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Monday, 10 February 2014

The Psychedelics Transcendence of The Singularity

One of the most anticipated movie of 2014 is Johnny Depp's latest film in this perhaps one of the most ambitious story that will be told this year. A movie on the convergence of consciousness between Man and Artificial Intelligence. Here is the teaser.

Know I have no information on how the story line of the movie would be told but this movie isnt the point of this post. This is to tackle the question of the Singularity in which this movie is based upon. I wished to write this post before the release of this movie because I wish to educate some of you who may not be very familiar with this Prophetic Vision to ensure that you have both side of the prism before entering the cinema. So you would be able to grasp the immensity of the subject in hand and would have at least some knowledge to not be brainwashed by the movie. I do not know on which side this movie is on, whether it would  make the idea of Singularity as a positive event or if it would make such destiny a doomsday-like scenario. I will try to be very neutral in this post for I am yet indecisive of such a future phenomena. So let us begin this topic with the main question.


What is The Singularity?

According to Wikipedia :

The Singularity, is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature.

The idea of Singularity first introduced to me when I read the eBook, "The Singularity Is Near" by Ray Kurzweil.  So in case you dont feel like reading here is a documentary on Ray Kurzweil and the idea of The Singularity. Watch the trailer or the full documentary its up to you, it doesn't really do much justice on the book but it gives a good introduction to the idea of Singularity.

(I know most of you would be lazy to watch an hour and half documentary, so just watch the trailer and continue reading..You can watch the documentary when you have the mood for it...)

The Trailer :

The Full Documentary :

So it is understood that the whole idea of Singularity is the human's greatest fantasy to transcend Death. It is mainly our desire to escape the void of non-existance, as Alan Harrington wrote in his book 'The Immortalist' (1977), "Death is an imposition on the human race, and no longer acceptable". To fulfill this dream of living forever the proposition of removing our consciousness from this decaying human body and uploading it into the man-made technologies of longer lasting robotic vessels. But before we go any further, why should we even bother to escape death? In fact how has human civilization have dealt with the fearful day of Life Expiration Date. What has history to say on such subject?

So has Mankind dealt with Death properly? Your Opinion matters for it is you who will enter the gates of the undead, my decision is my own. Mortality is an individualistic fear that is shared among all conscious being. We can talk about it and share our ideas on such a never returning journey but ultimately we have to walk the path on our own. But why should we accept mortality?

Death is the Enemy of Life.  But what do we know about Life anyways? We are so oblivious to the magic of taking a breath at every second, we are accustomed to the Reality of Existence that the realm of nothingness is far beyond our daily attention. What is Existence anyway? What is Life? Whats the Meaning of Life? Where does it come from?

(The answer is 42)

So what the heck did that dude just said??
He was saying that Life emerges from the chaotic soup of the chemical structure of early Universe.

Well a short summary of the knowledge that human beings have meticulously studied over centuries is that the evolutionary emergence of life came from the very radical chemical structure of planet's composition that only formed from the synchronization of the galaxy's architectures that only plausible following a set of laws of Universal Forces which originated from the chaotic atomic particles of reality. All of the atomic particles that consist in this Universe is only possible if the quantum framework of this reality is in such a way, to dwell into the quarks is a headache for some but rest assure such endeavors are yours to travel alone for this part of science is the beginning of madness in which I am too accustomed to. According to The String Theory which states that every thing in existences consists of vibrating strings of possibilities that sprung a whole multi-complex of universes with 11 dimensions ( 3 Dimensions is what we are accustomed to, the 4th being Time but some disagree for the Time is Space in the concept of Space-time continuum, and the other dimensions are beyond our current understanding).

Here's Sagan teaching this whole idea with such a graceful flair :

So following the hands of Time in the Entropic state of our Universe, complexity emerges to create the fundamental elements DNA of life and form the first micro-organism, the evolution of our biological ancestors began to take shape. From there is was a gamble in which Homo Sapiens has found luck to walk out of our primitive state and achieved Consciousness. Once then, the rest was history as we walk out of Africa and began our adventure as Mankind. So let us continue evolving into our next epoch.

So is the next step of evolution for mankind is turning into gods?
Is the mixing of our consciousness into the technologies is considered divine?
Are we ready to start upgrading our human nature and hand our destiny to the Machines?
That is a scary ambition for some of us. It is in our nature to fear such a quest, after all thats the main theme for most sci-fiction movies we have watched in the 80s. I mean didnt Sarah Connor sacrifice her sanity for this?

This Idea of Singularity  at first made me think that we might be needing the Doctor to save us from ourself for we are about to become the Cybermen.

You been thinking too much. Here enjoy a little of one of our possible future.

But even the Doctor who has fought countless emotionless upgrades of the human species known as Cybermen cant deny that not all technologies are evil. In fact he is too part machine if you think of it properly, the whole regeneration process is only possible with nanotechnologies encoded in his genes that programmed to ensure the rejuvenation of his body cells and the alignments of his brain neurons so it is capable of recapturing the frequency of the brainwaves of his consciousness, thus his memories. Thats why he always a little fuzzy after getting a new body. But for those who have no clue of what I am talking about since you are missing out on the greatest sci-fiction show ever created in the history of mankind, BBC's Doctor Who, then I supposed this post paragraph would be complete gibberish to you and the video above must have created the 'What The Fuck?' kind of expression on your faces.

Anyhow, we may fear machines but we are surrounded by them in this very present moment as you read this line.

Really nothing to worry about? But but...urm.....

"I am not convinced yet mad man," You said.
"What next you going to say that we are already robot?" you sarcastically add.

But...but....I dont want to be a machine. Fight the MATRIX!! - The Human Civilization

We are conditioned by media to hate the heartless terminating robots, to rage against the insensitive machines who will never understand our delicate human nature. Yes this is true, machine will not know pain or suffering even if we programmed them to, it would only be a synthesized experience and if we do upgrade into them we might just lose what we treasure most, our humanity. But science fiction story often embedded with the moral values and in the case of Artificial Intelligence, they often bold the necessary characteristic of the flaws of having a biological brain that is opened to the external and internal influences which creates the chemical hormones of emotions. We often think that machines and robots no matter how smart they are will never comprehend the complexity of feelings but we are wrong.

Yes it is one thing to calculate the percentages of secretion of the emotional chemicals in our body and it is another thing to actually experience it for oneself. Most of my favorite writers have always played with the fact that machines will be able to mimic our expressions such as Marvin the Paranoid Android who is faced with programmed depression in the book trilogy of five, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. And in the Will Smith's movie, "I, Robot" based upon the legendary Isaac Asimov short story; we have seen how Artificial Intelligence can perhaps develop the capacity to truly feel this emotions that we personifies as human's uniqueness. Furthermore in Philip K. Dick's short novel : 'Do Android Dreams of Electric Sheep' or as you might better know as 'Blade Runner' movie, we have also been suggested that perhaps one day Artificial Intelligence would be able to truly be considered as a Consciousness.

So what do we really know about Artificial Intelligence anyway?

So Artificial Intelligence is basically the offspring of Human Consciousness. Artificial Intelligence is the mirror of Humanity. It truly depends on the Human actions that defines the Machine. I mean as far as I'm concern I do love my computer but never do I feel that I am a slave to it. I control it and even if it comes alive with the amount of data of my preferences on this hard-drive in which the Artificial Consciousness emerges from, I am assured that it would just be a horny crazy robot. The very condition that Artificial Intelligence originates from is the core of its understanding of itself. So if it comes from a military network system of Skynet that only programmed with data on Warfare and Destruction then the Artificial Intelligence that spawn from that base is the product of that human society. So imagine the origin of the first Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness actually comes from your computer. What kind of Cybernetic Organism have you created?

I'm sure you have heard of this movie and probably have watched it. If you havent go watch it now, its a hipsteristic film. But seriously how far away are we from a world like the movie 'HER' ?

Okay fine, we may not be having to face Artificial Intelligence any time soon and the Idea of Singularity is not that near, maybe by 20 or 50 years. Or is it???
Are we really ready for such a time? Are we ready to play with nature and engineer our own Godhood?


Dont think it is possible? Dont think it is right? Maybe we should first try to understand something about yourself. What is so special about being you, being your conscious perspective of the universe? What is your Consciousness?

What is The Consciousness?

Might not be have a God to talk to you about it. I meant Morgan Freeman.

So yes there is still a long way to understanding Consciousness and the origin of it.

So when talking about such subject it is hard to separate the Science Facts, Science Fiction, Religious and Spiritual Believes and Philosophy. Talking about such topic often treads on the pseudoscience in which have been frowned upon by society. But before we venture on any further how much do we really know about the foundation dogmas that have been the our paradigm of Reality.

I'm Sure You Have Watched These Before :

Now from Cybernetics to Psychedelics. For those of you who have zero tolerance with such 'abuse' of Mind Altering Stimulants might think 'Oh now this part is to justify their addictive habits. Now I understand whats going on. Its just some bunch of crazy scientists tripping out on hard drugs.' But you are forgetting that the very internet you using right now, the very idea of the double helix structure of the DNA was thanks to a little help from Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

There are plenty more great scientific ideas and inventions have came out from either dream states of consciousness or altered states by using stimulants. Let us not forget that Sigmund Freud used cocaine and I personally think such hard drugs are meant for bad ass like him only.

So for those who haven't had a Psychedelic Experience, I just don't know how to explain it in words that you would understand.  I just don't understand why the Psychedelic Experience is so frowned upon in the society.

I mean just listen to these original footage and words from test subjects underneath the watchful eyes of the scientists.

Compare those words with these words on the Quantum Consciousness:

Or These Words on the Global Consciousness by Morgan Freeman (GOD) :

Cant understand how it all connected? How Psychedelic, Singularity, Global Consciousness?

I see a connection there and I hope so do you. So what does Psychedelics has to do with the Singularity???

This whole I-Ching thing sounds familiar? If you are a fan of Phillip K Dick then you would know that he was obsessed with it after being illuminated by angels according to him. He was considered mad by many but could it be true? Or are we at the very line between Sanity and Insanity? Nah too much? Okay okay sorry continue...

Basically using Psychedelic Substances is hacking our Consciousness focal point to expand its view and Experience the Universe at its Quantum state of Reality. Or so they say. If you got time watch this Documentary. If not continue...

Watch this you!!!

Can find the connection? Here another :

So how is this related to the movie at the beginning of this post?

You see this two teasers for the movie.. It still has a neutral tone but we can already see which side it is leaning towards. I am too being a little bias in this post for relating the idea of Singularity with Psychedelics Drugs, for it could easily be the gateway substances to allow your Biological Consciousness becoming a part of the Artificial Intelligence in a Universal Consciousness movement. But like I said before in this post, that Artificial Intelligence is just a reflection of our society and currently we are not in a very good state of human civilization.

The Idea of Singularity have been tainted with apocalyptic scenario of the future due the fact of our present predicaments of our humanity but Time doesn't wait for no species. We cannot rewrite History (yet) and we cannot stop the sun from rising in the morning. So it will continue towards the inevitable...

We have reached that critical branch point in our evolution and we have to think carefully on our next step.

It is time for us to come together and rethink of what we wish the future of Humanity is. We need to have a proper discussion about it and unite for a better tomorrow or else we will destroy ourselves undoubtedly.

So what if we could somehow manage to control the Singularity into something beneficial for the human condition? For the human soul and consciousness?  If such a scenario is possible I believe we must give it a different name since the title of The Singularity has been burned in the minds of many as an End of Days.
 If the moment of Human Consciousness intertwining with the Artificial Consciousness resulted in the extinction of the Human race, then such Hell would be known as Singularity, a zero, a black hole.
BUT, if such moment that the combinations of Consciousness create a Heaven for unimaginable beauty and wonder then it should be known as The Omega Point. It is the same thing depending on the flip of the coin.

Having Questions? Good now you're thinking. Now you are aware. Some of your questions might be able to answered by this video :

I guess in the end like the movie Her, love should be the main code in programming the Artificial Intelligence that would allow such Singularity/Omega Point to happen. Yet, I cant help but wonder on the ending of the movie Her.
*SPOILER ALER* In the ending, the AI apparently disappeared into another realm after a computer simulation version of Alan Watts was created into being. Maybe it was something he said to them. Lets see :

So what does this mean??
Should we stop our progress towards Singularity and just accept Death?
I think firstly we have to be truly conscious of our existence in this universe. We have to truly understand of our true self. The Universe inside us. How once we die, our soul or consciousness shall return to the origin of its source, the Universe itself.  We are the Universe, and the system of Life and Death is a beautiful cycle of regeneration process balancing the negative and positive but it is also apart of the Entropic System that will eventually lose its momentum and would either dissolve or would return in a big crunch in the opposite direction. It is hard to imagine what would happen after beyond that point of event horizon, we can imagine this as the Singularity of the Universe itself.

So if Death is really is the perfect system, then why should we bother in Immortalizing ourselves? Maybe because we do not know what would happen at the very end of Time itself. Maybe it is our deepest desire to question the unanswerable. Well technically it is not that we cannot find the answer, it is just that the quest to search the Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything would take the data collection of every inch of Existence itself. Therefore falling into the crisis that was mentioned in Isaac Asimov's The Last Question.

Listen to this beautiful short story if you havent read it yet.

I believe that with the right condition we could bring this fiction into fact. That the Singularity/The Omega Point if done properly will allow us to continue venturing into the final frontier and make connections with the other conscious civilization in this universe. I would love for it to happen in this way. I guess to able  play in the same creative playhouse as the Legendary Asimov is like swimming in Madness before coming back for a cup of tea.

I'm sure most of you are still having a hard time on having a fixed opinion on this entire blog post. Hell I am still undecided as well. I bet you feel like a schizo and yet depressed? Cause I know I am.

What ever you must think of the Singularity or of this post or of me. Just remember there is truth behind every word you have read or heard. Like the Schrodinger's Superposition, Truth is a matter of the Observer.

This is just an artwork of words, audios, videos. This is not meant to do anything more than just to give you a sense of Awe. I am here to entertain.

This post is just a new style of Poetry. So please don't take me so seriously, cause after all who am I to tell you anything. Remember you don't believe in anyone else's bullshit.

Remember no such Fate but what we make.
Remember there is no such thing as Destiny cause you don't like the fact that your life is not your own.

So enjoy the movie by Johnny Depp but never truly believe anything it trying to convey. Remember the Cake is A Lie!


In My Opinion, The Future is in a state of Schrodinger's Superposition while The Past is often in the state of an Accumulative Juxtaposition where the dissipating forces of chaos resulting in the systematic order of anti-entropic value, therefore the very consistency of the Universe's Existence is through a Paradoxical Equation that loops the big bang and the big crunch in a constant cycle. The Two opposing hands of Negative and Positive that cancels each other, Chaos and Order dancing its eternal tango. The Yin and the Yang that often results in an infinite steps of the Constant Zero. A complete recycling of everything to regenerate the fabric of Reality. A Feedback Loop of Existence.
An Illusion Universe.
A hologram of the mind.
A Dream.
An Imagination.
A Hallucination.

If you're having a existential crisis after this post, thats a good sign. It means you're thinking. But again if you're the same generation as I am then I'm sure you're a Matrix fan. Here is philosophical insight of the movie. Slightly related.

We are Oneness!

The Matrix is an Awakening film for humanity, a new undulated experience to understand nature and universal laws about Freewill, Divine Love, and Choices through philosophical message. We return to the source where light (creator) created us in the beginning and through influence and experiences, we realized where we should be heading.

Peace & Love be with you always.
more info below....

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