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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

hey man, why are u an atheist? im asking out of curiousity, i dun know u but i read ur blog. is ur girlfriend an atheist as well? do atheist people live better than people who have believes to the one above?

Hi there, thank you for finally giving me a reasonable question rather than this hate spammers....first of all thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it and hope you do enjoyed yourself.
First question is my girlfriend an atheist? I'm afraid not. She is a well manner Muslim who is openly accepted my disbelieve in a god, I find that her style of thinking when it comes to religion should be used as an example. She said, "Religion and believing in God is an Individual thing, I wont disturb you if you don't disturb me."
Do atheist live better than those who still clings on religions?
Not necessarily.... Its all the depend on the individual themselves.If you happy, you're happy. If you sad, you're sad. Doesn't matter on the believes. But i can say one thing. Atheist do not and should not blame anyone when something bad happens to them because it was not "FATE" its just a freak accident. And I as an atheist also finds it easier to look at the beauty and awe of the universe and its splendid symphony of chaos and truly appreciate the time of existence i have and will do everything to live it up to the fullest and leave a small impact of greatness that perhaps gives a push onto our evolutions.
But in countries that main purely religious such as the one I'm in, Malaysia, it is perhaps best to keep your disbelieve to a minimal for it might attracts hatred and violence towards yourself. Like how I'm going through rite now.


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