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Saturday, 16 July 2011

why did you become an atheisttt? im just gonna ask a couple of questions about atheism, god and some other shit. hope you dont mind. im lost :/

No problem abt asking...A person that dont question is a person ashamed of the world....And curiosity is the main reason why i am an atheist...I was deadly curious abt GOD and studied every religion's view on GOD but i just dont accept it...There was still missing answers...but once i study even deeper and with help of science I learn that there was no god and most of the questions i ask can be answered or explain by science where GOD cant. Though there are still questions left to be answered but at now I just cant believe in GOD....I tried and I would love GOD to exist but it just cant register in my mind... I noe this answer is perhaps inadequate to fulfilled ur curiosity but perhaps u should ask a more direct question...

Give me some questions

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