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Monday, 12 September 2011

Love, Accident

Written in the Memories of Ariffin.Though I barely knew you but you had impact my life more than you can ever imagine.


You were having the most amazing and perfect day ever. You just propose to your girlfriend in the most romantic manner with the prize of a beautiful engagement ring. She undoubtedly said yes without hesitation and gave you the most loving hugs in her life.She brought you over to her parents for their approval and the reception from the in laws were promisingly supportive. You were excited both of you were. You hold her in your.embracing the warmth of her touch and her most anticipating eyes drown in tears of joys..You whisper to her ear that everything is going to be different now. Everything will change. Every fight and struggle we had in this journey of life is finally paying off. I can finally open my eyes to girl of my dreams and reality who has become my wife. You hold her telling her the bright future. Both are buried in happiness and both are positively optimistic of the future. You hold her in your arms loving her at your best. You hold her in your arms like nothing else in the world matters. You hold her in your arms like its the last time. You hold her in your arms for the last time...

That very evening, you left her with the most lingering kiss ever as you make your way back to your hometown to bring the good news to your parents. You drove your bike with delight and happiness. It was the dawn of twilight as the sun slows falls back into the horizon leaving glowing traces of sunlight in the cloud washed skies. It was not the time of day that you would normally drive. Especially with your motorbike that you planning to sell for a car when you start a family. It was not the time of day that you drive in the highways lost deep in the jungle. But it was not the sort of day that you would be grinning from one end to the next. The happiness and warmth of the bright future ahead keep you focus on the road and lighted in the dark. It was supposed to be a happy trip. It was supposed to be everything you were expecting. You arrive at your parents house pronounce the engagement and you cheers in delight. But that was all nothing more than expectation. Reality seldom lives up to expectation. Reality is a bitch.

"The wind passed in a parading waves flowing elegantly against his helmet.  The road was dim and poorly maintain but the happiness in his heart was too overwhelming for him to care. The was a bus ahead of him crawling up the hill while he was racing down the hill. The next few lines have been removed due to respect and gory nature of the writings.  
 He lies there bleeding as his bike smashed into debris and his body tormented by the excruciating pain. In every way he should have been gone right on the impact but he had every strength in him to struggle and crawl towards one little object that rest in shock a few inches way from his mangled hands. The object rings in a ringtone he so often hear every night before he sleeps. He crawled and tries so hard but his body is just to weak to continue. He lay on his back and tentatively withdraw a ring from his pocket. And with his last strength he wore the ring on his fourth finger on his left hand and said, 'I do.'..His last breath was exhaled and his entire life flashed before him. His past. His childhood. His present. His life. His future. His wife. It was a beautiful orchestra of amazing cinematic view plays in his eyes, his mind and his heart. Within a few seconds later the show was over. The curtains falls. Romeo is bleeding.'

If you reading this then you can only imagine the predicaments but as for an acquaintance of mine (gosh how i wish i knew him better to call him a friend, Always wanted to chill with him but never had the time. I should have take that time..) His name was Ariffin. He was a modest, polite, friendly, good looking, and a respectably noble young adult. He passed away last week on Thursday 8 Septemeber 2011. I'm writing this in his memories and how eventhough I barely knew him but his death made me think and effected my point of view in life. Just imagine how his close friends and relative must be feeling. I am not the kind of guy who are sentimental and I am very desensitized by the media but the problem is that in the movies you can see billions of people dying without feeling sympathy or empathy. Real life however, its not exactly easy to take the fact that one day you some him smiling and happy and the next buried in the ground without a beat of a heart. He is not close to me at all but he is the first person i meet to have died. I have heard of a worse tragedy but this is my first time and it has seriously changed me and my point of view in life, even in the most tiniest way.

It makes me think of my death. It makes me think of everyone's death. I always thinking of death (could almost call me a death fanatic) but to actually hear such a tragic love story puts a question to my love story. If I die, how would she react? Would she react like how Ariffin's future fiancee did? Sad and depressing? Or would she smile and laugh? I always told her to be happy on my funeral it would be the greatest respect for my death. His time maybe gone but we still have ours. Would he wants us to cry and mourn for his in sadness? Or would he want us to grab life by its horn and live..On my funeral, I want one sentences to be written "Hey look like life wont be bothering you anymore."

My views on death, life, the universe and everything is perhaps disrespectful but its the truth. Life goes on. Ariffin wouldnt want anything more.

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