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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

i want to ask. i know ur an atheist and i am one too. i just want to know is ur gf an atheist? if she isnt how do u keep the relationship steady when ur and atheist and shes a muslim or other? my gf is a muslim but its always an argument in this topics.

Well thats easy.. Believing and not believing in a god or a religion makes no difference to us.. If LOVE is strong enough not even god can stop it.. Its easy both have to accept and let loose... If you are really an atheist then let her believe as long u tell her not to try to convert you or forces you to do the things u dont want to do and in return u must also respect her views and not force her to think your way... GOD and Religion should never be an obstacle for LOVE... After all isnt that what the main core of most Religion is about? LOVE.

Give me some questions

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