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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Quantative Research Proposal on Sexual Selection


Sexual Reproduction is the process on mixing two genetic traits of the respectative parents to form an offspring. Sex has been a very important aspect of life for all living creature in existance, it is the living multicellular organisms form of actitvity to ensure the survival of the species. In our modern world where sex has become debased to a cheapened level and commodified by pornography, fashion industry and overall media how might we understand the genuine sexual desire and natural sexual appeal?  It so often seen, the stereotypical of the medias representation of the greatest form of sexual preferences. Though the medias representation are often widely accepted by general public but there are many that found not a single sexual appeal in their representation, in fact some might even find the complete opposite as their preferable sexual selection.

Sexual Selection is a variant of natural selection, the process works where one gender preferences of a suitable mate would posess a certain traits to be present. Thus those individuals that holds those traits are consider more attractive and will have a higher chance of reproductive sucess. The traits that determine a sexual preferences varies according to individuals, nevertheless a few category would always be evaluated in the process of judgement. Those categories are the body shape or  figure of the mate, the symmetry of the faces, and also odor influences of smells which alls could be classified under one social importance in a society that is the presentation of oneself.

But how does one representation effects the decision making of mating preferability? What are the relationships of the perspective of an individual contribute in choosing a mate? Which variable is has a higher importance in choosing a mate, personality or looks? Which gender holds a higher priority in a single preferences of sexual mate? These are the question that need to be experimented and focused on from the point of view of social science.

Human evolutionary pscyhological studies concerning various of cultures have shown that in the consideration of finding a mate, the male gender often rank the female beauty higher than the women ranking male on the basis of looks, instead the women  focuses onto ranking the men based on their resources far higher for obvious reasons than male ranking the female on their resources (Buss, 1994). The studies also shows that eventhough such statistic is shown, the female still do hold higher ranking value on the male looks than any male that chooses a female based on the resources ranking, this is due to the fact that choosing a male with exaggerated features indicate the presence of direct fitness benefits which will enchance the reproductive sucess(Grammer, Fink, Moller & Thornhill, 2002).

 It is a conclusive agreement that when it comes to nature and choosing a sexual mate, beauty and looks do matter.  In other words, the better looking and presentable you are the higher chances of sexual approach for approval will be seen but how does one judge a person impression solely by looks and how does personal views on the world contributes into a decision making?

The intention of the proposed study is to learn, understand and explore the interconnecting variables on the decision making in selecting a sexual partner. Specifically, the study will focus on two primary objectives of : Firstly, to determine the relationship between first impressions or presentation of oneself and the personal point of view of life from both the male and female subjects. Second objective is to determine the average and most preferable apperance in a gender that appeals the most for the opposite sex. Simultaneously other inquiries will also be answered with the research, question such as the amount of reducing preferences an individual would tolerate in finding a sexual partner and the criteria of preferences that the individual are willing to tolerate thus also finding the most general criteria of preferences craved in the opposite sex.

Based on review of literature from the biological stand point of sexual selections, a hypothesis can be created on the understandings to correlate with the objectives of the study. The hypothethical theory is that the individuals that depicts high level of both healthy pyshical postures and a wealthy style of presentation are more likely to be favourable towards the opposite sex than those competitors that contain only one or lower level of the traits. This theory can easily be backed by the biological evidence of a higher tendency towards the suggested situation. With an additional variables of the subjects personality shown for decision making, a hypothesis that can be made is that sexual preference would change and even lowered to a personality that attracts best,  though it is also theorised that the female gender would be in a higher percentage of being in favour of choosing a mate based on looks and wealth rather than personality.

The need to understand this through the eyes of social and psychological terms is important in order to truly understand interactions of the opposite gender. From creating a rationale for the study of the relationship of looks, personal views and sexual selection, it would help men and women to better understand their sexual interest and guide them into attracting mates of preference.


The proposed study employs a Positivism Research Design that states the exclusive sourve of all authentic knowledge are derived from empirical evidenece which obtain, verified and add logical and mathematical treatments of data all through the sensory exprience (Macionis & Gerber, 2010) .

The Design of the study would include an indiependant variable (IV) of Pyshical Body of the subjects with Dependant variables (DV) of Style of Presentation and Personalities of the subjects.  The Dependant variables will effect the indiependant variables by higher level of presentation and personality would reconsider the selector's view on the indiependant variable of the subjects physical body.

The participants for this study would consist of 10 individuals of each gender of various background and personality which will be categorised as the Selectors Group and 4 individuals of each gender with various body structure of slim, average, chubby and fit to be the Subject. Both of the groups of individuals will be also separated into the two gender, basically 10 female Selectors with 4 male Subjects and 10 male Selectors with 4 female Subjects. All the behavioural patterns of their response will be recorded on camera to re-evaluate for subtle signs and data.

The materials needed for this study is various clothings to create the dependant variables values of Style of Presentation and Personalities , video cameras to record the variables, a computer to show the recorded video and sheets of structured questionaires.

The 4 individuals will be dressed and recorded into 5 style of dressing from the rich, the average, the punk or rebellious, the geek and the poor. Then the 4 subjects would act into roles the 5 personalities of the jerk, the good guy, the intellect, the dumb but innocent and the average and their actings will be recorded on video.
The videos of the 4 individuals and the dependant variables of style and personalities will the shown to the 10 individuals of the Selectors group and their attractiveness would be rated from 1 till 10, one being the lowest attractive value and 10 being the highly attractive. The selectors group would then have to state the reasons of their actions. This study would be done for both gender with changes of the sex on the Selectors and Subject groups.

The data accumulated and obtained from the study will the reviewed and categorized. A statistical chart will be design from the data recieved and a conclusion will be made on the findings.


John J. Macionis, Linda M. Gerber, "Sociology", Seventh Canadian Edition, Pearson Canada

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