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Sunday, 8 May 2011

What is Love? (part 1)

Intriguing ideas n theories of the emotion called LOVE had perplex Mankind's imagination n logical thinking for a long period of time..Many great men had tried to understand n study this chaotic n destructive feeling..but alas all of them fall pray to their own subject for LOVE is stronger than they had expected..Many people call it by many names but to me LOVE only sings in one tune to the name of my love...

There are times when I dont give a !@#$%^&* about the world but normally i would feel depress and sad but when I'm tight in your arms..the world can collapse and i couldnt care less... You make me confuse but yet I see clearer with you... You give me pain but deliever it pleasurely... Your name has been lost in the sea of adoring words but to me you're only known as my LOVE. My reason to fight this struggle the call life... My baby while you're tenderly lying down and gently falling asleep I shall dream of a world, a different reality were we could be together always... And your beauty is the only thing that matters in this little head of mine while I'm restlessly waiting to see your face again...

For a man of words I am speechless to describe my feelings for her and running out of excuses to say why i had the patience to wait..... But for her its worh it and perhaps the word LOVE is the best way to express and best excuse..Though its never enough to really truly express my feelings but for now all I can actually do is shout at the top of my lungs to the world...." I LOVE U'

But I want to ask you readers a question... What is Love?? As I wonder around in this beautiful city that is washed in the rains of the season... I wonder is Love is like the season... Having its phases and stages before washed away with time and then being renewed with another coat of lies the call Love?? Coz I had been there and I had felt victim to these stages and I'm getting really tired of it... and I'm wondering... Can I ever fall in love with My Own BestFriend?? Or Is it just lust between two young horny souls that are so comfortable with each other? Coz I had a great day to day......

I remember us lying alone in my bed...Holding her in my arms and feeling her heartbeat close to mine... The amazing lust that grabs us and shoves us into a wild roller coaster ride of emotions movements and sweats.... The tender kisses turning into savaging wild tongue tied wrestling match trying to win and bite each others lips off... I...I....rather not tell anymore... Cant describe it now... Still enjoying the ecstasy that she gave me from her sweet loving... Coz when I'm with her... Its like being high on a drug... That effects of delusional just wont stop.... I cant explain it now maybe when i'm a little bit more sober...SO I'm gonna distract u guys with more cool pictures....




A new Journey of Love and Lost :

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  1. I'm really fascinated with what you have written, I like your thought. Thanks for sharing, although It's not appropriate to mention the deep affection that both of you had shared. I just hope that the love you found was not more on deep affection like what you have mentioned. Take care and God bless you. You have enlighten me about the way I should see what LoVE is, until now I'm still in search of someone whom I'll love and on how to determine whether it's love.