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Monday, 18 March 2013

The Tragedy of Cannabis : Malaysia (Episode 1)

If you’re reading this, there is a great chance that I am locked up in the jail for doing nothing more than planting a tree. A cannabis tree to be exact. No I am not a drug smuggler, neither am I a junkie. All that I am guilty of is being a Rastafarian, guilty of partaking in the sacred ritual of marijuana smoking, guilty of planting my own ganja tree because I am too pissed off with the street dealers who though are amazing in what they do but has a more Babylonian Agenda than understanding the grandeur of their products. I just wished to stay away from negative vibe and bad attractions that these certified drug dealers brings with their presence and that was why I plant my own cannabis tree. My own weed without any criminal connections and with no intention to ever sell my tree for profit. I mean if I have extra then I will give away my own cannabis to friends who want them but I don’t expect or want anything in return except for them to enjoy my labor of love. All I want is them to be free and love everyone as how the world should be. That was also the reason why every seeds that I have collected and never self-planted them; I would spread these seeds across town. Letting them grow naturally in the local park and every single space of growing land left in this concrete jungle. All over town if you see a marijuana plant growing wild, you will see my crime. You will see a new hope for this forbidden tree that once used to flourish in our lands.  That is my crime, I did not sell any marijuana, nor did I smuggle any of it in or out of the country and now I face the death penalty execution.

I am going to die by the law and hanged on the rope for growing a tree, for allowing Mother Nature take its course.  In a country that I was born in and told to love its pride of traditions, is the same country that would kill me. My country law is flawed. A man who rape, kill and traffic sex slaves has an easier time than a man who just planted a tree. Funny how its sounds and frankly downright silly if we took a step back and look at it in a different perspective. What would the future generation fell about this ignorant enforcement of a law that we barely even know why we have? I mean our country’s drug law was implemented by our white colonizing slave masters before we even gained our independence. Just because they don’t like this tree that does no harm to mankind, they decide to scare away the locals with falsified facts of its delusional dangers. And we as a young new nation happily embrace this lie and law against marijuana for we are about to gain our freedom. Hell the idea of being free from the British was such a spiritual uplifting that we didn’t care of the small details and cost of our freedom. Heck it was never really implemented on our nation until the bloody American Reagan start putting such a force into the drug enforcement laws. Our country needed the power ally of American Influence that we started enforcing these backward laws and though we did update it during these times but we never really read it properly. We never really discuss why we follow such a law? Heck we know better that these Americans brain washers that ganja is not as dangerous as they say but we thought since they had a superior understanding of science that we might as well don’t question their research method.

Our country never really understands or did any of its own research on this topic of cannabis and it seems useless to care for we are doing very well for ourselves. Our standard of living is improving really fast and well, we had no complaints. We still do it but as long we stay quiet and not get caught, both parties would be happy. The government and cops know their citizens smoke the herbs and the citizen knows it’s illegal but as long both sides stay quiet, no one will complaint. All of those who ever got caught for marijuana is often smugglers who got caught by our neighboring country or each time they ever need to show some progress in this useless war on drug. They know exactly who is a smoker and know exactly where they are but they don’t really care unless when it is near election seasons that’s when they do some arrest and confiscate the products to pose for the newspapers. It’s fucking hilarious if you ask me. The cannabis in the history of this land is amazingly buried and forgotten in times.

We have forgotten its powerful connection. Before the Golden Age of Sultans, the entire south East Asia was peaceful in the united belief system of Hindu-Buddha. The mixture of understandings from the old Sanskrit’s of Veda and the philosophical achievements of Gautama Buddha embrace the minds of our lands. With this belief the cannabis was often revealed as an important aspect of religious rituals in our motherlands. We were bathing in our love and care under the green tree. With the rising of Malacca Kingdom, dawns the new age of connections. We understood the medical importance of this tree from the Chinese Explorers and the spiritual enchantments from the Indian Merchants. Chinese gave us science and mathematical knowledge and the Indian gave us the exotic supernatural understanding of the sweet Marijuana. Of course many other products were also a huge importance but this was the main intoxicant that the Asians would partake. Only some of the locals partake in alcohol for they are harder to make but Marijuana that was as easy as growing a durian tree. We were united under the basic stimulants of the mind.

As the Islamic Empire expands its influence in this land we still continue the tradition even though the religion forbids intoxicants but many locals didn’t considered this as any other man-made stimulants like alcohol or chemicals because cannabis is pretty much like a piece of banana to us. It was part of nature but of course some did remove themselves completely from this tree.  Even when the white colonizers started making their evil twisted plots we were partaking in the herb. During the British-era, the plantation of cannabis for hemps was widespread during the world wars for it helped the colonizing nation makes many useful products like ropes and clothes. With the British came the immense amount of greed as many lands were changed for farming of profitable trees such as rubbers and tearing up the earth for gold mining. We saw the amazing potential that our land would provide. The huge riches that our mother earth has and we got greedy. We let go of our cannabis and embrace the materialisms with amazing intoxicants of booze and rums. Nothing wrong yet but we started to abandon and forgot the cannabis within generations, with years of anger and uprising resentments towards our slave masters, traitorous acts of the Japanese soldiers, and the excitements of the new independence.

After the turmoil of the World War, the world nations gather around facts of falsified testimonials to ban the usage and plantation of Cannabis for a money making agenda. The British who returned to colonize after the Japans decided that it wasted too much money on controlling us, decided to give our independence with a few rules and regulation. They gave us a set of things that we have to follow in order to be free and of course we did it blindly. We were craving for liberty. Now we could still changed the law after the independence but we had too much greed in the material things that the British morality implemented that we forgotten the herbs. We got hungry for power and wealth. In return we gave in our liberty and justice for a broken down Lamborghini as a prison. Every money we earned goes back into fixing this dream of ours. We don’t have a home to be free but a dream car as a prison with roads of nine-to-five as our scenery drive.

Makan minum kau haram diatas nama-Nya..

In the last few generations, we had completely destroyed love and extinct the cannabis trees from our land. We have killed a species of a tree due to our blind ignorance. We have destroyed our key of the heart, the voice of Gaia, the hope of our future. Now this country is filled with hatred and racisms. Though as the generations mingled around but there is still an astounding survival of the philosophy that hold one race superior and another inferior in the younger generations due to brainwashing medias. With greed of the rich amounts of materialistic possessions that our land has we have created a big gap between the first class and second class citizen. Now everywhere is War. Destructions and we were chained once again by our own hands. We rid ourselves from white slave masters just to be whipped back to a life of debt to our greed. We are not freer than we were before. We killed a monster just to set another one free to corrupt our youth. Greed Incorporated, the Money Machine, the Materialistic nature, the cold heart of self-worshipping. We forgot our mother earth and we forgot the real god of our universe. We forgot that this land was never made for us, that we are made of this earth and to this earth we would return. We forgot that if the random improbabilities have allowed this tree to survive and allowed us to understand the words of Gaia, who are we to decide it to be bad. We lost our touch from nature. We lost our ganja.

Now days we have to import our ganjas. I mean of course there are homegrown farmers but they are small in comparison to the amount of demands that our country makes. So that’s why I planted a tree for myself. And that was why I decide to throw my seeds around town to let Mother Nature grow this cannabis naturally. I wanted every bush by the side of the road or in the children’s park, heck every green lands that this city and country could hold to be filled once again with the flourishing cannabis trees. And they locked me up for that.  

If there was a god or an afterlife, I would be ashamed of how I die. Can you imagine meeting an angel sitting behind a desk at the gates of heaven and he asking, ‘Name? Way of Death?’

‘Nazreen Abraham, I got killed for planting a tree. Hanged by the neck.’
‘Hanged by the neck? For planting a tree? What kind of tree is that?’ asked the angel.

‘Urm…a Marijuana Tree?’ I will answer.

‘ !@#$%^&*. I feel sorry for you. That plant was God’s idea of connecting human minds with the voice of the universe. It was meant for you humans to follow the true words of God without any mistaken interpretations. ’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean, all these bibles or Quran are not the only outlets for god’s message but they are often rewritten for man owns benefits. What God really want is for mankind to just live in a peaceful world and love one another. That’s why we have the plant that make you guys completely gay and love every single soul like your own. Smoking weed make you guys happy and funny too for us to watch. ’

‘Wait what?’

‘You still confused or maybe still stoned. See Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. This Fruit of Knowledge provided the curiosity skills that enable human consciousness to fully take place. With curiosity and new understanding you humans grow smarter and able to fully understand life and start being the masters of your own fate. But with growing minds your species will also reach to a point of forgetting your true roots.  Mother Gaia was afraid that you would forget your true mother, so she creates a plant that enables you to connect and counterbalance the Fruit of Knowledge with the Leafs of Enlightenments. That was the whole point. For human to fully find the inner balance of their ying and yang they needed the ganja.’

This is all of course a hypothetical conversations, I am not dead yet. The Fruit of Knowledge and the Leafs of Enlightenment are nothing more than metaphorical understandings of the cognitive minds inner chemicals workings.  God, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are nothing more than an inner working of our minds but it is all true. It’s not physical but rather inner mind.  That was the only way we could explain our inner minds before scientific methods, through stories and fables. It was a journey of the mind of the early evolving human beings. 

All just a figment of my imagination but the piece of paper on my hands now is very real. A letter from death. From my own government stating the time and date of my hanging. But yet somehow I felt that this is not the end. I may die to this evil Babylonians laws but no more do our voice will be silent. They have killed thousands of my brothers of cannabis and if I am to die for her, I am at peace. But never do you forget why we stay strong for her. Why if we do not do what we did, the future descendent would have a harder time to fight for their rights. This is for the future of ganja. This is for the future of my country-men’s minds, they may hate me now. They may curse me and scorn at me but one day they will understand the sacrifice that has to be made for my marijuana to grow. We love you my Mother Marijuana.

Mother Earth, 
you are my life-support system,
As a soldier, I must drink your blue water, 
Live inside your red clay 
and eat your green skin.
Help me to balance myself as you hold in
 balance the earth and the sea,
 And the space environments.
Help me to open my heart,
 Knowing that the universe will feed me.
I pray my boots will always kiss your face,
 And my footstep matches your heartbeat.
Carry my body through space and time; 
You are my connection to the universe 
and all that comes after.
I am yours, and you are mine. I salute you.

I sit in this prison cell with these bars to hold me down like an animal. I am treated like a criminal for planting a tree, a beast for Mother Nature. An Evil Man with Madness for the Reefer. My cellmate laughed at me, laughed at the reason why I am to be hanged, laughed at the laws of the nation. This man killed a several men with his barehanded to enjoy the pleasures of their screams, robs for entertainment and rape for sports is laughing at the laws of your country.  My cellmate shed tears as he gave me a hug. A last hug before I walk to the execution chamber. A hug of acknowledgement that I have done nothing wrong, he told me that he wished that he could trade places with me.You want to you know what the really fucked up part is? In my country a pedophile can easily marry an underage child but I cant smoke weed. Oh you raping a nine years old girl as long your her husband its okay, just dont smoke weed.

I walked into my execution chamber. The rope that has took so many life or fellow Marijuana smokers. An elderly Indian man caught driving into the country with a truck load of Marijuana for his herbal usage is died. A young Chinese man who wanted a getaway from the harsh reality, executed. A Bumiputra husband and wife who thought of nothing more that supporting their child and helping own spiritual needs, executed. An African college student who wanted to share this special medication with his mates, executed. A Malay boy, who planted a tree, will be executed. It doesn’t matter your race or sex or religion. You will be killed if you smoked marijuana, not by the effects of the cannabis on the mind but rather the enforcements of hatred laws against something they are ignorant about.

You know what I really wished right now. I wish to kiss the lips of a woman for the last time. I want to embrace the warmth of a lover as the cold grips of death pulls for me. I want to look into the eyes of a girl that I have given of my personal emotions of my soul. I imagine how my life would be like if I was born in the decades of the last freed souls. I imagine a time machine that took my physical body into the years of the flower powers.  I imagine closing my eyes right now and opening my eyes into a reality of the Haight Ashbury. I imagine being there when the colors flood the streets in their comfortable clothing and musical symphonies.  The parks are havens for camping hippies who lives in a commune with trading systems and proper usage of stimulants. I imagine walking down between the tents to see a sea of marijuana clouds and LSD poppers. Souls of the enlightened in both young and old. The babies, the kids, the teens, the young adults, the adults, the parents and the retired all together with amplified harmony of emotions.

 I see a beautiful nymph of the sky swimming in her seductive wings of angelic ecstasy. She wore the hemp-made peach-brown blouse and the gypsy skirts of green bohemian lady. Her hair of brunette flag adorned with a few dreadlocks tied with ornaments of Rastafarians, Native Americans Tribe, Chinese Symmetrical Symbols and Indian Colorful Pattern. She dances around me with whispers of intellectual understanding with great philosophical and scientific references to her sweet loving words. She shows the true nature of her beauty through the smiles of her love and the reflections of her soul in her hazel brown eyes. Her tanned skin glows in the golden fire of the night. With the moonlight as her spotlight and the stars as her audience, she captivated my interest.  

I adore her presence as I confessed my soul to this beauty. She hugs me and spoken the words of comfort. I am welcome at last into the land of the forgotten. She whispered in my ears, ‘Mother Earth will swallow you and bring you back into her womb. We are stardust.’ I opened my eyes and see the path ahead of me. The last few heartbeats that I would have. The last few breathe on this fine earth. I spend half of my life smoking marijuana and I am proud that the other half consists of only love for the universe. I am about to die at the gallows for a tree and I am proud of it. You may kill me but you will not kill the dream. The dream was over for the previous generations but for mine and for the future, the dream shall live on. In the music and the films, in the literature and the history books, in the arts and the fashion, in technology and agriculture, in love and laughter, in joy and fear, in sadness and pain, in life and death. We are not alone. We are the cannabis.  

Until this monetary system that is based on a philosophy of racial supremacy is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, until the color of a man skin is no more significant that the color of his eyes, until the basic human rights is equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, until that the dream of everlasting peace, world citizenship, rules of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursuit but never attained.

If I am about to die today, let it be said that I have live my life to the will of the universe and that everything has its most profound ripples from the interchanging electrical impulses between the two subatomic strings of existence to the intergalactic movements of the stars. I am nothing more than a gear in this chaotic universe but like a beautiful note in the melody of life, I exist to create a tune for the greater song. I am just the product of the improbabilities of life and my actions determine the path of the future of mankind. I am the universe. Prabhujee Daya Karo, I am yours.

I don’t know how you might have stumble upon this blog or article or novel or whatever material but if you were wondering what is the point of all this and how the hell am I writing this if I am facing death penalty. Maybe because I have written this long before I got caught for planting a cannabis tree. I knew I might be caught and I decide that I have to write down my side of the story. The mainstream medias would have made me look like a criminal by now. Perhaps they might even say that I am a gangster with weapons of such to make sure that this case doesn’t sound as silly as it is. Can you imagine that? If you know me since I was young, heck if you met me yesterday you will never believe that.  I have never been in a single fight for the fact that I often shun away from confrontations. I have always been very socially awkward and kind of shy with random quirks of insanity. Completely safe and harmless. The last person that would be involves in gangsters or owns a gun.  I was a bloody and still a bloody hippy. But I knew how the media works and I know that my voice would be blurred into the character that they wished me to portray.  That’s why I told my lawyer to publish this. It was my last favor.  I don’t care if I am to die for my cannabis but my words shall not be forgotten. I want to tell you a story. A story of the Lion of Judah. The story of Cannabis. The Tragedy of Marijuana. The love of Mary Jane. The great Ganja.

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