perspective every instance of C (conciousness) there is an anti-C . This can be used to explain the missing Anti-Matter in the universe due to the arbitrary choice of emitter and absorber. In the uncertainty principle, the unperturbed time is the required time or cycle for quanta to exist. Similar to Meson, our perspective of time or the interval of current moments reach a threshold when C is cancelled out by the anti-C. Our conciousness's (C) interpretation of this self-annihilating moment is framed with the abstract arrow of time.

Like i said before, quantum worlds is diving into madness. Thus, i leave you with only a simple conclusion to this part. In the fundamental basic component for existence, there is matter and anti-matter that balances each other out. The time taken for matter to exist and to annihilate with the anti-matter is the interval time of current moment of reality.

 Part 3 : Theory of Everything

Duration :   32.45 - 49.31

Everything is nothing more than abstract, thus is its best to used De Broglie's Equation to substitute and try to bridge the gap between the two world of Quantum and Universe.

a) Quanta & Continuity
- The equation shows how all reference frame are quantized in every energy and matter that and their motion of fluctuation can be as a Frequency. Anti-matter and Matter are everywhere. The paradox of how reality can exist from the abstract building blocks of the universe that is constantly annihilating each other can only be explain by using these quanta as a frame of reference. (Looking through the eyes of the photon.) Like said before the increase or decrease of the particles in spacetime would result in the probability amplitude of the waves function in Einstein's time dilation.  From a quantized point of view, mass and energy is nothing more than abstract probability. Overall of what this section is trying to point out is that mass, energy, gravity, space and time is nothing more than the effects of ever-changing and fluctuating of the quanta in everything in existence in universe reacting and responding to one another.

b) Quantum Superposition
 - In quantum world, space and time doesn't exist, thus the quanta can exist in everywhere is space and time. This is the quantum superposition. Time or continuity of existence is nothing more than an abstract algorithm of the pattern that the quanta's probability. Meaning, if the probability of a quanta is C , then the information needed to describe the moment of C is what embodies Time.

c) Time
- Like said before is nothing more than abstract idea that we human as develop to comprehend the changing of the events. My theory will look further into this matter and try to rationalize a new temporal mapping of the Universe. The video by now is actually getting repetitive and completely boring references for me but useful for those who doesn't know.

d) Neurological Implications
- Here we found out that most actions we took are before we are even Concious of it. Here we found out like the universe our brain are programmed with the probabilities of the quantum world. The universe is a brain and the brain is a universe. Thus, by understanding this we could relate ourself and connect ourself to the universe.

Athene's Theory of Everything does unify many knowledge but it is still on going. The very next part of this article would be my very own theory of everything. Taking where he left off.

My Theory of Everything

Before you read, understand that my theory has no proper calculation of mathematics formula. It is just my own abstract understanding of the universe and my own effort to make sense of it all. I will use as much scientific reference and researched details but either than that it is neither true or false. It is just a probability of the nature of the universe. But before I go on, maybe we should listen the ourself and self reflect everything we have learned. Reflect ourselves as a planet. Gaia, Earth.

Beautiful isn't it? Our city lights on this planet looks like the galaxies clustering above us in the vast Universe. At the same time our city lights on this planet looks just like the sparks of neurons charging up and down inside our very own Brain. Gaia's green lights of Aurora guides our path to awe and inspiring millions of new ideas and understanding. We are the reflection of the universe above and the projection of the neurons in us. We are blessed in standing at the middle of them seeing this cosmic relation. Appreciate and value our short moment of existence but dont be deluded with grandeur. Be humble we must to these beings of the universe that we have no control over. We are just a spark in the mirror neuron of this planet-level brain which in turn is just a spark in the mirror neuron of the universe-level brain. And if we look deep into our brain we see that the real spark in our neuron is nothing more than the fluctuation of quanta that measures in waves of frequency. And our that quanta is the same quanta found everywhere else in the universe reacting the same sort of way. Effecting everything from spacetime and perspective of reality. True we our actions will do very little damage on the universe but our effects do ripple even in the most minimum amount. But wait a minute, that means everything is all goes back to the probability of the quanta but we dont know much about quanta. We barely scratch that surface. And what about the expanding universe and the Big Bang, are they really true? Is this the only universe, is there a multi-verse? What about parallel reality? Maybe we have to ask someone help for this. Michio Kaku perhaps?

(This video is outdated. We already found the Higgs Boson. Hooray for science! Hahhaa...

Just one more..

Dude, Michio Kaku is so damn epic. You just cant take your eyes away from what he is saying. I remember watching his documentary on string theory when I was 12 or 13 years old, been madly in love with string theory ever since. Basically the string theory states that in every quantum particle or atoms are all made of vibrating strings. No matter what particle or forces its all made of vibrating strings. The different vibration of these strings will result different variation of quanta and the fluctuation of the quanta. Which then results everything else of course. These different vibration of these strings are the results of probabilities it could vibrate into. Thus stating that the universe is nothing more than a cosmic symphony of various music and rhythms. That we are nothing more than melodies. (Here is my extension or version of this theory.) And for the sake of not messing up your minds further, lets say we measure the symphony of the universe using Frequency of the music. Meaning our universe lies in one Frequency.  We as a human being are like radio of the universe, we are in tune to the symphony of the universe but like a radio we are limited to a range of frequency. And these different range of the frequency are the dimensions. We are only able to perceive in three dimension with an easy imagining of the 4 dimension. And our knowledge and understanding using our abstract measurement of physic and mathematics only able to comprehend the ranges of 11 dimension with tempting of 12 dimension. In truth there are millions other dimension which are actually multi-verse. Imagine one universe is only in one dimension and we are actually currently perceiving in 3 dimensional universe with easy understanding of the 4th. Wild and crazy idea to think that we are actually living in 3 universe at once, huh. Well not really because this three universe we actually perceive as one. See its all an optical illusion. Like how you are seeing this one dimensional media in two and sometimes 3dimensional perspective of it. Its the same shit.

(Here some background music.)

Confused yet? Maybe it will be easier if I start at the beginning of it all in my perspective. Beginning of not only our universe but every other multi-verse. Lets just imagine, these strings are the basic fundamental of all quanta in every possible universe as well. And it is in the very essence of the multi-verse complex. All these strings in the multi-verse complex come from one origin of singular source. But unlike the big bang theory of expanding universe, the beginning of the multi-verse is simultaneous and instant. Once there was nothing then there is every possible probabilities of the strings which in turns creates every probabilities of universes. The perfect analogy to describe this is like turning on and off the Television. When its off no lights is on screen, nothing exist. Then we on the television, and every pixel of the screen lights up. And though a television takes a mini-second time for the Television's screen to lights up but in the beginning of existence of the multi-verse was instant. And each pixel of the screen is every possible probability of universes according to the vibration of the string.

There is no space or time in the multi-verse complex. The term multi-verse complex is only an imaginary idea of labelling these universes into a category because in truth all of them are one instant. Thus the idea of layered multi-verse to separate when in truth we are all in one, other universes and reality is right behind that floating dust particle but we will never see. Now lets just imagine for the sake of standardizing the connection between these universes in this multi-verse complex is like a Brain. A Multi-verse level Brain and these universes are like neurons that contain a single Frequency of the possible vibration of Strings which we will measure by waves of Frequency. In each Frequency of Universe is like a Brain where the Galaxies acts like neurons carrying sparks of possible living planets and each planets acts like a brain where the life is like neurons carrying intelligences and self-reflecting conciousness of the Frequency of the Universe. Like stated before, every dimension is its own universe but how does that fit in this Brain/Frequency theory? Lets just imagine that our Frequency of our Universe is Freq 23.5. Now our perception of the universe is actually in three dimension, Meaning we are seeing Universe Freq 23.51/2/3. The other universes or dimension that our scientific understanding and mathematical abstract understanding can view only 11 dimension. But that means we barely even out of the Frequency 23. If we could perceive the universe in 11 dimension it would only be as far as Frequency 23.511. Because anything else outside of it is very alien to our understanding. Even at Frequency 23.11 would be a very weird reality in comparison. We are not a hyper-dimensional being. That is our only range of understanding of the frequency for now.

Every parallel universes/realities/dimensions are inter-connected in the multi-verse complex. Whether its by black-hole or wormholes or even by using our dreams. Thats right our dreams are also connected to these parallel realities. Example your Concious mind reality's Frequency is 23.539(^ thousand)1 and when you dream you travel into copies of your self in parallel reality of universe at your copy Concious mind reality's Frequency is 23.539(^ thousand)2 but then when you wake you will have to return. Same goes with learning you in minimum about jumping reality trying to build sanity another level of frequency as we learn about the universe. Most of human is only living in the range of 23.531 up till 23.539. All our imagination of the possibilities that our brain can come up with is in the vast but yet minuscule range or 23.01 till 23.539. Trying to push our perception into a 4th dimension and perhaps beyond. Remember in every decimal point of the Frequency there is a reality just like ours but slightly different. For bigger significant changes such as perhaps we were silicon based animals instead of carbon is perhaps at Frequency 26.

The Range of Frequency that we could understand is only 11 dimension even that we are trying to comprehend the craziness of it. Our daily actions and thinking do creates other universes and reality but in the most minimal range of the decimals in the Frequency. Just because our range of understanding the Frequency is 11 but the range of Frequency that we could survive to be alive would be far greater. That is depend on the Range of Frequency our body is able to cope. The Range of Frequency is the range of probabilities of realities or universes that we can exist or even survive in. Lets just imagine the Range of  Frequency for Life too exist is 42. To even jump from Universe/ reality/dimension of Frequency 23.5 to Frequency 24 would be very hard. It would be like waking up to a complete different reality through concious swapping with a copy of our physical body. Dont like to travel in mystical way? No problem, all you have to do is fully rearrange the symphony of your strings to blend into the frequency of choice. It is the only way your physical body would exist in the new reality. Transition maybe discomforting. This is why my theory would state that Super Massive Blackhole is a connection between this different Frequency 23 and 22 and others. Through the Blackhole our very strings would be rearrange to fit the new symphony, but doesn't necessarily means we would survive. The changing of the Frequency in Strings if its that drastic as from 23 to 22, the process would often destroy the structure of the atoms and spits our a new materials of elements on the other end that is in tune with the symphony of that universe. We would dissolve into strings again and the process reunite at the other end. The only way to survive is to control your string to ensure they reunite the same structure but blending into the new vibe.

This idea of controlling the strings vibration to jump universe/reality/dimension is at the very heard of Douglas Adam's Infinite Improbability Drive on the Hearts of Gold in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The Infinite Improbability Drive calculates the probability and the improbability of the strings of Universes and allows the ship and the occupants to transits into different universes without too much discomfort. Even if the Infinite Improbability Drive is program to count and travel to any probabilities of the strings, it will still limits itself to a certain Range of Equations where the program itself could actually exists. We stated that Wormhole connects two different Frequency of Universes but what about wormhole? Wormholes are only connecting the universes/dimensions in that Frequency 23, Thats why we could use them to cut through space and time it would still be in Freq 23 so we only bending the strings and symphony a little bit, thus we would most likely can travel through wormholes given the right equipment. Basically wormhole connects from Freq 23.0 till Freq 23.99. Remember time is also the apart of the Frequency thus travelling through time is the same as travelling across Frequency but its in the fourth dimension which we so often think is time when in reality is just another parallel universe thus deleting the Grandfather paradox because we actually jumping through reality, in truth you will never return back to the same Frequency of Reality before your time travelling ever again due to the experience. You could only travel to another reality that is similar but with minuscule changes.

Dont really understand why time travel is actually reality jumping? Maybe we should look closer at the Nature of Time in this Frequency Theory. Time is relative to space and its is all based on the strings vibration. Thus every parallel reality and universe has its own time and space of course. But we need to forget about how we perceive time. Our perception of time is limited, we are like a small sand floating in the rippling waves of lake. We currently only understand that time is moving in one direction which is forward because its the only one we have experienced. Because our view in this small segment of the universe is so far going in one direction, thus we get the feeling of expanding universe. When in truth time could also be moving sidewards, up and down and every other possible angles. We dont understand how the time behave in the other direction because we haven't reach that understanding of the other dimensions. we can imagine moving backwards due to our imagination but in truth the other parts of the universe where times goes completely mad alongside his Bonnie (space). As our planet moves forward in this segment of the universe where it is expanding we feel the forward nature of time due to the laws of expansion, Laws of Entropy. But on the other parts of the universe the Big Crunch could easily be taking places where the Entropy is in reverse. Thus the idea of the Big Crunch and Expanding Universe is correct but they are actually happening at the same time. Other directions of the time is also happening but we just not equip to understand it now.

All this space and time directions are all part of the same symphony of the Frequency of the Universe. Best analogy for this is imaging a DJ slowing down the vocals of a song delaying the tempo, while speeding up the beat of the melody, reversing the chimes and many other variations to create a synchronized on going chaotic symphony. Thus travelling through time is going through a different dimension of a different reality of a different universe under the same Frequency.  To conclude, Space and Time is in every different frequency of universes which are everywhere because they are also the dimensions and thus the different realities. All this idea came from a simple questioning I had 4 years ago when I read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the moment when that Infinite Improbability Drive shows up, I thought of only one thing, INGENIOUS. Here is a device that could take you to any possible probability of Realities. But how can that work? This is when Michio Kaku came it to help. And i just add a little bit, the part about the brain as the relationship for the connections of things. Thats why I am boldly stating that the Range of Frequency for Life, The Universe and Everything that even Hyper-Dimensional Beings can perceive and exist is 42. It is the ultimate answer.

One could ask the question now what about the anti-matter? For this i am not that sure but i guess its the complete opposite vibration of the matter's strings. And they are forever balancing each other and annihilating each other like Yin Yang. I guess. Not too sure there. How about God? With Big Bang theory. God so often manages to hide behind before the birth of the universe. Now he could only hide behind the moment of nothing to everything which is minuscule. You can say perhaps God is a musician and vibrating these strings in every probability. Then God cannot exist as a deity but rather the vibrations or the strings itself. Then the whole ideology of God as a deity would cease to exist for we have become part of God.

 Now dont take me too seriously. After all, this is just my way of trying to reduce the dissonance of all the cognitive informations absorbs. Trying to paint a inter-connecting understanding. I cant prove or deny it, for i am not trained in those field. I am just an Imagineer, always imagining nothing more. But how does this knowledge effect us back on earth? This is my next article focus. Trying to understand the Symphony of the Universe that resonates through Gaia and through us. Next article I will talk about Brainwaves and altering perception of reality. So for now I hope you will just bare with me as I will try to conclude this adventure. Peace be with you. Stay Curious and Creative. May the Force of the Symphony be with you, Always.

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