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Saturday, 23 July 2011

hello naz i read ur blog and maybe know u a little from ur gf cuz i read her blog too. so heres a question. why do u choose to become an atheist?

Hey ther, I didnt choose to become an one can choose not to believe in a deity..It comes naturally...When I was younger I was learning every religions and views on the aspect of GOD and other supernatural being...I supposed after a long review of all the knowledge and information I had gathered I just find it completely ridiculous to believe in the higher power...Not that i believe in it when i was younger...but after my studies i realize there is no necessary requirement (atleast for me) to actually believe in god. I didnt use the term Atheist until recently after reading Richard Dawkin's The GOD DELUSION which only reconfirmed of what i had already known but with a much more credible evidence. After reading that book I realize the proper term to coin my believe system is Atheism and not Free Thinking....Though both are alike but an Atheist confirm he dont not believe and a Free Thinker just dont care about GOD...I hope that answered you're question....If not then asked again with more accurate and detailed inquiry...

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