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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The collabration of John C. & N. Abraham

Eversince i could remember there was always a comic book or graphic novel somewhere within the reach of my hands, mostly it would be in my bag along side other novels or books that often replace the text books of the highschool. I can remember when i first got a comic book but as soon as i had one i was hooked till the end. The artistic mixture of literature and visual in a book. Its beautiful and i always hope and knew that one day i would definitely would like to have my stories to be told in the medium of graphic novels. Unfortunately i was not blessed with the creativity of visual renderings. I had tried countless times to draw but its under the standard of my own personal opinion. Thus the dream nearly died.

Thankfully, the universe works in the most perfect coincidence ways when it decides to place me next to a boy named Johnathan Chong back in 2006 when i was just 14 years old boy in a new school. Immediately our personalities of Day Dreaming revealed to fits perfectly as we continue to talk about nonsensical and crazy ideas of realities in class through out high school.

  Here a scene of our stupid days :

A rainy day that echoes through the classroom and muting the sounds of the teacher and other students. Me and John thinking no one will hear us began singing together (cant remember the song). At first we sang in our head then softly to one another in a whispering duet. As the rain pours down heavier and drowning our senses and the classroom, we began singing louder and louder with passion and perfect timing. All of sudden the rain stops without warning and the class muted with shock to the only comprehensible sounds of our delusional signings. 

The teacher stares at us and asked "Why are you two singing in my class?"

"Sorry, didnt think anyone else could hear us,'" i replied.

'We thought we were singing ninjas,' added John of our perception of the situation.

Anyways, we grew up ever since then but still as silly as ever. John had always been the one doodling about and i was always writing scraps. Cant remember exactly when we both came up with the idea of collaborating our skills together but we always knew one day we would do it. Back to the present, as John continues his studies and I doing whatever that is i am doing we thought maybe we could finally make our dream into a reality. We gonna make our first graphic novel. Or atleast just a try out for this year, just to see whether we could get along but i doubt there would be any trouble. So expect it in the coming months for our first debut.

Here are some of John's artworks that he does for his college, its may not be the greatest out there but he is studying and improving everyday and beside alongside my storytelling and writing, hopefully something great can come out of it.

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