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Saturday, 23 July 2011

another question, what do u think of our country (malaysia) handling atheist people? do u think is really mean enough for them to just throw us out from the country just because of our choice to not believe in god?

I dont noe much about how Malaysian Goverment's procedures of handling an Atheist but it is very wrong for a country to throw out its residences for an issue which only meant to be handle by a divine power...And Again our first RUKUN NEGARA is KEPERCAYAAN KEPADA its a clear huge ass warning for all Malaysian Atheist to stay quiet and low....Still that doesnt mean we get our freedom locked just means until the government does something really drastic like searching for atheist and hunting them down..As an atheist we might as well just keep to ourselves and remember we are better than those believers becoz we got no god to fight for and we got no afterlife, we only got this life so make the best out of it.....

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