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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Minut Init : Creole


THE ROAD TO CREOLE (Night 1 - 3)

Minut Init Studio Galleria contains of a numerous individuals who have their own day jobs. And Since neither of us are free to set things up for the exhibition this coming Saturday during the day time, we decide to do it at it. Thus the term Night 1 - 5 is used in this preparation.


We began our journey with the preparation and planning for the Exhibition. A quick editing for our poster. ^

Some discussion were made concerning on the roles and tasks of every individuals.

We ask the permission of the GODFATHER for your upcoming event.

We took down the old artworks. The clean blank walls are our fresh new canvas were we can begin colouring it with the new artworks or the fellow artistes.

We began to test the positioning and placement of the artworks.

Untitled - James Ly

A light shines from the sky and we were revealed an idea of genius proportion.

From Left to Right : Basil, Yoyo (Blonde Hair) , Haziman, Abraham

We began setting up blinds. 


A test of the Blinds.

Time to relax before another Night of work.


After the second blinds goes up, we start to play with the genius revelation we had the night before.

We played some video on the blinds from our projector.



Shadow and Lights.

Shadow Play

Stencil Baba - Basil





Top Left : Abraham , Shirtless : James, The other : I cant Remember His Name

The Making of Dali....A tribute to Salvador Dali and our very own Dali Abdul...

Salvador Dali

Dali Abdul

Dali Dali

Abraham climbing, Basil in yellow shirt and yu ming 

We tried to stencil but it was too high and without a ladder we suffered...

Our Hero
The 7-Eleven Knight rescue the day with a ladder in hand....

A ladder 

Look for the Brain on the Pink Wall....

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012

Minut Init Presents: Creole

Art Exhibition : Celebrating the contribution of foreign influences upon Malaysian contemporary art.


Creole is a stable natural language developed from the mixing of parent languages; creoles differ from pidgins (which are believed by scholars to be necessary precedents of creoles) in that they have been nativized by children as their primary language, with the result that they have features of natural languages that are normally missing from pidgins.

Apollo Hui

For a long time foreign influences has seep into almost every facet of our contemporary cultural landscape. Sparing none in its expense.

For ever since our people have been influenced by foreign gods, myths, laws, languages, ethics, music, film, food and fine art is no different. 'Creole' is a word with many meanings. It mostly refers to (in the 16th-17th century) either a language of mix heritage or a people of migrant background or mixed heritage. 
Creole could also often be seen as a strong cultural influence in a person’s perspective of life that often shapes the fabric foundation of their personalities.

Here at Minut Init, we believe that in our individual paths through modern society it is almost impossible to stay pure to an original root without being seduced by the immense variety of cultures in the world. We submit to the believe that the collage of foreign influences in our lives ultimately enriches our soul and opens up our mind to new experiences,rather then corrupt and delude us like previous notions suggest.Therefore these cultural influences are an inherent aspect of ourselves even in the most subtle subconscious expressions. That are so often manifested thru our behavior in our daily lives.

JOSL - Life Changes

Thus, Minut Init Studio Galleria is honored to take you on a journey of self discovery, a celebration of the influences that adds a new cultural perspective to our existence. At the Creole exhibition ,one might experience a narrative where we are all apart, exchanging and interlinking our memories and inspirations. A unique experience to just have a moment where we all take a look at the influences of our life. 

At this exhibition, we celebrate this heritage within contemporary art through our collection of paintings and sculptures by artists Dali, Mils Gan, (Nahoy) Ng Yohan, Maryam, Nizam Abdullah, Ajim (Juxta Art), Jacqueline Gomez, Nadia J Mahfix, Vishnal and introducing JOSL, Apollo Hui and Audrey Tan.

So come along and celebrate! 

Under Construction: Coming Soon

_ _

"Minut Init is punk rock-esque art space, like the smoky underground confined art spaces of the LA do-it-yourself art scene’s glory days. It has been home to alt-art exhibitions such as the new media-inclined Made in Phones and counter culture-sounding Tahi Cicak. It’s easier to name a bigger art venues, but we say let’s give a round of applause to the smaller guys too." - (Best Art Venue, Juice Best Of 2011)


We will update you if there are more developments.

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