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Sunday, 22 July 2012

What is reality?

What is reality?
If all the tiny details of your waking life is nothing more than re-visualization of tiny electrons in your brain, then what is real?

We know now thanks to scientific research and understanding of human perception that the images we are currently observing is nothing more than reflections of the lights that has been detect by our eyes and transmits back into the imagery neurons of our brains. We also know that the process of sight takes a small period of time, somewhere around milliseconds, even though the fraction of time seems insignificant it is nevertheless true to state that your current perception is nothing more than the past. We are constantly looking back into the past and never in the present moment. We also know that all the memories one hold in their lifetime is often re-imagine and constantly changes from the original memory of that scenario, thus we never truly remember what happen in the exact details. Though we might have created technologies to maintain and preserve these memories with such methods as photography, video capturing and so on, we could never truly return or re-live the exact experiences of that moment.

Memories are weak recollection or references for a reality of a moment. They are often corrupt with our own understanding and ideas. And like a dream they are often vague.  Then what exactly did happen? What exactly was the reality of a specific moment?

Scientist, scholars, artists and many more great minds have often ponder on the true nature of reality. But honesty they all fail to understand reality for one single fact always so often eludes our mind. Reality is nothing more than a treacherous question without an answer for reality is often differs from one perspective to the others. In another word, there is no singular reality for there is no such thing as reality. There is only existence. Reality is a form of label used to consolidate an event even if such event is nothing more than a simple day to day tasks. Reality is only awareness or consciousness. Being aware of a situation enables us to state that moment as reality. Think about it. Before mankind ever began to have the capability to have a single thoughts. No one ever bother with the question of reality. For there is none. There was only existence. If that existing universe has no mortal creatures to ponder and think about things then there would be none to reflect upon that existence. Thus in conclusion, reality is the reflection upon existence just like the system of sight. Nothing more than a reflecting image of an existing situation. Reality is a mirror for Existence. And every individual has their own mirror to view the existence.

But then we are left with another question. If reality is nothing more than a reflection of an existence, then would Dreams be considered as a reality itself? In many ways this is true and false. Dreams can be considered as a reality for it reflects the existences of the universe of the individual but where it falls apart from being categorized as a reality is due to the simple fact that dreams occurs only in the Sub-Conscious mind. Reality often interpreted by our Conscious mind which of course add elements of our perception into that existing moment but overall we cannot change many facts of that current situation. Memories on the other hand could be alter and modified into our own likings thus memories are like dreams cannot truly be considered as a reality. Memories and Dreams are processed reality. There have been tampered and changed even if we are not aware of it. The sub-conscious does this too many times to our minds. Thus for Dreams to be considered as a Reality is when the individual could control the actions of the sub-conscious mind which would then imposed the breaking the rules of Dreaming and being aware and awake during the REM Dreaming Process. This action is often label as Lucid Dreaming. To be honest is not really dreaming but rather entering an alternate reality.  Like i said, Reality is Awareness of the Reflection of Existence. Dreams are tampered Reflections but being aware of it could easily categorize it as reality.  So when you sleep at night, remember there is a whole different reality you are missing out on.

So, what is reality?

Reality is the Awareness to the Reflection of an Existence.

Dreams can only be considered as a sub-reality when you are aware of its modified reflection.
Memories on the other hand cant be considered as a reality unless you could somehow re-live that moment, even so it would be a modified reflection thus an alternate-reality. When an individual spends all his time playing a computer game or watching movies or reading books or even just constantly day dreaming, it is not that they do not live in the reality. They are living in a reality but a reality of their own and not yours. They have been living in many more realities than those who don't. Thus when you go to the cinema you are basically altering your reality for that few hours if you fully concentrate without distraction in this reality. So when a fanatic hates to be disturb when he is altering his reality, he is truly jumping realities and has bigger and wider understanding than those who only live one reality.

Therefore, i urge you to live as many realities as possible especially know in the times of quick internet access where another mode of reality is only a click away. Remember to live those realities and return back to re-evaluate your travels. And if anyone ever tells you to comeback to reality, remember they do not understand the meaning of reality...

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