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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bored to Death as the IT GUY

The location of this badly written script is poorly chose due to not having any budget at all. Its located in the middle of nowhere. Literally in the middle of nowhere. Endless field of ravaged lands with the turtle paced construction sites building a modern metropolis in the heart of what used to be a graceful ecosystems of forest. Instead of the cooling trees and symphony of the greens now its just a wasteland with sprouting buildings and silence of the fallen animals abruptly interrupted with the oncoming traffics from the highway. The highway or the freeway splits through this land without mercy and surprisingly filled with vehicles. Every morning and every evening during the rush hours it seems to be filled to the brink with cars, trucks, and motorcycles over taking without a care. The road itself will look like any other roads in a big city, filled with the rhythmical honking and seas of red lights but sadly the environment seems to juxtapose the feeling of a big city.

In the middle of this nowhere, there lies a building perfectly tailored for a modern world. Architecturally beautiful with its boring blocks and color choice of an overrated arts of the modern world. Its just amazingly boring and plain. Its also very dead and unoccupied. The great insults towards the architect with the rent/sales signs being washed out and untouched. It looks like its been there for decades but sadly its only been a few years. Still if i was the architect of this building no matter how boringly decorated it is with modern design, I would still be offended with no occupants for years but again i have a feeling the architect would be somewhere on a yacht he bought with the money earn from this building and not caring in the world about it.

Located somewhere in the vicinity of this building is a 4 story office that is boringly uniform to the colors of white, blue and a dash of red. It is a logistic company with all the zombies busy doing their work as their mention job titles. Money cruncher, Money finders, Debt collectors, people who take care of products transactions, People who watches other people do their jobs, and last but not least that one person who take cares of all the inanimate objects who they decide to named IT support. Weirdly enough, this man is not at all supporting the computer systems in the company he just fix the problems which apparently so hard for normal users to do it themselves. The funnier fact is that this guy is not at all an computer specialist, I mean yeah he knows his computers and have a fondness and interest in them after he was born in the generation of the internet but he is not at all passionate about computers. He was the youngest staff (soon to be zombie) of the company, which is perhaps the only qualifications he ever has for the job he manages to acquire. But let me rephrase this line: HE IS NOT PASSIONATE FOR COMPUTERS...He is just fond of them. What he really is a writer, a perfectly above adequate writer. And currently he is outside his office smoking.

It was a dark cold day as the rain pours and bounces on the pavements while the lightnings and thunders dance in joy. The writer, the man, the IT support is now currently smoking his lungs out to keep himself warm from the rain and the air-con frozen offices that lies behind him. Everytime he stand outside, he looks to the empty streets and empty shop lots in front picturing a better world while trying to forget he is stuck in a dead end and soul sucking job. He was a man of creativity, imaginations, ideas, freedom of thoughts and speech, a man who is always at the wrong place at the wrong time and this job is definitely the wrong place for him to be and definitely not at this time of age. He was just 19. This job would be his funeral. He is a man of words and chaotic beauty but he is now working with numbers and rules. He is not good with rules or laws especially if he knows there is no reason for it. The computer, The internet, The systems have their rules and laws which in his eyes are useless and should be bend or broken. He is determined to do exactly that but sadly he is also a big dreamer and easily inspired by movies. In this particular case and job, he is inspired by Thomas 'Neo' Anderson from The Matrix. He actually thinks he can be 'THE ONE' that breaks the rules of the algorithms and creates a new world of cyber reality. Sadly his capabilities in real world to do such thing is limited to only Google.I hope you are not somehow thinking of a different movie for the scene may look amazingly perfect for a movie like the matrix but it is not. It would be closer to a movie title Napoleon Dynamite.

This man, this dreamer is named Neil Adams and sadly though i wont admit it and would do anything to shun the reality of it. He is me. I am Neil Adams and I am a big dreamer. I am fucking bored to death with this job. I hate it. I miss my baby. This is my life as the IT GUY. Let me some it up in a few words.

"Hello, IT Department. Have you tried switching it on and off?"

"No dude, you cant download porn or games in the PC of the office. That is the reason why your computer lagging."

"No you cant access to Facebook, Youtube, Skype or any other entertaining website without permission, thats why its stated there Blocked website.There is nothing wrong with the internet connection or the websites, you're just not allowed to visit it at work....(except me)..."

"The server is lagging? Maybe you should stop downloading games, watching porn and youtube at the same time, facebook-ing, twittering, blogging, digg-ing, my space-ing (my god who the hell still use my space), while trying to do your work from the server...maybe that will help..."

"Your having endless pop ups from porn websites? Its call a BLOODY VIRUS..NO ITS NOT PART OF YOUR WORK...NO YOU CANT GIVE YOUR COMPUTER MEDICINE TO CURE THE VIRUSES..."

"You found a what? A gadget that have a clock on it that is counting down and attached to a bearded man in pajamas? ITS A Boo....(thinking) Its his new I-Watch I-Boom gadget. You never heard of it? Its only the coolest new get out from the Al-Qaedaey shop..Why dont you just sit down there and talk to him while you watch the timer turns zero. Heck ask the whole office to see it. Its going be an explosive event not to be miss. Me? Nah I got one of those before. I think I will just head out for a smoke. See you guys later.."

Now you can understand my frustration of the job? Good thats all I wanted to write in this post. FUCKING BOREDOM. Thank You.

(written at work)

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