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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Death in a Cubicle

Fluorescent lights blinds the naive minds of time, feeding them with he illusion of endless time. Time which are dying and wasted with the counting numbers of the continuous paper work and dull conversations. they speak but the words that travels in the air are incoherent to these ears. They speaking to me in a language that i don't speak. The sounds that echo out of their lips are hazy and wasted breath of white noises. These ears. These ears hunger for sounds of familiarity and comfort. These eyes are scroached with the poisonous displays of tedious details of the grey systems of numerical context that haunts my computer screens.

I sit on my very uncomfortable chair in the most awkward positions leaving me with a restless body aches nearly everyday. TRAP. I am trap in the plastic four walls of my cubicle that taunts me every time I stare at them. Its seems to grow smaller every time I look at them which is nearly every 2 seconds. I feel boxed minded in a brainless community of walking dead. I could feel day by day my soul and thinking being suck , drained away with these four walls. I began to stop thinking, i began to stop dreaming, i began to stop trying, I began to stop caring, I began heartless. I began DYING.

I could feel myself fading away as the passing minutes and the minutes fly without a breather. Slowly but surely i lose...the battle for survival is losing...I am dying inside...I am .......finally one of them.....I am a Zombie......I died......i cant finish this post because there is no brain soul creativity left......I see a new soul...I smell brain...I will feed on it and kill the new soul....I...I ....I .................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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