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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Street Spirit

       I woke with a start to a brand new morning with a horrible scream from a man of the authorities forcing me out of my perfectly made nest and into the wide open world. I was hungry and on the run. The money in my pocket was only enough for a couple of toast and a hot glass of chocolate. I’ve tried my best to keep my money for now I have no longer a regular income but it seems so new a strange. I’ve promised myself that I’ll find a permanent house and a stable job as I sip on the chocolate drink. Taking a comfort out of my stiff translucent green plastic stool and the normality of my new surrounding giving me a false sense of security. 
I took precautions as I tear the hot bread with the tip of my finger while my eyes staring curiously down at the cockroach scurrying around the broken tiles as the cat playfully tries to catch it. Though there bigger rats at the edge of the streets rummaging around freely without any threats but the cat’s mind was on the poor little creature that seems so innocents compare to those dirty little rats. Funny how this insect have the same fate as I do. This insect future has no better hope of a happy ending that my own life.

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