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Thursday, 11 November 2010

I dream

I dream of a place where my ceiling is the bright blue sky and my floors is the deep ever-changing sea. I dream of a job where I bond and become a part of the ocean. I dream of a relationship where my partner pushes me forward with a rush of adrenaline. I dream of a vehicle that mother nature provided. I dream of resting on a soft white pebble grains of sand underneath the wide city of greens after a long hard day at work. I dream to ride the immense power of Neptune’s cradle with a piece of plank from a driftwood tree. A plank that is designed to withstand the incomparable force of the waves by gently slicing the walls. I dream to travel by piercing through between the tunnel of the crushing authorities while speeding away from its crumbling crushing might. I dream of this everyday, sadly I’m a thousand miles away from the nearest waves sitting on this hard brown bench in a cold modern architecture dreaming. I dream of surfing.

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