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Saturday, 21 May 2011


This is the reply or my side of the story to the Blog post from His Selfish Machine:
Love me if you dare / 500 days of AUTUMN (the Guy's Version)

This is the story of a boy and a girl. From the guy's point of view. It a simple story of love. But put in mind this story is on going and hopefully never ending. Its about a boy who watches the world from the rooftop of his dark wear down building...seeing it as a dark blurry journey to the final destination. Death. But its never the destination but the journey that counts. LOVE. Love is a temporarily illusion from his miserable excuse of existence. Or so he thinks... But who is this young man? Who is this young tormented soul? That question shall not be reveal or unveil by any written words or spoken languages..All this poor author able to inform his readers are the simple description: He is an average height man, with a rather small body size and a very messy black hair which would casually falls to cover his forehead. His name shall be given as Neil Adams (NA). If you ever meet him, you will never remember him for he is just another guy on the streets.

So why do we bother wasting our time with this pathetic little soul that is easily lost in the sea of crowd? It is because for a first time in his twisted tale he will finally find peace and calm in the arm of a women. This savior , his angel which we shall name her as Jenny Reid (JR) . She is an average girl, perfect curves carve nicely to fit the movement of the rhythm of her life, a blessed set of blossom breasts, a face of a hidden misery which is overshadowed by the illusion of her unstable happiness. Her eyes that drowns a man in great ecstasy and the sweetest moist pink lips which gives the most addictive kiss Neil will ever taste. Ever place that Jenny had ever goes has a certain effect by her presence. No she is not the most beautiful girl or the most sexiest women on earth but ask any men what they think of Jenny and they will answer by one word, Unique. 

We have now introduce to the reader the two main characters of this story. We shall now listen to what Neil have to say and we shall now listen to his side of the story...... NEIL ADAMS :

It all begins with a simple glimpse of the eye. No it was not love at first sight. I dont believe in that anymore after all the shit I have been through but what I saw in that glimpse was that she was someone i wanted to know more about. I was 14, and like all 14 years old boy i was eager and hungry to test the waters of love. I was just sitting with my "in his own world" fren John in the canteen staring and checking out the options of girls or victims that the school has to offer when I came across this crazy young thing. There was nothing special about her or anything but damn i was curious. Little did I know that this crazy young thing shall be the death of me. But like any kids of that age i was easily distracted by other fishes in the sea and yeah i guess i was quite the yellow belly to approach that girl anyway. So lives goes on. 

It was not for another 2 years till I saw her again. I was 16 by then. I still catch glimpse of this mysterious little nymph of my mind. But this year it was more frequent. By the age 17, I saw her again but by this time so have the whole school. She had grown a perfectly eye catchy breast which at that age and boys being boys we tend to tease her and give her names such as 'Girl with big boobs' or 'Jug-asourous'... Pretty lame to look back at it but like I said we were young... It was of course a matter of time before one of friend, Roy dared me to shout at the top of my perfectly insane mind and greet her... From the third floor of the school balcony to her who was walking with her friends... As a guy who dont turn dares down I shout and jumping up and down to catch her attention and my friends behind me going... 'Jugs!!' It was embarrassing but how else would this girl will ever notice my existence. 

From that simple action of attention seeking gesture I totally forgot about her...Blame it on my peers or from the excessive usage of day dreamings...But i never in a million years thought i would ever meet her again... but a few months later I got a friend request from a girl named Jenny Reid... It wasnt long before i realise this was the 'Girl with Big Boobs'... as soon i realised that i hit my head on the table...heavy of embarrassment...

Days turns into weeks, weeks turns into months and months turns into year. After many heartbreaks, numerous consumption and inhalation of bodily influential junk and life learning adventure... The quite little boy at the corner of the school canteen had finally grown to a matured enough young man. But if you think he has forgotten all about Jenny Reid then you would be wrong... Ever since he pressed the accept button he had been chatting and getting to know her even more.. Sometime just for fun he would even tries to flirt with her.. To be honest He has no idea how he feel about her... He has completely forgotten the meaning of love... He has lost and confused about lust and love...Like and Love.... NEIL ADAMS :

I meet Jenny Reid for the first time after the little incident and after a long time talking to her on Facebook.. She hired me to work with her mom... I was excited to meet her...but i promise myself not to fall for her... I mean I was chasing for another girl lets call her Summer...but at once i remembered why i was curious for her....she is unique alrite...special... And of course with the help of my childhood friend Invader Zim and all those countless sarcastic fictional characters I salute to such as House.. I did what I did best... Insult her and bombarded her with my sarcasms... but i cant control my feelings towards i ignore it... but there was that one time where we were talking nicely about love and relationships... She was telling me all about her boyfriend, Will... and i was telling her all about my Summer.. but i was foolishly enough told her that i had a little crush with this other girl which i named Autumn.. She was as usual ignorantly thinking that it was someone else instead of her..
I tried to ignore my feeling for her and focus my attention to Summer...but that ends in a broken heart....AGAIN 

When it was over with Summer...I wanted to chase after Jenny... but i feel guilty about it...she was someone else lovers...and i shall not disturb their happiness... But it was a happy relationship... She was having trouble of her own...She told me all about it and by all my guts i felt hard to tell her it wont work...but ofcoz i wasnt that sad...and had to continue my role as the sarcastic evil bro.. I just said 'It wont last'...and when she finally broke up with him... I happily go 'i told u so...'

I have not written properly about her...I have not been honest to you about her.... Let me tell you.... this is without the timeline... but it is everything i can remember about her..that attracts me...from the first time i saw her from working with her to the day she broke up with her boyfriend..:
  • She wore a Rolling Stone t-shirt first day i met her at work and she actually like rolling stone (she tot i was staring at her boobs when i was staring at her shirt...maybe a bit at her boobs)
  •  she likes to eat and dont care about it...and she eat messily like a dude
  • she is always happy and cheerful
  • she is insane and soooooooo innocent
  • she always look like a mess and like a hippies (i love hippies)
  • I feel really comfortable with her
 So there he was back at the top of the roof again...where he feel at one with the universe.. contemplating with his confusion of his feelings towards her... It was a dark cold night as the city is lighted by street lamps as the stars and moon covered by the thick monsoon clouds....

I stared at the city and back up to the sky wondering and searching for an answer of existence and life..trying to listen to The FORCE and doing the right decisions..asking for a guidance and salvation from a GOD I no longer believe..funny...but as i search at the edge of the building staring down at the deep abyss and the death that lurks below..I was ready to jump and i have every reason to do so....but as I slowly shift my weight forward I felt a sharp warm breeze washing me back to safety and like a welcoming hands...I stop at my tracks as a sudden ring from my phone and her contact picture was on..I realize there is another reason to continue this struggle of live...Jenny Reid...I was in love with Jenny and I cant end now without telling her that...I need to know her reaction...and beside this feeling I'm having for her had been there for a long time...I just never actually know what it means...You see I was blinded by the definition given by the media, movies and songs...they describe love as something completely different but what i was feeling for Jenny was really love and i dont care if u dont agree with me and agree with the media...

I remember making her mad one day and the very next day i wrote her a letter telling her all how i truly feel about her and to my surprise she replied my love to her...I was happy and thats when we begin to learn each other in the aspect of lovers.....We learn everything about each other...Our dreams, Our hopes for the future, Our plans, Our fear, Our view on relationship and love, Our life and mistakes, Our troubles and Our happiness...She wasnt what I had first expect...I mean she is not exactly like me but she understands me and i understands her... She is perfectly unperfect and unstable for me...and best part of all she is my best friend....

I remember her sweet lips touching mine for the first time...And for that exact second...I was lost...And I was addicted to it...Every time i see her face i want that little kiss, when i'm away I smoke twice the amount just to forget her lips...her skins is smooth and seductive...I am speechless each time I want to describe her....funny for a man of words..I'm out of words....I guess the best way for me to tell her how much i love her is by being there for her always and never let her go....I would love to tell you guess more about us right now but the thing is she is calling me now...and i love her more than u dont be jelous i will be right back and write more about her as our story continues...By the way the kiss was like last month...many things had happen eversince that maybe i will write it when i got time...Ok ok  Autumn love i'm coming...bye....

What the fuck??!! He cant just leave us like that just when it gets interesting... damn u Neil....I'm gonna hunt u down......Anyway readers...let me find this idiot and get him to talk more and continue..but for now..byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

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