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Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Tactical Regime of Vladimir Putin

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The Tactical Regime of Vladimir Putin 

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In order to either compliment or criticize a leader on how they construct and manage a political administration, one will have to consider on a number of factors that influences the subject’s actions. Those factors are the early background of the subject, exposure of literature and idols, personal history and the state of the country as the subject comes into terms of power. In the case of Vladimir Putin, he was a young boy from the banks of Leningrad, now named Saint Petersburg, in the era of the cold war and the Soviet Union. As a young boy he spends hours in the cinema, watching movies of Stalin’s classic of heroics deeds of a secret agent single handedly change the course of history fueled his passion for secret service which influence him to apply for the KGB at the 16 but only accept into the agency at the age of 23 upon graduating from  International Law branch of the Law Department of the Leningrad State University in 1975. 

Vladimir Putin spends 15years as a KGB agent and was assigned to Dresden, East Germany where he collected many names and contacts which became very useful for his future political career but as the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in the winters of 1989 he felt betrayed and returned to Russia where he was utterly surprised with the reformation of the Soviet Union to the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic by the first president, Boris Yeltsin. From May 1990, he started his political career as a Mayor’s advisor on international affairs but with his contacts from his previous profession he manages to climb up the ladder.


The state of Russia before the regime of Vladimir Putin was incomparably different. Boris Yeltsin and the Oligarchs (well-connected entrepreneurs who started from nearly nothing and got rich through participation in the market via connections to the corrupt, but democratically elected. Mostly includes relatives or close associates of government officials) tried to bring in democracy to Russia but their greed has clouded their judgments and fails to stay true to their promises has led to the crash of the Russian economies and the lost on the battle against the Chechnya. These events disappointed Vladimir even further and have led him to give no hope for democracy and tend to look back onto his political idol Yuri Andropov which influences his vision on the country. His vision was to restore the pride and glory of the Soviet Union and have the respects of the world. 


In the March of 2000, behind the snow cover walls of the Kremlins walks the obscured ex-KGB agent, Vladimir Putin, up the stairs to the thrones of the Tsars as the newly elected President of Russia. It is one of the most surprising power maneuvers in Russian political chronicle but in my very own opinion has to be one of the greatest transactions in the country’s history. In order to compliment the way how Vladimir Putin’s runs his country we must first compliment his way to power.

 Vladimir Putin had a great focus and motivation to remain truthful on his mission to return Russia its pride instead of getting corrupted by the greed and power of politics. Even in the early stages of his political career he had stay in the shadows and played along with his superior in order to gain advantages while yet staying true to the ideology of the Old Russian Empire. This can clearly be seen in April 1999, when he was the Head of FSB (a successor agency to the KGB), claimed the identity of a man in a sex video that had been aired was the Prosecutor General of Russia, Yury Skuratov, who was an adversary to the President Boris Yeltsin, just to gain the trust of the president and his Oligarchs. With the help of the Oligarchs and the President himself, Vladimir manages to win the election and gain the power of presidency but at once he had control he charges and fired the Oligarchs for various illegal activities, particularly tax evasion. Most of the Oligarchs had been replaced by former KGB members who had the same ideology as Putin. 

 With the Oligarchs removed and replaced, Vladimir Putin manages to win the favor and supports of his people for they had always been used and undermined by the old Oligarchs. With the new members of the Oligarchs, Vladimir pursues his vision of the Great Russia by first and foremost reinstalling the national anthem of the Soviet Union with a modification to the lyrics to bring back the feeling of pride to its people and reforming the laws accordingly to fit the society which is stuck with Communisms and failed with Democracy. He cleverly reformed codification of land law and tax law along with new codes on labour, administrative, criminal, commercial and civil procedural law, as well as a major statute on the Bar. 
His new laws and ways of ruling could easily be considered as a Sovereign Democracy which suited the people nicely. Putin focuses his attention on the natural resources of Russia’s oil and gas which had always been his concerned ever since his KGB days helps to boost up the country devastating economics situation. With the amount of energy Russia has and the world lack of energy crisis allows Vladimir Putin to gain advantages on both having control in shaping the world and benefiting his country’s economy. This could easily be seen through the records of the average monthly salary of Russians which has increased sevenfold from $80 to $640 since his administration.

We have to also compliment his professionalism on handling the matters of the confrontation between Russia and Chechnya, after his predecessor Boris Yeltsin failed to deal with the war which in Vladimir’s point of view was a great defeat but yet he didn’t handle it with anger or hatred towards Chechnya. Although he did show his disgust with them after the Chechen rebel forces conducted terrorist attack by seizing a theater in Moscow in October 2002. He 
was also firmed to attack back immediately for he refused to negotiate and gassed the entire building, killing one hundred thirty of the nine hundred Russian hostages as well as all of the terrorists. Though this may sounds as a bad thing and very big flaw on his reputation but it shows his persistence and effectiveness to remove any threats to Russia. And why should we compliment him on this matter? Well it’s simply because he didn’t just remove the threat in Russia but actually when to Chechnya to severely disabled the Chechen rebel movement and successful in installing a pro-Moscow Chechen regime, this is something that the President George W. Bush of the United States of America tried to do but failed miserably. This shows the character of Vladimir Putin and another reason to compliment his methods of ruling.

It is easy to understand why many would criticize the way Vladimir Putin’s rule his country but mostly those who criticize him tends to live outside Russia and been corrupted by the media of the West where Communism is bad or anyone that is influence by anyway by the Soviet Union Era is bad. This is mostly the outcomes from the point of view of Russia from the media since the Cold War Era. I do not oppose or accept the fact that Communism is a good political system. It is flawed but so is the others political systems such as Capitalism, Democracy, Dictatorship and many more. So we cannot judge a political leader on how he runs a country just based upon his believe system to a political party. Vladimir Putin maybe a true Soviet Union’s son and a Communist inside but the fact that he manages to mix Democracy and Communism into his administration had to be praise. Don’t forget that most Russians were comfortable with Communism but just greedy for more but when they had Democracy the leaders had the benefits instead of the citizen. So in Vladimir’s system which mixes the two together equally had been the best moved and the greatest hero that Russia could had. All his young days dreaming of the Stalin’s classic films where the hero single handedly change the course of history are finally true. 

He had become that hero and left a great shift in the Russian’s lifestyle and with the Sovereign Democracy; it seems that his successor would have a pretty easy job now. We have to praise and compliment Vladimir for one main and last reason, to stay true to himself and chase his dream of saving Russia. And he did.

Russia present beautiful!! <3

P.S:  Russia is damn cool yeah? Come on they even found a UFO like Americans and they nice enough to pose in front of it...

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