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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Adventures of Harimau Ganja : Dataran Merdeka

Today I took the wrong bus. Instead of going home back to my comfortable bed I accidentally raised my hand to a bus on the similar route, rather than letting the bus pass by i decided to go with the flow or the circumstances. Maybe its the ganja in my brain or maybe its boredom of daily routine. Whatever the reason, I got on board and ride my way into the heart of the city. The big skyscrapers do overshadow the ruins of the architecture's past.

People always wonder why do I love to love cannabis so much. Why do I waste a minimum of 300 a month to spend on buying these magical herbs, they think its mad of me to do so. But I say they do the exact same don't they? Booze and new materialistic things to upgrade their living standards. All these are the same sort of addiction of mankind. You would continuously add on new possession in your lifestyle to justify your wasted time slaving for these little green pieces of papers. You reward yourself in achievements of a delusional world. No I careless for these values. My success lies in the freedom of my consciousness and its rights to reconnect to my mother earth Gaia.  Ganja has opened the door of enlighten sights of my soul.

Almost every morning as I return home from the night shifts and after having only one joint of weed to smoke at work, I always look forward to see the rising sun and to embrace the warmth. I can sleep now knowing that my cannabis tree is well feed, I can sleep now knowing that the plants of our lands are receiving the sunlight that they need. You see we need the sun more than we ever care to think. We gain our energy from meat and veggie, meat eats veggie, veggie eats sunlight. If the veggie don't eat we don't eat. If animals dont exist, the plants would still survive. We are expendables these trees are not. There is no simpler way of explaining our interrelation to the trees and our planet earth. We are not the rulers of this earth, we are her children of our mother Gaia and Father Sun is our provider. We may not remember this in our modern times but just a few hundreds years ago, the night is a very scary part of life.

The Night is filled with dark creatures to justifies our primal fear of the sun death. We fear that we might never see the sun rise once again and we would forever be in darkness. It explains why so many early religions of mankind worships the sun. The Sun is our Father, Jah, The Earth is our Mother, Gaia. Without Papa giving sunlight, mother wouldn't be able to feed us children.
I have seen the darkness of nights and that is why I prefer to stay awake to ensure the sun reincarnation in the sky.

 With Marijuana, you see happiness in the sight of the sun but it seems to be absent in the rest of the souls in the bus. They just focused on their little lives and cared less on the awe of the universe. I could feel the sharp stare of scorn knowing that I am not in a normal acceptance state of consciousness, they think i am too carefree and happy to reality. I think they are scared of the world of immense possibilities, they are molded by a society that traps each other in reinforcements of negativity of their unchanged illusions of rules. They see nothing other that their own world, the reality of the universe is too strange for them and anyone who seems to be in tune into the happiness of the earth are corned away as an outcast of the society's gates.

A few do stare and seems to pick up my positive vibration of curiosity in lieu of the unique nature of my dressing and the unbelievably happy grins which is forced to kept in a frown despite my eyes being tired and bloodshot red. They question my nature of existence in that bus, they would conjure up conclusion of their own likings. Some are bad and some are good. That thought of me might fade as the day goes on but they will always question that badge on my collar. The Crest of Ganja.

I feel like an soul-Jah (soldier) of Cannabis subliminal consciousness warfare. These medias attack their mind with their possession values and I attack with the natural curiosity of mankind using a simple smile of ganja. They are forced to think about it. Whether positive or negative feedback are contemplating in their minds, at least in that moment of the bus ride their minds are hard at work. Thinking for once again. Thinking about Ganja, whether they want to or not. That is my gift to them. I am in Jah Army, Cannabis has allowed me to spread positivity like a little kindle of candle in the darkroom. A glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

 I walk without a cause seeing the lives of others in my path. I found myself desiring for a point of this random adventure. A hope to find a lover was too far fetched on this quiet Saturday morning, so instead I decided to find a quite place in the landmark of our nation's independence. At Dataran Merdeka my feet brought me and at the corner of the field did I packed my pipe with the pre-made marijuana mixture. Here I sit at the heart of our freedom as a nation, lighting up a pipe filled with cannabis and learning the nature of peace. People would stare at me and some even smile back with a secret in their eyes but none would disturb me for they are afraid to be apart of such a taboo. They are not free from the laws of mankind even in their own mind.

 True freedom is in the mind. I am free in my land, in my heart and in my mind. Thought the power of authority do scare my citizen but here I light this pipe to symbolize that we would never give into their demands. We love cannabis, we love smoking the ganja. About time someone had some balls to smoke it here. A beautiful day it is, hopefully my paranoia would let me return home in peace.

I smoke this weed in this field were freedom of the land was declared. Opposite the road is the National Courthouse adorned in its majestic architecture of Malaya Golden Age, the same building that have declared freedom of the land is the same building that have executed thousands of ganja smokers and cannabis sellers. I smoke this pipe of weed for all those life lost in the insane persecution of the plant. I smoke here to freedom of the rights to partake in the mind altering substance. No cops will catch me right now. They do not want to make a scene in front of all these nice tourists that flocks this monument.

No, Malaysian have lost the meaning that the symbol of freedom has represented. This place is no more free since the uprising against the corruptions. It is a symbol of lies and cover up now. Time for us Malaysians to reclaim this historic site. Its necessary for our spirit of freedom.We as a Malaysian should demand the rights to review and re-assessment of the Drug Act 234 that has been implemented by our British Slave Masters. We should no longer be using the outdated laws from the British when they themselves have no idea why they banned the cannabis, we have mature enough as a nation to decide which stimulants are acceptable.

We have to ask the question why should we ban the cannabis?
If the reasons are because of the dangerous effects then I would demand for the System of Justice to prove such a false statement. At the same time we would provide the researches by international scientist on the benefits of the cannabis. Its simple enough, the government work for the people not the other way round. If they wish to ban a substance they have to prove to us why it should be dangerous for general consumption, if not they could easily just banned Nutella and used the excused that it makes people crazy, which is true but its not good enough reason to have a law against Nutella. Now imagine the same thing with Ganja, except they go a step further and hang people who smuggle Nutella into the country, I mean ganja.Of course, we too must present our statements for legalizing it.

Secondly and I'm sure we would win the first round, the system would then use the excuse that mind altering stimulants should not be allowed in our country due to the Islamic Nature of our Political Laws. Apparently they have forgotten to add on alcohol, caffeine, aspirin into the list of stimulants to be banned. If their excuse is that there is a grater number of majority that consume alcohol in comparison to cannabis, then we referred back to the effects of alcohol and benefits of cannabis. We would too need to show the true number of Malaysians from all races and religions who indulges in the cannabis without them noticing. Then we bring forth the idea of legalizing and taxing the plant's production to help the needy of the nations. With the prospect of the cannabis to boosting our economy systems and not to forget the billions of Ganja Tourist who would flock here, there is very little downside for the legalization of Marijuana to approve in Malaysia.

The only negative thing that could happen with legalized weed is that Malaysians are twice as slow as they are which means four times slower that usual. But I'm sure we are used to being slow and late.

I smoke this Ganja in the middle of Dataran Merdaka, facing the National Courthouse underneath the shining sun. Many would start to run for cover of shade but my Mary Jane has hugged me with a cool blanket of love. If I am caught today, I have known I have fought for you.

Bangkit la Nusantara. 

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