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Thursday, 13 October 2011

so atheist as in, you are not a muslim??? so u are just a free thinker? bear in mind, divinity shaped the universe... logic helps us understand it. religion is another field of philosophy, not tapping into it is a great lost. tough u are incapable anyway.

Yes I am an atheist and not a muslim..Not afraid or ashamed of it...Not just a free think..I seriously dont believe in a god...Bear in mind divinity shaped the universe? This universe is not shaped my friend...U say religion is another field of philosophy which apparently i'm incapable of understanding but I'm afraid u are not capable of understanding science and logic. U say logic help us understand the universe but sadly u cant understand how the universe became the way it does...
I'm afraid it is not at all shaped rather it is a tragic events of trial and error to end up to where we are now..And it will continue doing so till the end of time..A DIVINE DEITY might have shaped it..but let me ask u one tiny little question..
This universe is humongous and our little planet is like a small rice in a paddy field...With a rational sense..there is no way our planet is the only one that have life and intelligent...If religion is true..Then let me ask u this...Why does god only care about our planet? What about the others?
You tell me that Religion is another field of philosophy..But like all philosophies things change by the advancement in thinking of the civilization..Some philosophy might still have a use but sometimes it just no longer needed or badly outdated...If religion is just a philosophy then those stories in the holy books are just fictional that what you are saying? Then why is it that religious people hold on to every words of the "HOLY" Scripture as if its a fact... Philosophy is an opinion of the world..Then religion is also an opinion..then why is it that the followers of the religion are so blindly trying to convert and make you see the way you do...Why would u even go to the point of going to war with another religion..Why cant u accept his opinion?
I have no problem with people believing in a god...Trust me my girlfriend believe in a God...I got no problem with that...The only problem when it comes to religion is that when the BELIEVERS try to indoctrinate me or anyone else in that matter into believing in the same thing as they do..Why cant u accept our opinion? If we try to do the same to your believe systems..You get offended and start calling us names and show how evil we are...Tell me is this a good thing for u as a muslim to do? I DONT BELIEVE IN A GOD...a normal curious muslim or any other religion would just accept it and ask what makes me think that way..or go into a healthy debate with me without trying to impose his/her ideology onto me..And when its done...Accept that I'm not going to believe until a better explanation can be presented in order to make me believe...

Finally i want to say....I'M AN ATHEIST AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!!
And no I dont worship the DEVIL....But he is my gardener....

Give me some questions

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