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Friday, 1 March 2013

The State of the World

I’m writing this to you whoever willing to read not because I am in any authority to criticize and judge on the world.  No, I claim not to posses the proper knowledge of high degree philosophical understanding , nor am I fully literate with the vast amount of scientific data, neither am I a spiritually enlightened individuals with faith for the religious texts. No I write this as an ordinary man. Too long have our history read upon the elite for the understandings of the world and though many do state important findings that concern the majority of working class citizen but nevertheless they are blessed to be born of wealth and equipped with numerous books as their guidance. Though it’s not anyone’s fault with what they are born with but they can never know the real experience of living a life of the lower class. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I am writing this for the real voice of the refugee to be heard.

I am writing this because I am sick of rich kids telling the world how sad the poor people are living. I am writing this not because I am part of the poor, no I am blessed to be born in both worlds with parents from both side of the society. I live in a neighborhood that though can’t be considered as a ghetto neither can it be considered as a high society. A middle class family in a town that hides its ghetto ruins in the facades of luxurious shopping malls that kills the real image of our society. I am writing this because I wish to convey the voices of the lower class citizen that do not have the time to be sitting and pondering these social structures for the monetary systems have forced them to continuously work their hardest to pay the debts that have been forced upon them. I am writing this because I am sick of it all. Sick of the discriminating ways of races, religions and class.

I live in a world where the line of classification of any subjects is blurred. The class warfare is no longer a visible struggle between the rich and the poor. Anyone can become rich and with a slightest mistake anyone can become poor. Yet the most disturbing thing about my present world is the fact that almost everyone can read up any knowledge on any interest whether from hardcopy of books in libraries or from the internet but yet very little individuals take advantage of this situation. Thus the intellectual separation of human minds can still be clearly being divided into categories. The rich will always be more equipped with knowledge while the poor will have to put up with the brainwashing syllables of education systems that only focus on making sure that each student becomes a proper machine that contributes into the system. In order for the poor to escape this they will have to succeed above average and struggle to earn the same standards of information as those of the wealthy. The poor have no time to play about outside the box for they are the structure of the box and the rich ensures that the box will forever be solid so that they can benefit from their exploration of ideas outside this box. The poor have to tear the box open to become part of those wealthy men. Sadly, most that do escape the box often become a part of the oppressors. Only a few of the working class heroes that escape this mentality box returns to liberate others from the box. Some even tried to destroy the box altogether but the numbers of these great minds are minimal. This is due to the mindset that have been implanted by the oppressors to the working class, the box tells you that the only way out is through wealth and once you’re wealthy the only way is to force others to stay below your status and thus keeping them in another box of your own. Depending on the individuals of the oppressors, this box can either be completely brick solid which is impossible to break or a translucent plastic that could easily be torn.

This is the world of the 21st century. A time where Marx words are often misinterpreted and the teachings of Aristotle’s has become a t-shirt logo. A time where true powers of history great minds have become plain and none exciting. We are too used to these ideas that we have forgotten that it still resonates till this day. That these understanding and discovery is revolutionary, it is because of them that we live in the world we are now. Most of us just need to return to awe with these words. We need to re-value our understanding of our past, re-think of the life we’re living in and re-write our destiny. We have the tools to do so but yet we are ignorant or too lazy to use it. Maybe I’m just angry and upset. Upset with the world and angry at myself. I am still young and inexperienced in many aspects but I had always believed that mankind holds greater worth on other details of life than the simple financial benefits. But I was wrong. There is nothing that I can do to stop the greed of money, nothing I can do to make everyone realize that these papers are worthless and insignificant.

Ever since I was young, I had never understood the concept of money. I don’t understand why if I give this unique piece of paper to someone they will be happy, why if I give this cash then I will get to eat that ice cream. I thought to myself at the age of 7 who made this money then, why can’t I make them, why can’t everyone make them, and then there will be no poor. I wasn’t born of wealth; no I am just a humble middle class boy who in recent years has lived at the edge of homelessness. I tried to live my life without prioritizing these mindless green pieces of paper to make me happy but it is proved to be impossible especially in these concrete jungle. Humanity have lost its mind in these urban battlefield, easily influenced by wealth and ideas without much concern on its outcome as long it keeps them happy. I see more junkies in a meeting conference that I do at the rehab center. Junkies that are addicted to caffeine, to wealth and power, to brainless music, to consumerist materials, to conflicts of the hearts, to cars, to movies, heck everyone is addicted to everything in these city walls. Junkies, all of them. Even me. Admittedly I am addicted to a substance of the mind; I am addicted to discovering new ideas and know ledges, to information of radical thinking, to the creative bliss of revolutions. I have to have it, I have to read or watch or listen to new stuff everyday or else I get easily bored. But not once have I ever felt the desire to have more money than what I have. I just need enough to survive but that’s the problem isn’t it? It’s hard to survive when you aint getting paid. It’s harder to work a stable job with stable income because you know how greedy one can be. I know how greedy I can be, it is in my blood to hunger for these cash but it is not in my nature to do so. Maybe that’s the reason why I have been so scared to keep a job longer than a few months, maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t been working for nearly last entire year. But living like how I wished can come with a cost. I don’t know maybe my destiny is yet to be certain but my past can’t be denied.  I live a life of fear because that is the state the world is in right now. Fear of the past, fear of the present, fear of the future.

Shall we burn the money?

I see fat kids who eats too much and wasting away precious food while others are starving for the scraps of that plate. How come such a situation is possible? The scientist says that we are having a global food shortage, there is not enough to go around to feed the 8 billion people inhabiting this planet and we can’t cut down more forest to plant crops for them because it will create more damage to the earth than we already are and even if we do cover every land with crops and cities for the human civilization, I know for a fact that it would never be enough. Not for those with holes in their heart. Our mother earth Gaia feeds all, but there are those who refuse to share it. There are plenty of oppressors slaving the lower class to ensure the survival of their lifestyle and are they wrong? No, the blame is on you. Is on everyone and anyone who wouldn’t stand up for their rights, even I am guilty. These men are doing what anyone will do, profit over cost. It’s the heart of any business. It has been that way ever since the dawn of mankind. It is the driving force for progress of civilization and it is the very mistake of every man. No we have forgotten our place on this earth. We have forgotten our mother nature, we have forgotten Gaia.

Everything on this planet lives in a perfect harmony, from animals and plants to the chemical elements. Each with its own conflicting oppositions but all follows the rhythm of life set and control by Gaia. She is not a deity though I wish she was, she is the force of life. She is the equilibrium of nature. She is the reason why the lion doesn’t eat more than he needs. She is the reason why animals evolve. She is the reason why the plants vary with abundance. She is the earth. We are her children. We evolved the skills to think not to worship her but continue her work of life. The real purpose of human life is to spread life onto other planets. We were destined to roam the stars to act as a spore of life in the cold space. Unfortunately we have lost touch of our mother. We have forgotten that she is where we originated from and thus we create fantasy of delusional believes to replace her. We created gods in our own image and thus we set ourselves apart from nature. A huge mistake of mankind.  We see ourselves special and that this earth was made for us to utilize and thus we spread like virus consuming everything in our path. Those who think otherwise are often considered primitive and even when they do provide some sort of explanation for thinking that we are part of the earth, they are often considered heretics. Take Gionardo Bruno for example, burn at stake for Gaia. Look at Charles Darwin theory of evolution, though plenty of proof to support such idea there are still countless of doubters. And the scary part is that the numbers of these ignorant are rising. Just when we thought that human civilization began to triumph over backward religious belief of Abraham’s accidental faith with rational thinking, we crawled back to these idiotic debates of who is God.

Want to know what the ironic thing is? Their Gods are created out of doubt and disbelief. Out of rational thinking. Abraham, Father of Multitude questioned the Gods of his time and rejected the entire idea of deities and religious faith. He was an atheist. I know you will say he found God after that but remember that no matter how atheist a person is we all have some sort of spiritual understanding, heck even Einstein has his own understanding of what God is. Unfortunately for Abraham, he wasn’t blessed with the amount of information about the universe that we have now. He was forced to unite the forces of the universe that he could observe into a single figure. Thus the birth of one god. The stories in the bible about Abraham are as real as the story of Krishna in the Veda. All written thousands of years after they lived. Their stories are tampered by each generation who will add variations to the originals, some will exaggerate and some will degrade the story such as the fate of Jesus. In Christian beliefs, he is god. In Muslim beliefs, he is just a prophet.  The only certain we have is that a man named Abraham have lived and have denied the gods. Other details are open to discussion, analysis and debate. Abraham and Buddha was the first of their kind. To deny gods completely and tried to explain the world though without proper scientific understanding but they had the courage to do it. Unfortunately their words are misread by many and thus the religions are born with much danger to humanity. In the pre-one god era, the humans have been worshiping nature and all its elements which are alright to think about it, ridiculous but harmless, their belief came out of fear of the unknown forces of nature but what Abraham did was far beyond his time.

He tried to explain everything in the universe with one force but never did he create a God for that force. He might have been visited by the 3 angels, again this could be aliens or noble wise men that are well equipped with the knowledge of philosophy or they might never even happen. He might try to kill his own son to please God; again this could be because he had mental illness like I do when I question the gods. Anyone who asks these questions especially without any scientific knowledge would have gone mad. He wasn’t a rich man thus he knows nothing of the Greeks, if he had been wealthy enough to have gather more crucial information about the nature then we could have come to a different conclusion. Look at Buddha, he is a prince who asked the same questions but he didn’t went mad because he had some sort of teaching to guide him and he was smart enough not to bring his wife on his spiritual journey, unlike Abraham who loved his infertile Sarah a bit too much. Asked for a kid like any wife would want but since she can’t give birth, he had to make one with his maiden Hagar, and then only she was pregnant. Now ask any man, rich or poor what he would be like if not mad to be in this situation. Bob Marley was right no women, no cry. I pity Abraham for that. That’s why he had to fall back on the ideology of God to cover up his murderous actions and thus the One God was born out of his lies. Out of the drama made by woman.

From there men have forgotten our mother earth. We have separated ourselves from the animals and the surroundings of our nature. We denied our environmental equilibrium and thus the new generations of greed and hunger for wealth creates a progress in human skills of profiting from the earth’s skin. We have created a God in our image and thus we have become gods and ignored the true forces of the universe.  From there we demolished the royalties and their feudalism systems that often reflects on the god-like powers of men and replaced it with liberties and revolutionary democracy. Unfortunately we are still bunch of greedy mother-fuc.kers and use these new systems of governance as a tool of our exploitation.

Look around you and tell me that the world is just and fair. It is not at all possible to find a single soul on this planet that is satisfied with the way the world is. Laws and regulations that contradicts the basic human rights from the War on Drugs that places a man in prison for smoking one tiny little joints in ‘Murica or even worse Death Penalty in Malaysia to the stupid censorships of media and internet freedom. On top of that all the attitude that have been implanted from the older generations have made us fools from touching important topics such as Sexual Educations even though the amount of baby dumping escalating rapidly in Malaysia. I find this topic amazing stupid for the government are trying many different methods of reducing these cases of baby dumping but yet afraid to teach high school students on the importance of safe sex. Why you ask? Its taboo apparently in this country.  A country that so highly put an importance in religion (no seriously our first pillar of citizenship or Rukun Negara is Faith in GOD, kepercayaan kepada tuhan.) but yet these religious nut jobs are actually the horniest among us. They are the one who cant control their lust and creates all types of sexual crimes while trying to stay true to their religion. I am not saying all of them are like these but the statistic of religious people having sexual misconduct is greater than those who doesn’t give a fuck. I mean look at our local Malay newspaper filled with sex but yet it somehow taboo to take about it in high school. Science teachers would skip or quickly talk about the sexual reproduction systems because of this mentality. I find this the craziest thing and the stupidest social problem that my country faces. I feel embarrass to call myself a Malaysian at times.

Since I am in no place to discuss much of the problems that face the world today,  I shall focus this next part mainly on my own country. I can’t change the world neither can I change my country but I know and I feel that there are many Malaysians who would agree with me but afraid to voice out their opinion on many matters because well we don’t have the freedom of speech. Never did. Most of us don’t really care actually because many of us don’t even have the freedom of thoughts. Everything that have been teach or educate or informed to the public has been manipulated and controlled by the man in power but of course we have the internet. Though many misuses this tool and many don’t even bother look for proper information for they just want to have fun online. With all the fuck up things going on in our life, virtual reality is a great escape. But that is what I wish that we could change. I wish that Malaysians would educate themselves further with this tool before the government completely have control on it, though I doubt Anonymous would let that happen.
What can I say about my country? We hate ourselves. We have become embarrassed to call ourselves Malaysians.  Now I know there are still many who support this country and would call those who hate the country as corrupted by the westerners but we have to look at it properly. We hate ourselves because we as a Malaysian have no proper identity. The identity that the authority are trying to impose are traditional and sometimes backward thinking but the identity that many younger generations have become too westernized and loses its touch with its roots. This is the battle that we Malaysians have to overcome. To find a real identity that defines not only one side of the citizens but all. We must first destroy the special treatments that have been given and abused by the Malays and give equal rights to every single race in this multicultural society. If you really want the 1Malaysia propaganda to work then remove yourself from this racism. Change the law and allow any citizen regardless of their creed and belief to be able to gain power and become a Prime Minister. I would love to see an Indian or a Chinese or even better a mixed raced Prime Minister of Malaysia in my lifetime.

Secondly we must reevaluate the role of our kings. Do we really need them anymore? Why do a small country needs 9 kings? Why can’t we just have one and destroy the rest? Do these kings even do us any good anymore? I mean they don’t do important decisions anymore, they don’t attract tourist like the Queen of England, so what is the point of having them? To ensure that the prime minister and the body of government doesn’t get corrupted? They completely fail at that with 9 of them in power. If you really want a king then just keep it to one. No point giving our hard earn cash to kings who is absent even from their own palaces. We pay them to be kings but they don’t give anything back in return.  If you kill of one king do you know how much money can be saved and give back to the poor? Now imagine killing of 8 kings and just keep the one who is most influential. Our country can do a lot with the money. Now don’t think I am a traitor to my land. I love my history and the sultans that have been so important to us back then.  But think of it. When was the last time our kings did anything important that we could be proud of? They are the one who sold our lands and our liberty to the colonizing British and if it wasn’t for the common people they would have done absolutely nothing to gain back its independence because well they are getting paid. I mean as a Malaysian I ask you now, do you know your current sultan? Do you even know any of our previous sultans? 70% of you won’t know the answer. 

Now let me ask you another question, which one of our historical figures that holds carry the spirit of Malaysia and is loved by everyone? You might say Tunku Abdul Rahman for he is the father of independence but his work wouldn’t be possible without the help of Dato Onn Jaafar. No it is not them but Hang Tuah. He is our King Arthur but he is not even a king. Hang Tuah a simple man from a simple background who became one of the greatest warrior in Malaysian History. And of course our famous P. Ramlee. These are the two main figures that every Malaysian would never hate and these two are common man. Our history celebrates the common man and not the kings. Our present kings must do something extraordinary and regain our confidence and pride in their Monarchy or else they are useless to us. The king is a symbol of our nation and our identity as a Sovereign country but currently they are nowhere to be found in the hearts of modern Malaysian. This is why we have such a difficulty in understanding our identity.

Now many of my Malays brothers would consider these ideas as traitorous and might even call me a communism. Maybe they are right to say so, for I do wish the capitalism system to end but I dare not impose such ideology for my country at this current moment. We are not ready for it. But to end the racial classifications and ending the multi-monarchy system of our country would only give a boost in the rights of every common man and woman. We would have a greater liberty as a person and of course a less fear of saying what we truly feel about our country. With this we can finally change the first amendments of this country from believing in a God and putting the importance of Freedom of Speech. With freedom of speech ideas will emerge and we can finally form an identity for our country. We can be proud again of the land which we are all born in. Of course this is not the end of it.

To ensure that our identity is mould to the perfection we must change a few more things.  Now I know changing the national language is a mad idea and I don’t suggest it for the beauty of Bahasa Melayu would be gone from the next generations. But I suggest that this language should be kept out of our governing body to ensure the racial tensions do not occur. English is the only language in our land that binds two different ethnics group together. With English we can break down the barriers and connect among ourselves. That is why I suggest that the education systems to be amended and anyone who fails this language would have to retake the semester.  Our education system also needs to update its text books from its history to science. In order for the new generations to be better educated, we cannot let our students study from a text book which has been controlled to suit the authority. Our education system has to inspire and build curious young minds that are hungry for knowledge instead of making them feel pressured to learn facts to pass the exams. Our teachers have to use a new method of teaching and a new approach towards these students. No longer can we just expect them to learn for the sake of passing the exam to get a good higher education and a good job. No we must make the new generation as inquisitive explorers who want to learn and discover new findings in their field of interest. This is how we can build a better nation by making sure our students are not just sheep following a shepherd to the slaughterhouse but a Harimau (tiger) Malaya who is fierce and innovative in finding its food. No point in giving all kind of special scholarships and colleges if our primary and high school still sucks.

With better education our attitude will change. We will no longer be that lazy Malaysian who just want to get rich without caring the consequences but instead we would be the Malaysians who wants to make an a change not just in their life but in everything else. There is many more things which we have to change to become a better nation but with these three points which I had mention would be suffice for now. Abolish the Racial Special Treatments, Deduced the number of Kings or eliminate them completely, Upgrade our Education System and most importantly Change the Attitude. With these done we can finally form an identity that we can be proud of.

Though these seem like a far-fetched idea for most Malaysians but I believe that we are able to do it. Don’t think small of yourself because you are not alone. Even now we see many uprisings in our country. We are demanding change and though we may not agree in many things but we all want a better country. I believe that there are many Malaysians right now who have a wider range of understandings and experiences from many different cultural exposures who can change this country. Though they are often the richer ones but I belief that the poor too can be smarter than the rich. I believe that with a kind heart and a smart brain any man can change the destiny of their fellow countrymen.

Maybe one day my country will change. Maybe one day I will see a mixed Chinese-Indian Female Prime Minister. Maybe one day I won’t need to answer ridiculous questions of why I don’t believe in a God. Maybe one day I won’t have to specifically tell foreign strangers on the internet of where my country is. Maybe one day, I would see that our land no longer filled with useless palm oils or any kind of oils but master the renewable energy. Maybe one day I would read about a great Malaysian astrophysicist who manages to write a ground-breaking new theory of the quantum world. Maybe one day I could see Malaysia-made rockets with Malaysian Astronauts landing on Mars. Maybe one day I will be able to smoke a joint of marijuana without fear and who knows we might be the largest exporter of the cannabis trade with a wide range of hemp-made products. Maybe one day, I would see a Malaysian bio-chemist finding the cure for cancer using cannabis oil. (Wait someone already did). Maybe one day, I shall see a Malaysian Engineer creating nanobotic technology and artificial intelligence. Maybe one day our forests and seas get the respect they deserve and Malaysia would be the leaders of wildlife preservation  Maybe one day, we would lead the world nations to a better future. Maybe one day, we shall have an identity that we could be proud of. Maybe one day this would all happen but for now all I can do is hope and dream. I pray to the none-existing god everyday that my fellow citizens would open their minds and their hearts and embrace the future.

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  1. Fellow Malaysian6 March 2013 at 04:16

    Very powerful, though I disagree with some of your belief (like the gods) but I agree that we, Malaysians have to find an identity for ourselves.