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Monday, 5 March 2012

Malaysian Education System Discourages Original Thinking

In order to fully determine the allegation that the Educational System of Malaysia discourages original thinking, one has to fully understand the concept of Original Thoughts and its source of origin. On the foresight, originality and the process of the thoughts are often seen as a total act of random intelligences that is unique and against the current majority thinking, thus it is easily mistaken for madness and insanity. Therefore just like Insanity, Original Thinking can only be perceived possible in the right condition. The factors that enable the process of unique perspective are the influences of culture that the subject is drawn to, in which can often be seen in the reflection of his own thinking and the immense knowledge the subject gain on a particular area of interest. With the foundation of knowledge in the area of interest, the subject would strive for progress of the particular area will result in original thinking. The production of original thoughts often provoked the normalcy of community by exposing the true nature of its subject and enhancing the comprehension of the knowledge. With the right openness in the community towards the result knowledge of the subject’s original thinking would enable further production of original thoughts by the subject; subsequently the negative response by the community would only result in regression of thinking differently by the subject. 

By reviewing the syllables and information given by the Malaysian Education System it is quite clear to state that Original Thoughts aren’t acceptable or encouraged by the educators. The content of the text books given by the government are bias, incomplete and outdated in many of the subjects introduced to the students. Without the right knowledge and comprehension of the subjects, it would be difficult for original thoughts to be created to further develop into advancing those subjects. This lack of full information is mainly due to the views on how the educators and governments perceive the students. In their view the students are “Just Another Brick on The Wall” (Pink Floyd, The Wall 1979) and wish to create students that behave in a particular way that supports their own agenda.

The Malaysian Educational System’s philosophy of a rat race world also creates discouraging environment on thinking differently. The Educators only focuses on the grades of the students rather than the understanding of the subject leaving most students concentrating on achieve good grades and fail to fully comprehend the subject. This creates an environment where the only success is the achieving good grades thus creating a community which would only view success in life is having tons of money. With this kind of attitude in the educational system, it would fail to truly appreciate and encourages original thinking in students or its citizen. With a money chasing environment it is hard to see that any man would waste their time into thinking originally just for the progress of one area of interest.

Thinking originally if at all possible under the educational system would be very restricted and controlled by a set of rules and guidelines. Those who do think differently from the ideas or views of the educators are often rejected or scorn by. The products of the students who think differently would never be praised to be a representative of the school but rather mocked at his unique style of view and handling the subject of interest. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”Albert Einstein

An Original Thinkers often live for the narcotic moment of creative illumination as he creates an innovation that would progress the knowledge of the area he is in and careless for earthly possession. Unfortunately, the educational system of our government has created a materialistic country that care not on the comprehension of the world which has left these artistes underappreciated. In conclusion, the Education System has to change their philosophy in life and their views on the students in order to encourage more radical and original thinking in the students. Buddha once said “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” 

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